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Genital Hospital

Genital Hospital
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85 min

Tom Moore

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Ace Stallion

Andrew Connor

Dominic Pacifico

Micah Martinez

Nathan Daniels

Wrex Wylde

Medical students Ace Stallion and Andrew Connor are quickly learning that with Dr. Micah Martinez’s ‘Genital Hospital’ class, extreme hands-on learning is the only way to go. This week, the doctor is teaching his boys about extraction and utilizing both students’ holes for a gaping demonstration. Micah first fills up Ace’s ass while giving the class detailed and thorough instructions on how to properly fist your patients. The instructor soon has his hands in both of his completely naked pupils as he talks them through every step of the hypothetical extraction process. With both of them now on their backs at the front of the classroom, Dr. Martinez continues his educational demonstration until both men are drained, covered in cum, and ready to try their own hands at this hole-stretching practice.
23  minutes
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Students Ace Stallion and Andrew Connor are aching to nail their next big exam on extraction and lucky for them, Dr. Micah Martinez is willing to volunteer as a gaping guinea pig that they can practice on. After barebacking both students to ensure they’re relaxed and ready, Micah bends over and talks Andrew through inserting his entire hand in his asshole. Ace then gets a turn exploring Dr. Martinez’s insides before the instructor is on his back with Andrew resuming control of the mentor’s hole. With a fast-learning Andrew hitting his prostate in just the right spot, Micah quickly busts into the mouth of Ace and congratulates his overachieving students on a job well done.
22  minutes
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Nursing student Nathan Daniels is about to learn all there is to know about object extraction with the help of Dr. Dominic Pacifico and volunteer Wrex Wylde. With his hand lubed up, Nathan slowly inserts himself into Wrex’s wrecked asshole and begins to carefully pull out rubber balls, a baseball, and even a 12-inch plastic doll from his never-ending insides. Ready to show off some more advanced techniques, Dr. Pacifico removes his shirt and inserts both of his arms into the volunteer’s mangled hole until Wrex’s rosebud is spilling out of his body. Eventually, the two medical men push the limits of Wrex’s body until his ass is swallowing two arms and an additional fist and he’s laying back on the examination table completely satisfied.
19  minutes
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When Dr. Dominic Pacific needs to teach medical student Nathan Daniels a thing or two about the anal cavity, he calls in fisting expert Wrex Wylde for a hands-on demonstration. Nathan is slightly unsure of how this will go, but still doesn’t hesitate when it comes to bending over the examination table, pulling down his jock, and letting Wrex’s gloved hand enter his hole. Quickly earning their approval, the fisting fucker takes his time simultaneously working the stretched-out assholes of both the teacher and student in multiple positions. Now on separate tables with their legs spread, the two medical men jerk themselves off and continue to get punched in the prostate until they’re both laying there completely drained from their masterful fisting.
21  minutes
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Any doctor or medical student will be quick to tell you that if you want the very best in hands-on medical demonstrations, then you need to head over to ‘Genital Hospital’. From award-winning fetish director Tom Moore, this fisting feature gives the general public its first glance into this esteemed medical facility where six curious men are about to experience first-hand the marvels of the human body. For his latest class on extraction, Dr. Micah Martinez is using students Ace Stallion and Andrew Connor as his personal guinea pigs by having them strip down, bend over, and take a deep breath as they open up for his meaty fists. The students then become the master as both use their bare hands to invade the beefy cheeks of their mentor until they’re successfully punching his prostate. Over in the next room, Dr. Dominic Pacifico is bringing in volunteer Wrex Wylde to show nursing student Nathan Daniels just how much a man’s asshole can handle. The student manages to extract a baseball and a 12-inch plastic doll from Wrex Wylde’s mangled ass before the volunteer turns the tables and offers to demonstrate his fisting expertise on the holes of both Dr. Dominic Pacifico and Nathan Daniels. Judging by all the smiling faces and gaping men walking these halls, if you’re looking to learn everything there is to know about a man’s hole, there’s no better place to go than ‘Genital Hospital’.

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