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Give And Take

Give And Take
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
239 min

Steve Cruz

    all models over 18    
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Beau Butler

Derek Kage

Ethan Sinns

Michael Boston

Taylor Reign

Tony Genius

A naked Michael Boston is ready to cuddle the day away and relax while watching movies, but BFF Beau Butler has some other plans. As the opening credits roll, Beau can’t keep his meaty hands off his man’s pumped body and decides to ditch the popcorn in favor of chowing down on Michael’s juicy bubble butt. He fills his best friend’s hole with his eager tongue and fingers before sliding in his raw cock. Beau thrusts himself into Michael in the middle of his living room until Michael turns this afternoon delight into a flip-fuck. With the sun’s bright rays peeking in to cover their naked bodies, Beau lays down to spread open his thick thighs as Michael barebacks his furry ass. Hungry for more hole, Beau resumes topping until both of these versatile men are covering Michael in warm nut and holding each other in a deep embrace.
41  minutes
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Derek Kage is lounging on the sofa doing some light reading when Ethan Sinns saunters into the room wearing only his underwear. Some suggestive page turning from Ethan has Derek realizing that his novel is far less compelling than the bulging heat pumping between his legs. Ethan gently lays a series of kisses on his man while slowly caressing his girthy cock until it`s at full attention. With both men completely stripped of clothing, the two exchange head and Ethan gets into position for Derek to bareback his hole. Derek pumps himself in and out of his partner’s muscular cheeks until the roles are reversed with him face down and moaning at every raw thrust of Ethan’s big dick. The passionate flip-fuck continues with more rimming and riding until each of these satisfied, versatile men are stroking out their loads into the other’s mouth.
53  minutes
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It’s a beautiful, sunny day on the Left Coast. Tony Genius soaked from swimming laps in the pool, Taylor Reign is dripping in sweat from pumping iron, and now both glistening men are aiming to get even wetter as they come together, quite literally, to worship each other’s naked muscles. After swallowing Taylor’s long cock, Tony drops to all fours, pulls his underwear down just enough to expose his hole, and dawns a satisfied smile as his partner rims and barebacks his ass. Versatile muscle stud Taylor then turns the early morning hookup into a flip-fuck as he goes down on Tony before riding his furry dick. Taylor doesn’t give Tony’s hole much of a break and is soon fucking it once more until each of the hot jocks are unloading their sweet cream onto Tony’s statuesque body.
47  minutes
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When Beau Butler sees a naked Tony Genius running down the staircase of his Hollywood home, he can’t resist taking him right then and there. The two embrace and with Beau already hard, Tony immediately kneels down on the steps for Beau to bareback his hole. The hairy beefcake mounts and pounds Tony’s round cheeks on the floating staircase until the two flip-fuckers move to the master suite where Beau swallows and bottoms for Tony in the room’s deluxe shower. With Beau’s face smashed up against the marble wall, Tony fucks and manhandles his bottom’s tan-lined ass until each of these versatile studs are stroking out a fresh load into each other’s open mouths.
49  minutes
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Pop the cork and drop the lavender-scented bombs! Michael Boston and Ethan Sinns are retiring to an afternoon milk bath for some candlelight and romance. With rose petals floating all around them, Michael’s mouth services every inch of Ethan’s already-hard member before the cock sucker emerges from the creamy bath to bend over for Ethan’s wet tongue and some bareback bath play. Ready to christen another room of this never-ending Hollywood estate, a versatile Michael takes Ethan downstairs to an ottoman where he begins stretching and filling his smooth hole. The flip-fucking duo continues to swap positions and roles until each of them are pulling out to smother the other in their own milky seed.
48  minutes
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Look both ways because Falcon’s hottest studs are about to flip out as they learn the value of a little ‘Give and Take’! From award-winning director Steve Cruz, this flip-fucking spectacular shows six of the industry’s hottest versatile performers as they take to their luxurious Southern California homes for brand-new unscripted hookups that has each and every one of these mouthwatering men utilizing their holes and poles. It’s a lazy day for Beau Butler and Michael Boston – the perfect time to stream a movie and indulge in some serious snacking. Dick and ass are at the top of the menu as the two BFFs pound each other’s holes until the sun goes down. Similarly, Derek Kate and Ethan Sinns are lounging around their Hollywood estate, catching up on their reading and relaxation. Never ones to sit still for long, the two handsome guys wind up fucking all afternoon, forgoing any chance of rest in favor of filling their tight assholes with each other’s massive cocks. And talk about big dicks, Tony Genius and Taylor Reign can’t keep their huge rods down. They’re supposed to be swimming laps and lifting weights, but their sweaty musk is an intoxicating aphrodisiac that has both hotties giving up their gorgeous butts and draining their explosive loads together. Down the road, Beau Butler can’t resist himself when he spots a naked Tony Genius running down the floating staircase of his Southern California home. They suck, rim, and ram right there on the steps before taking the action into a plush marble shower that couldn’t possibly get any wetter. Until, of course, Michael Boston and Ethan Sinns decide to make a romantic splash in a luxurious, rose-petaled milk bath and then flip-fuck until they hose down their foyer with dripping white satisfaction. It’s a brand-new, all-male bareback fuck fest at Falcon Studios, where the most stunning men are always prepared to ‘Give and Take’.

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