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Fucking Johannes Lars

Fucking Johannes Lars
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Dmitry Osten
Drew Kingston
Johannes Lars
Logan Moore
Nathan Raider

Sexy delivery driver Dmitry Osten decides to spend a bit more time at Johannes Lars’ house for a whole lot more meat than on that pizza. Heading to the bedroom whilst the pizza gets cold, the heat turns up as they strip each other off and start devouring the thick long dicks on offer! Olive skinned Dmitry and pale young Johannes can’t get enough of each other and soon they are getting their sweet faces full of dick, sliding down their throats. Eager for more of Dmitry’s dick, Johannes spins round and presents his juicy ass to his PizzaBoy who wastes no time in slamming his long cock inside, pounding him into the bed and flipping him over. His long dick taking deliciously slow strokes all the way in and out, making his bottom boy feel every endless inch getting deeper into his loosening hole as they kiss mid fuck, Dmitry tasting every accessible part of Johannes’ body, from lips, legs, arms and dick until his creamy load of dispensed all over that deliciously freshly fucked ass, soaking Johanne’s back, letting Johannes dump his second load of the evening all over himself, the milky liquid matching his complexion perfectly.
19  minutes
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Waking in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on, black recruit Drew Kingston looks down from his top bunk on the slim, smooth twinky Johannes Lars for inspiration and jumps down to give him a wake-up call only the best of bunkmates can! Sucking on his impressively large dick, Johannes wakes with a big smile on his face, and Drew carries on getting a face full of dick! Cock hungry Johannes jumps up and raises his pert little white butt high into Drew’s face who gladly obliges, getting it wet with spit before pushing his big bare dick into Drew, the thick dick stretching him wide and looking massive against those tiny white butt cheeks. Pumping him doggy style before Johannes lowers himself on top of Drew, giving the best close-ups of this interracial raw ass fucking, Johannes loves the ass-stretching action so much that when Drew empties his balls all over his freshly fucked hole, he still wants more and Drew fuck the cum into him, using his own load as lube, no wonder Johannes quickly shoots after that, giving Drew his own load all over his face!
15  minutes
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Ruggedly handsome daddy Logan Moore lets us into a secret love of fucking twinks raw, just as youthful long haired Johannes tells us exactly the same! It’s a meeting of minds that end up the meeting of cock and arse, without a condom in sight! Johannes can’t get enough of the muscular hairy chest and chiselled face of Logan, and when it comes to slurping on his stiff dick, the look on the young boys face says it all! Wanting more than his face stuffed full of that juicy dick, Logan takes it from him and pushes it against his begging hole, slowly opening him up, his foreskin pushing back as his dick slides ever deeper into the young twink, letting him feel the warmth of the bare dick entering him deeper with every gentle thrust from daddy. Moving his own ass back, Logan takes this as permission to go hard and fast, owning his butt in multiple positions before shooting his creamy load over the freshly fucked and gaping hole, coating in a thick layer of spunk, twitching right in front of the camera until there’s no more space to fill and the cum needs to be fucked into the boy, breeding his virginal hole and pushing the daddy juice so far inside it’ll be there for days.
18  minutes
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He may look innocent, but pretty young Johannes Lars with his long blond hair and pale features is anything but! He knows where to go for some big dicked action, and heads straight there to find some dick! Toned and muscular Nathan Raider is there waiting, his thick dick stiff in anticipation for who he might chance across, and when Johannes turns the corner, it’s the jackpot. Stripping each other, you can almost see the dicks stiffen as they run their hands over each other, Nathan’s beautiful torso and dick and Johannes’ smooth milky white complexion the perfect pairing for these horny fuckers. Devouring dick, Johannes can’t get enough and when the raw assplay begins, it’s heaven for this twink! Ploughing deep, Nathan pins his legs wide open, giving him unlimited access to his smooth ass and we see everything is awesome close-up as if we can reach out and slip a finger inside! Johannes’ ass will never be the same again after Nathan’s through with it, fucked down into any surface available, Johannes has nowhere to go until Nathan’s ready to shoot and covers the boys hole with his cum, fucking it inside of him and showing him exactly who he belongs to now!
25  minutes
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Cute, young and with a hot smooth body, pale skinned Johannes Lars is rightfully at the top of the twunk list right now! Toned, slightly built and with one of the juiciest butts around, this hot bottom is who everyone is craving! Big puppy dog eyes and long fair hair mask a sexual appetite to rival the biggest hunks in the business, and with those plump red lips parting and a wet tongue deftly flicking over them, it takes a strong man not to be seduced! Four of his best scenes as a top bottom boy are here, whether it`s uniformed daddies taking him hard, or joining forces with a fellow twinky type, Johannes is in his cum fuelled element and is enjoying every sordid second. Why don`t you join him? He`s waiting..

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