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Forbidden Dreams

Forbidden Dreams
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Cum-eating
  • Dildo
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130 min

Ben Leon

    all models over 18    
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Adam North
Carter Longway
Ford Tuff
J.D. Kollin
Lucas DiFubbiano
Marc LaSalle

Marcos Pirelli
Nick Marino
Sebastian Young
Taurus Dean
Tommy Blade
Trey Casteel

Tommy wakes up alone in his apartment but a picture of Trey Casteel encourages a hot scene to play in his mind. Trey lays back on a blue couch and enjoys the strong sucking action of Nick Marino. Nick slobbers over Trey`s big dick getting it stiff and ready for a good round of fucking. Trey is a big muscled stud and an eager top. His chest pops and his ass bounces as he tears at Nick`s tight hole. Nick is a hairy chested gym stud. His dick bounces up and down as Trey fills his need. Nick bends himself over the end of the couch and pushes his butt up into the air for Trey`s big cock. Every inch and thrust are filmed beautifully in soft white light. Before the action ends Nick wants a turn at Trey`s bubble butt. Nick gives it as good as he takes it and Trey blows hot cum all over himself while Nick pushes deep up inside and jerk`s Trey to climax. After tasting the cum of his buddies abs Nick beats himself off to a beautiful cumshot which covers Trey`s balls.
22  minutes
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While searching for some bills Tommy finds some old polaroids in a drawer of a trick from many years ago. Sebastian is a buff young man with tattoos covering his arms and wrapping around the sides of his chest. Tommy eagerly eats Sebastian`s fat dick taking it to the balls. Tommy lays back and allows Sebastian to demonstrate his oral skills while slipping a finger into Tommy`s butt. These two heat up the room with sexual excitement as they suck away. This scene is our first chance to fully embrace Tommy`s amazing body. He has an incredible tight body with muscles framed by tattoos on his arms. He has amazing eyes and they open wide as his ass takes Sebastian`s rod. As Sebastian`s balls beat up against Tommy`s ass we get a view of two amazing holes. These studs bang away at each other until Tommy shoots a load with Sebastian pushing against his prostrate which causes a monstrous load of cum from Sebastian.
16  minutes
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Tommy has nothing planed for the day except loafing around and a good workout. As he trains his muscles his mind wanders to a hot three way in an unidentified gym. Lucas belongs in the gym. His muscles bulge from beneath his shirt almost as much as the bulge in his pants. JD Kollin is a big muscled hairy stud who loves to hit the gym and help out other men build their muscles. Ford Tuff is a hairy muscled boy with an eager mouth and a "fuck yeah" attitude and butt worth pounding. As this scene opens JD is helping Ford Tuff build his biceps while Lucas di Fubbiano works his chest. JD gives both men help before he whips his dick out. Once the sex starts the weights fade away and the focus becomes these three and their muscular bodies. After Ford and Lucas warm JD`s cock up, Ford goes down and eats Lucas`s big muscly ass. Lucas throws his legs up and back like a gymnast as JD and Ford fight with their tongues for a taste of Lucas`s asshole. Once it`s warmed up Ford stuff his dick into Lucas as JD gets his dick worked over by a talented cock-sucker. When Ford has worked over Lucas`s hole JD wants a turn to pump him but Ford wants to get fucked instead. Fords hairy butthole takes JD"s cock for a good hard round and then Lucas wants some more. These three men fuck and fuck until they explode all over the gym floor.
24  minutes
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After cumming Tommy needs something cool to drink and he goes to the fridge to find it. A photo on the stainless steel fridge brings us to the fourth dirty dream in Tommy`s mind. Adam North sits alone until Taurus Dean walks in to entertain him. These two men go at it quickly revealing their firm bodies and their rock hard cocks. Adam has a beautiful young body, lightly hairy and dotted with tattoos. He is anxious to fill his mouth with dick and Taurus is happy to provide. Taurus strips down to his undies and whips out his big curved dick. Adam takes the cock gently at first playing with the foreskin and licking the head before swallowing the length of it. Adam loves the foreskined cock and plays with it in his mouth and with his hands before Taurus gets a mouthful. Taurus licks his way down Adam`s body until he strips him out of his briefs and releases a beautiful cock. Taurus enjoys the smell of his balls and the big head of Adam`s cock. Adam`s ass is the next victim to Taurus`s active tongue. Taurus spreads Adam`s asshole and shoves his tongue deep into the beautiful hole. When Adam gets all worked up he bends Taurus over and pumps him full of dick. Taurus is an avid bottom and Adam fills him with every inch of his dick. The fucking is both passionate and aggressive. With Taurus on his back Adam fills his butt with dick until he explodes. Adam quickly pulls out, throws off the condom and shoots all over Taurus`s abs.
40  minutes
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Carter Longway is on his way home and into the shower. Carter is a young man with a nice smile, a twinky body and a monstrous cock. After cleaning himself he walks out into the kitchen where Tommy is typing into his laptop. Carter drops his towel and Tommy goes down on Carters massive dick. Tommy swallows the 10 inch dick to the hilt and chokes as Carter moans. The oral action builds until Tommy takes his cock out and Carter goes straight for his ass. First with a finger and then his big dick Carter plows Tommy on the dining room table. All 10 inches fill Tommy`s hole and the camera catches every thrust. Tommy`s dick is rock hard as his ass gets hammered. Carter blond hair bounces as he plugs Tommy. With balls bouncing and both boys moaning loudly the action heats up. Tommy climbs onto the table and pushes his legs up into the air so both men can face each other as Carter shoves his dick deep inside of Tommy`s hole. Carter hits the right spot because Tommy shoots and covers himself in cum as Carter shoots and his cum combines with Tommy`s.
28  minutes
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Tommy Blade has had a lot of dick in his day. As he wakes up in an empty apartment his mind wanders to his many sexual partners and their torrid affairs. In ass pounding action this movie begins and ends with big dicks and eager holes. In five scenes it explodes in sexuality and passion. Tommy`s beautiful body and filthy mind will bring you load after load.

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