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Bulldog XXX
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90 min

Sean Hardy

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Kayden Gray

Logan Moore

Sam Syron

Charley Cole
Korar Darver
Owen Powers
Valentino Delta

Cute new boy Korar Darver is tested to the limit by super hung twink Charley Cole. Korar says he`s a power bottom and loves to be stretched open - so Charley is on a mission to make this happen, and truly pull this young muscle twink`s hole wide open. With spit, fingers, dick and giant dildos, Korar is really put through his paces on his very first porn shoot and won`t be walking right for a while!
24  minutes
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Power Bottom Owen Powers brings the ass gaping action to a whole new level, one that`s Deeper and Wider than ever filmed with Bulldog before. Pushing back onto giant toys as they probe his welcoming asshole is second nature to this hairy hunk and for big dicked top Sam Syron, he can`t believe his luck to find someone so into it. Stretching his bottom boy with fingers, toys, dicks and anything else he can find, Sam enjoys every moment almost as much as Owen does, and from the moans escaping him, he`s loving it!
21  minutes
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Muscled hunk Logan Moore and his famous bubble butt are back for more ass=opening action, and with sleazy leather top Valentino, he won`t be disappointed! With a selection of huge, arm sized dildos within easy reach, the dark haired tattooed top is going to push Logan to the limit, and beyond! With his knowing glint in his eye, the gorgeously muscled Logan is more than happy to bend over and relax his hole, letting Valentino unrivalled access to the depth of his bowels, using tongue, fingers, toys and dick, Logan is soon covered in lube, spit and ultimately spunk, showing us that even the hottest, most muscled men can take a giant sized shaft up their now gaping hole!
21  minutes
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Jock strap on and ass open, horny young twink Korar has a taste for the bigger thing in life, and when it comes to sex, he`s hungry all the time! With his ass already on show, Kayden Gray is brought in to satisfy this young mans craving for giant dick and stretched holes. Only to happy to assist, Kayden has his full attention on opening that hot smooth hole whilst Korar devours his thick giant dick - a perfect pairing of horny young men! Turned almost upside down, Korar`s delicious hole is opened up in front of Kayden, who plunges fingers, toys and giant girthy slabs of silicone down inside, opening it up more than he`s ever had! Soon sliding his dick inside and fucking the loose hole, he fills it again with a toy, doubling up and giving Korar the fuck of his life! Shooting over Korar`s face, smothering him with thick cum, Korar can`t resist and slaps the still throbbing dick against his face as a final farewell!
24  minutes
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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a strong muscled stud holding your hole open and pulling gently on it, taking you wider than you’ve ever yet been after loosening you up with gradually bigger toys, pushing you to your limit and taking you one step further. Their probing fingers opening you up more and more, taking one more on each time until you feel the ease of it all sliding inside you. These horny power bottoms know exactly that feeling, and want to break their limits on camera. As the toys stretch them wide and the fingers do their work, they are soon gaping wide for you, their holes now holding themselves open as they groan for more depth and girth.

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