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Flatiron Fuckers

Flatiron Fuckers
Lucas Entertainment
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134 min

Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam

    all models over 18    
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Angel Skye

Anthony Marks

Brad Star

Brant Moore

Claudio Martin

Jason Crew

Zack Randall

Latin Claudio Martin and sweet twink Zack Randall spend just moments kissing as the clothes fly and Zack makes his way down to Claudio`s big cock. Claudio humps furiously at Randall`s soft lips before dropping to his knees to repay the favor. They both make their way to the floor to partake in a mutual suckfest. Claudio rims Zack`s tight man-hole before getting on his back to let Zack ride his big cock. Zack finishes himself off with Claudio still inside him then gets down to catch Martin`s jizz in his eager mouth.
25  minutes
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Michael welcomes muscular Anthony Marks with passionate kissing before giving him his big cock to suck on. Anthony skillfully takes all of Michael`s 10 uncut inches down his throat. They get into a hot 69 with Anthony struggling to feed his immense hunger for cock. Michael spits on his asshole and licks it while he continues to hump his face. Then Michael lubes him up and mounts him, pushing his mighty foreskined tool deep inside Anthony`s waiting hole. The two lick and suck each other`s feet as they fuck in a variety of acrobatic positions. Michael pounds Anthony, his balls slapping against his ass, while he cums in his own mouth. Always hungry for more, Anthony slobbers all over Michael`s dick before swallowing his cum, too.
29  minutes
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Real-life boyfriends Brad Star and Angel Skye waste no time getting naked and running their tongues over each other`s smooth bodies. Brad makes love to Angel`s cock with his hot mouth, then switch as Angel sucks Brad`s big floppy meat. Brad lies back to let Angel lick his tight hole and shaved balls. Once Brad`s hole is slick with spit, Angel pushes his long cock into him. They flip over and Brad bounces on Angel`s dick before standing up to blow his load in Angel`s cumhungry mouth, which causes Angel to spray his own jizz all over Brad`s face and lap it up.
29  minutes
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Moving men Jason Crew and Brant Moore start by giving each other a well-earned tongue bath, viciously licking each other`s sweaty armpits. Jason`s big floppy cock comes out and Brant chokes it down as he strokes his own rod until Jason lays back and shoves HIS OWN DICK INSIDE HIMSELF! Wanting more, Jason throws Brant down and tears off his clothes so he can bury his tongue in Brant`s hungry hole, then shoves his enormous cock in all at once. Unable to get enough cock, both boys get down on the floor and share a big, black double-headed dildo. They grind their tight asses against each other and they spray their enemas all over each other`s holes. Brant bends Jason over and gives him a good fucking before they swap one last time and Brant sprays his big load all over his face and Jason feeds him his own load for dessert.
27  minutes
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Sculpted Michael Lucas and boytoy Zack Randall start the scene by kissing, but it doesn`t take Zack long to dive down to Michael`s huge cock. Michael returns the favor, sucking Zack`s cock until they move into a frenzied mutual suck session. Then Zack spreads his legs wide for Michael to plunge his fat tool into his smooth pucker. Michael twists and turns, probing Zack`s insides before pulling out to let them speak for themselves. Michael opens up his hole and smacks his supple ass. Then Michael goes back to jack-hammering Zack`s ass while spitting in his mouth. Zack finishes himself off while he rides Michael, spraying his load all of his chest and face, then kisses his way down to Michael`s cock to get a facial of his own, licking the huge dick clean.
24  minutes
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Lucas Entertainment exclusive Claudio Martin makes his debut by fucking the daylights out of Zack Randall! The action continues with Brad Star giving up his smooth bubble butt for Angel Skye`s thick meat, while Jason Crew and Brant Moore get down and dirty with a double-headed dildo and heavy watersports action. Also watch Michael Lucas plunge his legendary 10" cock into Anthony Marks and Zack Randall. These 8 men prove why they are FLATIRON FUCKERS!!

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