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G.I. Hole

G.I. Hole
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98 min

Tom Moore

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Brian Bonds

Cazden Hunter

Logan Bell

Max Adonis

Mitch Matthews

Uniformed Army hunks Logan Bell and Brian Bonds were having a normal day monitoring the brig until they were tasked with watching after Max Adonis, an AWOL recruit that just got caught sucking cock next to their military base. With Max securely in their custody, Private Bell begins giving the long-haired stud a full cavity search and discovers that his hole is already wet and worn. Staff Sergeant Bonds begins his own inspection by rimming, fingering and barebacking Max’s hole. Now, with Max stretched out and lying naked on the Staff Sergeant’s desk, Logan and Brian take turns working in their entire hands to fist Max until the sailor exposes his budding rose. The combination of big dicks and manly military hands filling him up soon has the runaway recruit loudly moaning while busting a nut onto his own thigh.
23  minutes
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Staff Sergeant Brian Bonds never had a problem finding a helping mouth or fist in his base’s brig, and today is no exception. For his latest conquest, he and fellow serviceman Logan Bell are getting serviced by Max Adonis, a cocksucking runaway recruit, before locking him up for good. After getting sucked off by Max, Brian moves to his desk where Logan sucks him off while getting pounded by Max’s bareback dick. Brian then takes over filling Logan’s hole with Max moving to his backside to begin fisting his beefy ass. Soon the adventurous hands of the AWOL pervert are deep inside both Logan and Brian as he forms a fisting chariot with the military men. Now with both of the bottoms on their backs, Max continues to stretch and fill them until each one of the enlisted hunks is busting all over themselves.
25  minutes
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Private Mitch Matthews wasn’t able to finish himself off before getting locked up for inappropriate behavior on the military base — and now he’s aching to bust. From behind the metal bars of his cell, he pulls out his hog for Corporal Cazden Hunter to suck only to have Staff Sergeant Brian Bonds immediately walk in and catch them in the act. Lucky for them though, the Staff Sergeant is just as cock-starved as they are and quickly joins in sucking off Mitch before busting him out to rim, fuck and fist his hole. The three enlisted studs start off by forming a bareback fuck train, with Brian and Cazden then taking turns to have their entire hands disappear inside Mitch’s stretched-out asshole. After going for a deep ride on Brian’s fist, a satisfied Mitch then drops to the floor to suck off the men’s used dicks and unload his nut all over the filthy concrete floor.
28  minutes
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Whenever a cock-hungry soldier gets locked up in the brig, Staff Sergeant Brian Bonds makes sure that their fists and open mouths are immediately put to work. Private Mitch Matthews is the latest man to go behind bars and be tasked with filling the holes of the Staff Sergeant and Corporal Cazden Hunter. Brian is first up as he lies naked on his cold metal desk with Mitch rimming and fisting his muscular ass. Next, Cazden is spreading his legs to show off his bushy uncut junk while Private Matthews’ wet hand works its way into his ass. Mitch then uses both hands to simultaneously fill the Army men and form a fisting chariot until each of them has unloaded their balls and unleashed their nut.
23  minutes
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If you’re sent to the brig on this military base, it won’t take long for you to learn first-hand why Staff Sergeant Brian Bonds and his gaping ass have earned the nickname ‘G.I. Hole’. Join award-winning fetish director Tom Moore as he takes fans behind bars to expose the hole-stretching activities of this sex-craved Staff Sergeant and his crew of fist-hungry military men. For his first nut of the day, Brian Bonds is with Private Logan Bell and having to deal with AWOL recruit Max Adonis. After a thorough cavity search reveals that this runaway sailor’s hole is already wet and worn, the two go to town by fingering, fucking and fisting the long-haired stud. Max Adonis then returns the favor by filling the men with his bareback cock and forming a fisting chariot with the horned-up servicemen. Private Mitch Matthews is the next man to find himself behind bars after getting caught engaging in inappropriate behavior on base. Down but never out, Mitch sets his sights on getting blown and fisted by the hunky duo of Staff Sergeant Brian Bonds and Corporal Cazden Hunter. Then, the Private gets the chance to stretch out the assholes of both Army studs until all three are completely drained and their holes are demolished.

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