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Fuck Your Way To The Top

Fuck Your Way To The Top
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90 min



    all models over 18    
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Braden Klien

Dustin Fitch

Jordan Ashton

Julian Smiles

Kris Anderson

Micah Andrews

Mitch Vaughn

Trevor Bridge

Tyler Andrews

Jesse Jordan

Micah Andrews can do whatever he wants, including fucking Jesse Jordan in the break room. The two men kiss and undress but leave their ties on as they exchange blowjobs. Jesse`s bendy legs come into play, especially when Micah picks him up to bounce him on his cock. When Jesse cums with Micah`s dick inside him, Micah feeds him some of his own cum before blowing his own load.
18  minutes
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Mitch Vaughn is sick and tired of crappy customer service, so when Dustin Fitch shows up with another mis-order, Mitch decides he`s going to get serviced properly one way or another! First he gets the messenger to suck his dick before he gets Dustin bent over the desk. When Mitch fucks him missionary, Dustin ends up blowing his load before getting covered in Mitch`s cum.
15  minutes
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Accountancy is supposed to be an extremely dull job, but for Trevor Bridge it certainly isn`t! He`s helping out the hunky Kris Anderson with his books and gets paid in a very interesting way as the guys swap some tasty cock sucking and Kris Anderson eases his hard shaft into Trevor`s ass for a deep butt fucking! Check out the crazy cum load Trevor delivers after getting a facial!
19  minutes
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Jordan Ashton is taking a break when his boss, Tyler Andrews, catches him slacking off. Tyler is soon leaning back against the ladder with his pants around his ankles as Jordan sucks his dick down. Tyler gets a taste of Jordan`s cock before teasing his hole with his fingers. Jordan`s ass is wet with lube as Tyler`s cock slides in and out of his hole. He`s even picked up and fucked right off his feet before taking Tyler`s load in the face.
17  minutes
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Braden Klien wants to give Julian Smiles a gift for all his help around the office, but a holiday hookup is more what he had in mind! He sucks Julian`s cock and then bends over to have his other hole stuffed. Braden strokes his giant cock while his coworker pounds his ass. The two end up in a sticky mess after Julian fucks the cum out of Braden then strokes out his own load.
21  minutes
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These horny jock guys and young twinky boys know what it takes to make it in the world of business, and in these five scenes they really don`t hold back when it comes to using their best skills and assets to get what they want. It`s all about climbing up that career ladder and doing whatever it takes to get ahead, enjoying every second of it too as they share their hungry mouths, throbbing dicks and tight welcoming butts with their colleagues in the office. Whether it`s a cock-loving boss abusing his authority to get his boner inside a sexy employee, a customer service agent teaching a colleague a lesson, or a horny suited guy taking his professional relationship with his equally hungry colleague to the next level, these professional boys and jock men all know how to put in a good days work in the office!

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