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Folsom Undercover

Folsom Undercover
  • Anal Sex
  • Bondage
  • Candle Wax
  • Group Oral
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
  • Sling
128 min

Brian Mills

    all models over 18    
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Billy Berlin

Darius Falke

Dean Flynn

Dirk Jager

Eduardo (h)

Frank Philipp

Max Schutler

Rick van Sant

Titus (a)

Tony Buff

Tyler Peter

TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn narrates some secrets of the sex fraternity—including the requirement that once a year, they must have sex in a place where they could be caught. That risk entices the businessman to the woods, where he locks eyes with accomplished porn veteran (and fellow TitanMen exclusive) Eduardo. The two kiss and rub each other as their business clothes come off, revealing harnesses over their built chests. The beefy, hairy Eduardo—veins bursting from his huge biceps—falls to his knees to suck on Dean’s cock, working it up with wet wads. Eduardo then takes off his leather jockstrap and straddles Dean’s face, planting his muscular, hairy ass over Dean’s tongue. Eduardo grinds his ass over Dean, who spreads the big cheeks and dives in. The two then jack off, squirting loads on Dean’s toned chest and stomach.... More
29  minutes
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New members of the secret sex club must be approved by a unanimous vote, which happens after a pledge has been tested—a brutal process that few can handle. But toned, handsome Tyler Peter is up to the task. As this dark and beautiful scene starts, Tyler is surrounded by candles that are soon lifted above him as a chandelier, pulled up by Titus—a tattooed hunk of beef watching from above. Down below, TitanMen exclusive stud Tony Buff—almost bursting of his tight leather pants—ties up Tyler from behind, leaving his wrists and ankles useless in a tight maze of rope. Tony calmly whispers out his orders: “Step back…on your knees.”... More
40  minutes
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While working late at night at the office, TitanMen exclusive Darius Falke gets a call—and a dirty picture—from his frat brother Frank. It gets the businessman so horned up, he can’t help but come on to new employee Max Schutler—who’s helpless to the handsome employer’s advances. The two are soon locked in a heated kiss as Darius takes off his blazer, tie and shirt, a leather harness uncovered over his toned, muscular chest. Despite towering over Darius, the tall, dark and handsome Max is the one to submit, falling to his knees and grinding his lips over his boss’ groin. The pants come off to unveil a bulge trapped under a leather pouch, soon snapped off to release Darius’ huge cock and balls.... More
38  minutes
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It’s time for Billy Berlin to brave the risk of outdoor sex—parking by the side of the woods and finding a clearing, where TitanMen exclusive Rick van Sant awaits, blindfolded and strapped to a sling, ready for attention. Billy takes out Rick’s huge boner and starts jacking and sucking him, spit dripping down. Billy takes off Rick’s blindfold and the two stand up and kiss, the tall Rick soon dropping down to service Billy’s rockhard throbber. Billy then heads to the sling to get eaten and drilled by Rick, who grabs on to Billy’s harness as he delivers a fast fuck. The two then release their loads and kiss.
21  minutes
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Continuing in the tradition of TitanMen’s award-winning line of co-branded Folsom films, Folsom Undercover kicks off the fall season with explosive fetish fireworks. A private sex fraternity has businessmen living second lives, indulging their deepest desires away from the boardroom. A series of clandestine encounters allows the studs to remove all inhibitions, relieving their stress through sexual aggression—even if it risks getting caught, putting their professional reputations in jeopardy.... More

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