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Fuck It

Fuck It
Lucas Entertainment
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  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Outdoor Sex
204 min

Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam

    all models over 18    
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Aaron Blake

Ben Brown

Ben Driver

Adam Avery
Adam Killian
Adriano Carrasco
Alex Andrews
Brandon Jones
Braxton Bond

Damien Crosse
Edji Da Silva
Gabriel Lenfant
Issac Jones
Jay Roberts
Jessie Colter

Jimmy Durano
Johnny Venture
Jonathan Agassi
Kriss Aston
Michael Lucas
Mitchell Rock

Pierre Fitch
Rafael Alencar
Rafael Carreras
Sam Steel
Scott Carter
Tate Ryder

Trenton Ducati
Vito Gallo
Will Helm

Michael Lucas opens by pulling Adam Killian into his apartment where he lays him down and penetrates his ass in a series of positions, most prominently on his hands and knees and on his back. Power-bottom Braxton Bond hops up onto a pool table where Rafael Alencar shows him who is boss. He first opens his ass wide with his fat uncut dick before drilling him with a series of dildos. And Jonathan Agassi makes an appearance with the handsome and fresh-faced Gabriel Lenfant. The boys flip fucking, showing each other what they’re capable of doing with their cocks. The fucking has never been harder or hotter!
44  minutes
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Rafael Alencar and Jessie Colter sneak off to a secluded corner of the beach at Fire Island after canoeing there in their Speedos. Jessie loves to bottom, but Rafael is a lot for anyone to take and Jessie gapes when the top is done fucking him. Sex on the beach continues with the British ginger hunk Ben Brown who tops for the first time with Scott Carter, and he’s quite skilled at fucking. Will Helm’s brooding good looks shouldn’t deceive you: this handsome guy has a rock-hard cock that he pounds into Damien Crosse’s ass. And European lovers Jay Roberts and Adriano Carrasco take anal sex to a new and passionate level on their sexy vacation.
41  minutes
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Alex Andrews cruises a gay bar for the first time when he catches the eye of Jimmy Durano, who is man enough for anyone. He teaches Andrew what it means to be a man when squatting on a urinal for the most intense anal sex of his life! Issac Jones offers his ass to Adriano Carrasco for a hard, relentless slamming. Will Helm and Kriss Aston take turns on Jonathan Agassi’s hole, who is always hungry for cock in his ass. And Edji Da Silva pulls Brandon Jones into the back of the bar he works at for some wild sex on the side. Edji is an aggressive Arab top, and he shows Brandon who is boss -- and Brandon loves it!
40  minutes
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Vito Gallo doesn’t bottom much, but who wouldn’t give it a shot for Adam Killian` But it’s hard to figure out what’s hotter: Adam fucking Vito, or Adam sitting directly down on Vito’s monster mean. When we hear Adam’s howls, the answer is clear. Tate Ryder auditions as a pole dancer for Adrian Long, who needs to sample how deep his ass is first. Vito and Tate both return on a vacation up north, and soon after they drop their luggage off Tate strips off his clothes and bends over for Vito’s horse-hung dick. Ben Driver shows off his own monster dick by stuffing it into Johnny Venture’s ass. Damien Crosse and Johnny Venture flip-fuck each other long and hard after a night of hard partying.
42  minutes
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Blonde twink Aaron Blake is a cute country boy in the big city. He loiters around a porn shop where he luckily draws the attention of Cuban hunk Rafael Carreras. Rafael takes him home and shows him a good time with his big uncut cock. Aaron at first doesn’t know what he got himself into, but he has a great time through and through! Pierre Fitch works out his huge muscles at the gym before slipping his cock into Sam Steel’s ass. Rafael Carreras returns to romance Mitchell, proving to him that love can be hard and rough when he fucks him up his ass. Trenton Ducati and Jonathan Agassi bend each other over for some deep anal sex. And Adrian Long fucks his photographer, Adam Avery.
38  minutes
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Lucas Entertainment’s hottest bottoms are all ready to bend over, assume the position, and say “Fuck It” to the most aggressive power-tops around! Over 20 men come together to show off their roughest and most aggressive ass-pounding techniques in over three hours of the studio’s sexiest porn stars having deep-penetrating anal sex. Michael Lucas, Jonathan Agassi, Vito Gallo, Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar, Will Helm, Damien Crosse, Pierre Fitch, Rafael Carreras, and many more show no mercy as they “Fuck It” with the hungriest bottom guys out there!

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