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Full Throttle

Full Throttle
Hot House
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89 min

Michael Clift

    all models over 18    
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CJ Knight

Jay Armstrong

Marko Hansom

Matt Cole

Mike Power

Nick Piston

Robert Van Damme

Vinnie D`Angelo

Nick Piston`s long day of cruising pays off big time when Mike Power pulls his motorcycle into a nearby garage. Piston wastes no time joining Power and pulls his gigantic uncut cock out for some expert deep throat action. Power returns the favor, taking Piston`s thick tool to the base. Piston kicks back on a workbench so that Power can rim his ass. Piston`s hole is twitching for more and Power can`t wait to shove his fat cock deep into the gaping hole. Power throws Piston down on a dirty mattress and fucks him ferociously until they both cum.
22  minutes
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C.J. Knight comes down from the stockroom shelves to find coworker Matt Cole rock hard and ready for some really good head. Cole notices Knight`s big muscular round ass and dives in for a taste. Cole tosses Knight on his back and power-fucks his hungry hole with all 9-inches, making Knight`s cock rock hard. Knight climbs on top of Cole and rides him until he blows his load all over Cole`s dick. Still hungry, C.J. sits back down on Matt`s cum-coated prick and fucks himself until Cole can`t take it any longer and pops a big one.
22  minutes
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Nick Piston gets a little help with his hard on from coworker Jay Armstrong. Seeing his buddies getting it on grabs the attention of Vinnie D`Angelo. He joins them and while Armstrong bobs back and forth between him and Piston, sucking cock like a pro. While Armstrong is bent over eating D`Angelo`s cock, Piston stands up and begins to fuck him from behind. Vinnie spins Armstrong around next and starts to use the man`s hot hole. The three men pull a train with Nick in the middle until they finally stand, jack off, and dump their nuts.
21  minutes
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Robert Van Damme appreciates an employee like Marko Hansom one who isn`t afraid to get down on his knees and provide the kind of service a working man needs. Hansom swallows Van Damme`s uncut cock while he works his own big thick tool up. Van Damme returns the favor, licking and sucking Hansom`s 8+ inch tool. Noticing Hansom`s tight hole, Van Damme flips him over and fucks him long and hard, thrusting his huge thighs against Hansom`s glutes. Van Damme jacks Hansom off until he blows then gets his own nut, showering Hansom in cum.
24  minutes
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Hot House Video puts the pedal to the metal in this balls-out, hard-driving, machine shop hit! Feel the roar between the legs of this group of horny grease monkeys as they hop on and tear into action. Starring Hot House Exclusives Nick Piston, Vinnie D`Angelo, and C.J. Knight, this fast-paced cruising and nonstop sex could only be called Full Throttle!

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