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Fisting Theater

Fisting Theater
Club Inferno
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134 min

Tom Moore

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Alex Killian

Axel Abysse

Brian Bonds

Luka Sage

Noah Scott

Teddy Bryce

Teddy Bryce is auditioning new holes for to take the stage at the fisting theater when Noah Scott enters to showcase his hole’s talents. Eager to book the gig, Noah gets down on his knees in his jock and does everything that Teddy commands from him. Teddy wants to see Noah cram his own fist into himself. Noah tries his best, he can`t quite take it all the way. Alex Killian is the janitor working nearby and notices Noah is starting to struggle to impress. Alex decides to help and peels off his clothes and jumps on stage to show Noah how it`s done. Alex gets his whole fist up his ass but Noah still isn`t able to handle it. Finally, Teddy jumps in and puts on his gloves to open Noah up. With two asses in front of him, Teddy slips a hand in each one and opens them both as wide as they`ll go. He pumps away, going wrist deep into each stud, busting their holes wide open. Alex is the first gaping hunk to give in. With Teddy pounding away on his used up hole, Alex blasts a massive load of cum all over himself. Noah is up next, and Teddy is as far inside Noah as Noah`s ass will allow when the young hunk`s cock bursts with jizz. Covered in cum, Noah knows he still needs a little practice, but it seems like he just might have the job.
26  minutes
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After auditioning Noah, Teddy Bryce wants to see if Alex Killian has what it takes to move up from janitor to fisting performer at the theater. Alex is sure he can make the cut and starts by sucking Teddy` big fat cock. He gets it all the way down his throat before he bends his boss over to open him up with his mouth. Teddy loves the attention his ass is getting and begs for more as Alex lubes up and slips his fingers inside the tatted bosses hole. It`s not a tight fit at all. In fact, Alex gets his hand easily sucked inside Teddy`s hungry hole. Alex twists and turns his fist as he pounds away deep inside Teddy`s butt. It`s a long and steady fist fucking that leaves Teddy`s asshole hanging out with a blooming rosebud. Alex loves what he sees and continues on with the destruction of Teddy`s talented hole. Teddy wants to see if he can take it even deeper and hops on to ride Alex`s clenched fist. Teddy rides it up and down until he blasts a load all over Alex`s face. Will Alex remain the janitor or will Teddy give him the job his trained hole desires?
22  minutes
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Brian Bonds is working the front desk at the ‘Fisting Theater’ when Luka Sage comes in to audition fresh from Iowa. The boss is out so Brian offers to run the audition for him. Luka agrees and gets up on a table to show his stuff by getting down to his jockstrap and offering up his hole for Brian to eat out. Brian`s experienced tongue opens Luka up but a tongue can only go so far. Brian loves what he tastes and wants to get Luka gaping wide. He starts by sticking in a finger or two and works his way up by slowly inserting a few more at a time. Soon Brian has his entire fist inside Luka`s wide asshole. Brian realizes that the small-town guy from Iowa can take anything you throw his way, and Brian starts fist punching Luka`s giant hole. Luke pushes back and shows his rosebud as Brian continues the relentless pace with his fist, keeping Luka on edge until he can`t hold back any longer. With Brian`s fist planted deep inside his ass, Luka lets loose and blasts his giant load all over himself
26  minutes
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Luka Sage has just impressed Brian Bonds with his audition to be a fisting performer. Before Luka can get the job, Brian wants to see how Luka can handle a little role reversal. Brian starts by pulling down his pants and offering up his vein-popping cock for Luka to wrap his warm lips around. Luka`s magic mouth gets Brian revved up even more and he turns around to plant his ass on Luka`s face. Luka works Brian`s hole with his tongue, warming it up for what`s about to come. Luka is eager to show off his skills as a top and slips his fingers and fist deep into Brian`s back door. Luka goes in slowly until he`s wrist deep in the gaping employee. Luka keeps handballing Brian`s sloppy hole until his rosebud makes an appearance. Luka is thrilled when he sees it because he knows he`s doing his job correctly and is another step closer to getting the job. After getting his hole used, Brian takes control and hops on to ride Luka`s fist. He bounces up and down until Luka takes over one last time and fists the cum out of the writhing stud. Will Luka`s performance get him the job of performing at the fisting theater?
18  minutes
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When Axel Abysse shows up for his gig at the fisting theater, he has no idea that his new boss, Teddy Bryce, is his biggest fan. Teddy likes the size of Axel`s hands and can`t wait to give them a spin before the general public gets to see Axel in action. Teddy bends over and is eager to get started, but Axel needs to work up to the fun. The two make out a bit before Teddy gets on his knees to suck on Axel`s giant, pierced, uncut cock. Teddy’s warm lips wrapped around Axel’s cock get him worked up and he opens up his tool kit to pull out everything he needs to shove his fists deep into Teddy`s hole. With his latex gloves and vat of grease, Axel goes to town on Teddy`s ass, pushing wrist deep before he folds the stud over and pile drives him with his fist from above. It feels amazing going in and out of Teddy`s gaping hole and Axel keeps up the pounding until Teddy shoots his load all over his own face and in his hungry mouth.
20  minutes
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Teddy Bryce takes Axel Abysse to the theater to give him a tryout. After getting his own asshole stretched to the max, Teddy wants to take Axel for a test drive before the audience comes in. Axel agrees and grabs the pole as Teddy gets on his knees and buries his face deep inside Axel`s trained hole. Teddy can see that Axel`s ass is quite experienced and that makes him excited to bury his fist inside. Teddy starts by getting Axel`s hole greased up and putting a few fingers inside. Teddy underestimates the size and power of Axel`s hole and gets surprised when Axel`s ass reaches out and swallows up his fist whole. Teddy gets engulfed up to the wrist before he pulls out to fist punch Axel`s hole. Axel enjoys every bit of Teddy`s fist and arm up his wrecked crack so much that he pushes out his rosebud for Teddy to rub and enjoy. When Teddy can see that Axel is ready to blow, he picks up the pace and goes even deeper inside to stretch Axel as far as he can possibly go. That does the trick for Axel, and as Teddy pounds away, Axel dumps a load of jizz all over his own trembling and oiled up body.
22  minutes
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Welcome to the `Fisting Theater`! Where hungry asses go to get wrecked on stage, and horny guys pay to watch, and join the show. If a hole ain`t wrecked, it wont be too long until it is in this theater. Teddy Bryce is auditioning eager new holes for his ‘Fisting Theater’ when Noah Scott shows up to show off his holes capabilities. When he can`t fist himself, janitor Alex Killian hops on stage to lend him a hefty fist. Teddy hops in on the action and soon has both of his fists, wrist deep inside each of the hungry studs. When the audition is over, Teddy sends Noah off while Alex sticks around to work with Teddy one-on-one. Teddy hops on and rides Alex`s fist until he blasts a load in the janitor`s face. Luka Sage is new in town from Iowa when he arrives to audition as a performer at the popular ‘Fisting Theater’. Brian Bonds helps him out by shoving his closed fist hand up into Luka`s asshole and punching his hole until Luka blasts a thick load of cum all over himself. Brian wants to see Luka`s skills as a fisting top and bends over to see if Luka has what it takes to gape his backend. Luka gets his wrist deep into Brian`s hole and doesn`t stop until he fists the cum out of the gaping stud. Will it be enough to get the job? Axel Abysse arrives for his gig at the theater and is greeted by the owner and biggest fan, Teddy Bryce. Teddy greedily wants Axel`s fist up his ass before the general public gets to see him on stage. Axel doesn`t disappoint and pile drives the tatted stud with his fist until Teddy creams in his own mouth. After getting his hole stretched to the limit, Teddy takes Axel to the empty theater to try him out. Axel offers up his ass and pushes out his rosebud as Teddy wrecks his hole with a constant and steady double fist punch that leaves Axel covered in jizz. Cum join the destruction of holes as assholes get wrecked and stretched to the limit by the horny fists at the `Fisting Theater`.

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