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Full Fist Interrogation

Full Fist Interrogation
Club Inferno
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188 min

Tom Moore

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Ashley Ryder

Hugh Hunter

Nate Grimes

Colin Bryant
Matt Wylde

Colin Bryant has been a bad soldier wearing a filthy uniform and being a general dirty pig. Hugh Hunter is Colin`s commanding officer and he`s going to put an end to Colin`s lack of respect once and for all. Hugh bolts Colin`s wrists to a table and gives him the choice to be thrown in the brig or to take his punishment here. Colin chooses the here and now option so Hugh rips off Colin`s uniform and revs up an electric wand. Hugh zaps Colin`s cock and balls with electricity but when he discovers Colin likes the punishment, Hugh moves onto the more severe “German Method”. Hugh pulls out his night stick and covers it with lube. It easily slips inside Colin`s tight little ass. “Let`s see what you can really do,” Hugh says as he shoves the stick in further. Hugh isn`t satisfied with Colin`s abilities for taking things up his ass so he slips his gloved hand in the bucket of grease and shoves it inside Colin`s butt. It`s a tight fit, but it eventually goes wrist deep as Colin moans out. Colin loves every inch of Hugh`s massive hands alternating going in and out as they stretch his ass to the absolute limits. Colin is sweating like the pig he is when Hugh relents and gives the soldier a reprieve for the moment. Hugh warns him that he`ll be right back and that Colin better be ready on his hands and knees to service Hugh`s ass before the punishment is truly over.
43  minutes
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Colin Bryant is on his knees patiently waiting for Hugh Hunter. Hugh enters the room completely naked and immediately starts barking out at Colin. Hugh doesn`t have any patience for fuck-ups like Colin and he doesn`t hide it. “Eat my ass!,” Hugh commands as he bends over on the table. It`s hard to please Hugh because he knows exactly what he wants and how he wants it. “More tongue!,” he yells out. “Deeper, pig!” Colin is a quick study and soon Hugh`s demands are replaced with moans of pleasure as Colin gets in deep with his far-reaching tongue. The tatted stud wants his ass stretched farther than Colin`s mouth can take it. He yells out for Colin to lube up his hands and bends over the table on his hands and knees to let Colin slide his fingers and hand in deep. Hugh`s rose opens wide as Colin gets his entire fist in all the way to the wrist. Hugh is grunting heavily as Colin stretches his asshole wide with alternating hands in and out of his hole. Colin keeps a steady pace of shoving his fists inside Hugh. All the gaping ass action is getting Colin ready to explode. He pulls his hands out of Hugh`s butt and lies down next to the stud. He jacks his rod and blasts his load before Hugh`s vindictive nature takes over once again when he announces that he`s putting Colin in the brig after all.
37  minutes
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Hugh Hunter is in a sour mood after catching Ashley Ryder and Matt Wylde messing around on base. Hugh hauls them into a room, orders them to bend over, and then has them remove their camouflage. He wants to teach these pigs a lesson so he lubes up both hands and sticks a fist in each of their asses. “I can feel both of your heartbeats,” Hugh snarls as his hands slip even further into each of the studs. Ashley has a hungrier hole than Matt and it gobbles up Hugh`s arm all the way to the elbow. Matt`s elasticity isn`t too shabby either and he takes Hugh wrist deep in his open ass. Ashley and Matt wrap their arms around each other and kiss as they get their holes destroyed from behind. They`re both horned up from all the fisting and they`re ready for Hugh`s big thick cock. Hugh pulls his hands out of their asses comes around to tease their hungry mouths. Hugh isn`t one to make anything easy so he jacks his throbbing rod off on the leather bench and makes the pigs lick up his load. Matt and Ashley slurp up the mess and swap cum as they kiss and spit the creamy reward into each other`s mouths.
34  minutes
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Hugh Hunter is never done disciplining soldiers for crimes against their own bodies. Matt Wylde is ready for his special one-on-one punishment from Hugh and starts out on his back with his legs in the air. Ashley Ryder is there for support and holds Matt`s head and body down as Hugh slams his greased up fist deep into Matt`s gaping hairy asshole. Hugh`s tatted arm goes in wrist deep and he twists and turns inside the stud`s hole to give it that added pleasure. Hugh yells: “Get on your hands and knees, pig!” Matt doesn`t want to piss Hugh off any more than he already is and promptly does as he`s told. Ashley falls in line behind Hugh and gets down to lick his ass as Matt continues to get his asshole filled to the absolute limit with Hugh`s big hands. Hugh wants to finish off Ashley`s punishment and after Matt shows off his massive rosebud, Ashley assumes the position on the table. Matt wants to taste Hugh and gets down to suck on his big cock as Ashley rides his fist elbow deep. Ashley can`t hold off another minute and screams out as his cock erupts with a creamy load. The sight of Hugh pulling his entire arm out of Ashley`s asshole makes Matt drain his balls all over Ashley`s tight, hard body. Hugh`s punishment still isn`t enough to get the soldiers off the hook. Hugh takes them each by the necks and brings them back to the brig naked, stretched out, and used up.
23  minutes
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Nate Grimes is being interrogated for a code word and even with all the military intimidation, he won`t give up the info. Whether or not he has what Ashley Ryder needs is something only Nate knows, but Ashley is going to try his best to get Nate`s secret, even if he has to pull it out of his ass. Ashley`s tactics are less than conventional and he starts by restraining Nate`s hands and ripping off his clothes. “You better think long and hard about that code word,” Ashley says, as he dips his gloved hands in a vat of grease and shoves his fists up Nate`s gaping ass. Nate secretly likes getting his hole stretched and even if he knows the code, he`s not going to give it up just yet. Ashley`s hands feel amazing going wrist deep in and out of his asshole and Nate begs to be tortured for two more days. “Open that hole. Make it gape,” Nate demands as if he`s in the position to do so. The tables turn and suddenly Ashley is caving to all of Nate`s desires. Ashley frees Nate of his restraints and lets the prisoner get on his back. Needing a deeper arm in his ass, Nate spreads his legs wide as Ashley alternates fists and plunges them deep inside Nate`s protruding rose. Ashley is relentless in his fist pounding and wants Nate`s cum. He sucks on the prisoner`s huge cock as he plugs his hole with his closed fists. Nate finally gives Ashley what he really wants with a gusher of jizz that squirts from his big hairy cock and all over his muscled-up body. Like a true pig, Ashley cleans up Nate`s cum with his tongue and gloves. Ashley may not have gotten the code word today, but he ultimately got what he really wanted by getting Nate naked with his fist up his ass
28  minutes
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Ashley Ryder just finished his interrogation of Nate Grimes and even though he wasn`t able to pull any information out of Nate`s ass, he was able to go wrist deep in Nate`s gaping hole. Now it`s time for Ashley to get his rocks off with Nate returning the favor of planting his fist deep inside Ashley`s asshole. Before Nate completely destroys Ashley`s hole, he wants a taste so he bends the stud over and sticks his face as far in as it will go. Nate gets his interrogator all loosed up with his tongue as he slips on his gloves and gets them lubed up. Nate alternates fists in and out of the giant loose asshole and goes elbow deep inside the gaping jock. Always needing more, Ashley reaches around to feed his ass with his own fist. He squeezes it inside along with Nate`s arm as he moans out, begging for Nate to go deeper. Ashley can never get enough up his ass and he rides Nate`s entire forearm until he blasts a big creamy load of jizz all over his own stomach. It mixes with all the grease and lube that clings to his skin and coats the table. Just as Nate pulls his arm out of Ashley`s wrecked hole, a fellow guard storms in and arrests Ashley for fraternizing with the enemy. Ashley gets slapped in cuffs and hauled off, naked and sticky, and barely able to walk.
24  minutes
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When you`re in the military, discipline can be harsh if you`re caught breaking the rules. If you`re the enemy, the punishments are even more severe and the interrogations can be brutal. Sometimes there`s only one way to get the required information, and that`s to pull it out of a soldier`s ass. Tom Moore directs a cast of five dirty pigs who can`t stretch their asses enough in `Full Fist Interrogation`. Hugh Hunter catches Colin Bryant wearing a filthy uniform and bends him over a table to teach him a lesson with his fists. It`s a tight fit but he eventually gets wrist deep into Colin`s asshole. Hugh wants his turn and bends over to have Colin rim his ass. When his rosebud is nice and opened up, Hugh gets Colin`s fist deep inside his back door. Later, Hugh catches Ashley Ryder and Matt Wylde messing around on base. Once again, he`s forced to discipline the soldiers. Ashley and Matt bend over next to each other and prepare for Hugh to shove a fist inside both their asses. With a hand in each of them, Hugh stretches them beyond the limits before he takes each of them one-on-one to finish the job. He gets elbow deep inside Ashley, making him cum hard before Matt sprays his load from the sight of an entire arm up the stud`s ass. Nate Grimes is behind enemy lines and is being interrogated by Ashley Ryder. Nate won`t give up the information so Ashley decides to pull it out of his ass. Ashley`s fist fits nicely inside Nate`s hole and all the stretching makes Nate blast his big hairy cock. Ashley licks up the jizz like the pig he is before he bends over and takes Nate`s entire forearm all the way to the elbow. Nate fucks his interrogator with alternating fists until Ashley empties his balls on his own muscled-up body. `Full Fist Interrogation` will leave your ass gaping wide and ready for a helping hand.

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