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Fistpack #17 - Grunts Fisting, Arm of One

Fistpack #17 - Grunts Fisting, Arm of One
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Dildo
  • Fisting
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
143 min

David Hempling

    all models over 18    
© 2007 Raging Stallion Studios. All Rights Reserved

Aaron Summers
Billy Berlin
Geoffrey Paine
Mason Garet
Ricky Sinz
Trey Casteel

Late at night, hunkered down in the camp munitions depot, Aaron Summers and Mason Garet get down to some heavy butt action. Aaron strips down Mason, unveiling Mason`s perfect peach fuzz-covered muscled ass and pleading pucker and piles in deep with tongue and fingers. Mason groans and moans, encouraging Aaron in deeper and deeper. Out come the gloves and grease while Ricky Sinz turns up to feed Mason`s mouth, hold back his legs, and get a lesson in first class fisting. Ricky breaks into a sweat, causing his rippling muscled tattooed body to gleam in the moonlight. Once Aaron`s got Mason`s hole opened good, Ricky takes over and gives Mason`s ass a wild punch fuck followed by a hard cock fuck, finally spilling his seed on Mason`s taut rippled belly.
37  minutes
Aaron`s hands are still twitching for more sweet ass. He drags Billy Berlin over to the depot, rips off his regulation shorts and goes in to Billy`s ass with a full fisted attack! Billy rides Aaron`s hand and arm for all its worth. Craving more, Aaron plows Billy`s perfect ass with our biggest man-rammer dildo. But even that doesn`t satisfy Billy. Aaron grabs one of our loaded machine guns and stuffs it right up Billy`s hole! Billy`s eyes widen in waves of terror and pleasure. "Oh fuck!" Billy cries, "Don`t fuckin` shoot!" The cold metal mouth of the gun shocks Billy`s prostate into convulsions. Billy blows his molten load!
29  minutes
Over at the motor pool, Mason tries to get our jeep ready before morning but can`t keep his mind on his work with Ricky Sinz and Trey Casteel breathing heavy down his neck. Mason would rather get his own ass overhauled anyway. Ricky takes control, his foul mouth spitting orders in Mason`s ear as Mason chows down on Trey`s weaponry. Ricky puts Mason through all the paces, ordering him to fuck, suck, and open his ass wide. Trey and Ricky take turns working Mason`s gaping hole till it stands at attention. Grease drips everywhere by the time they`re done working Mason over to their sweaty satisfaction.
35  minutes
You`d think Mason had had enough with the tour of duty his ass has served up. But then he encounters new recruit Geoffrey Paine and reenlists for one more session of ass-filling action. Geoffrey`s huge cock barrels down Mason`s hungry throat and voracious ass. Then Geoffrey`s sure and steady hand follows in after, causing Mason to blow not just one but two incredible loads of hot lead.
42  minutes
Fisting fans of our multi-award winning Grunts have been waiting patiently for the other boot to fall. Wait no longer! Award winning fisting director David Hempling takes you back to boot camp to spy what our hot studs were up to in the wee hours of the morning after wrapping up their sweaty suck and fuck scenes for Ben Leon and Chris Ward. Grunts Fisting: Arm of One is stuffed full of frenzied fisters madly feeding ferociously hungry holes with greasy palms and other heavy artillery!

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