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Bulldog XXX
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83 min

Sam Syron

    all models over 18    
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Dante Lucas

Felipe Capuco

Gabriel Fisk

Guillaume Wayne

Nathan Raider

Nick North

Sam Wallis

Wolf Rayet

Rocking the scaffolding as hung French fucker Guillaume Wayne plows deep into the bottom stud Sam Wallis, these rubber clad men are rock solid and hungry for dick and ass as they fuck in every position possible, using the structure they`ve come across to its very max. Sam slurps hungrily on Guillaume`s thick uncut dick bursting from beneath the red and black rubber shorts, with a hot and handy zipper giving full access to Sam’s throat as he is face fucked balls deep! Sam`s own rubber harness and jockstrap match the mood perfectly as he frames that bubble butt of his and buff chest and back, giving Guillaume the perfect accessory to pull the man backwards on his dick even deeper than he`s gone before! The lube is running freely over their rubber gear, giving the shine they deserve and the look we love!
23  minutes
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Hung young twink master Felipe Capuco, dark olive skin and tousled hair, waits for his tall stubbled sub twink to arrive and lube up his black and red rubber shirt. Obliging his master, Dante Lucas does this, and works his wet hands down to Felipe`s waiting, twitching cock. Licking his lips as he kneels before him and slurps on the thick shaft which he knows will soon be slamming inside him, Dante works it with relish, his own smooth body framed perfectly in a rubber singlet. These two boys get slick with lube, their shining rubber outfits adding to the sleazy nature of Felipe`s dominant side coming out as he really does own this bottom boy after spraying his ass and rubber gear with a huge heavy load.
19  minutes
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Dark haired studs Nathan Raider and Wolf Rayet get their rubber gear on, and their juicy thick dicks out. The muscled young men, hairy chested and horny as hell look scorching hot as they devour each other’s throbbing dicks, swallowing the whole shafts down to the fuzzy pubic hair and back again - all the while their shiny rubber gear glistening in the low light of the construction zone. As they rub their slick kit, feeling the muscled bodies underneath, the ass gets hungry and the dicks wanting to be buried inside the furry crack, balls deep!
19  minutes
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Inked muscle man Nick North opens the show playing with his long thick dick on the scaffolding, his black rubber vest getting the shining treatment when dark haired bottom Gabriel walks in, lube in hand and drips it over his master, rubbing it in and getting it slick. Devouring each other’s solid dicks, until the nose is in the pubes and stubbled chin is scratching at the balls. Teasing Gabriel’s hole with Nick’s cock, the bearded dom is pushing Gabriel head down against the platform and sliding straight up inside, right to the balls instantly, taking no prisoners! Shooting a hot load over the guys back, Gabriel then sits up, coated with spunk, to spurt his own thick load over himself, the sweating men ending up covered in all the good stuff.
21  minutes
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Pulling on their tight rubber wear, these men and boys get off on the restrictive, skin tight feeling of rubber against skin. Shining up their gear with lube, their skin starts to sweat and mix with the slick liquid, running off their harnesses, singlets and shirt, down their rubber jocks to their throbbing hard, bouncing dicks and puckering butt holes, eager and up for a hard session where even more lube and sweat will make the whole session a heightened pleasure for all involved! With toned young men taking a hard rough pounding on the scaffolding platform, slim twinks being dominated by a hung twink and inked muscle men pushing balls deep – the rubber must be giving these guys something they’ve missed as they just can’t get enough, and edge themselves to stop the whole experience ending too soon!

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