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Global Entry: Portugal

Global Entry: Portugal
NS Originals
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148 min

Marc MacNamara

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Alex Ink

Alex Palmieri

Angelo Pedro

Gustavo Cruz

Jamal Costa

Javi Gray

Lobo Carreira

Rafael Ferreira

NakedSword has just landed in Lisbon and is already on the way to talk with ripped hunks Lobo Carreira and Rafael Ferreira about Portugal before filming the duo’s steamy flip-fuck. Once Lobo has swallowed down Rafael’s uncut cock and taken his face for a ride, the star flips his body upside-down and begins jerking off while Rafael stuffs him full of meat. With his own big dick stiff as a brick, Lobo then goes to bareback Rafael and pound out his muscular bubble butt until the versatile bottom is covered in ropes of jizz.
33  minutes
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International porn star Alex Palmieri is in Portugal and on his knees as he swallows down the big dick of tattooed hunk Alex Ink. Ink returns the favor by jamming his face between Palmieri’s meaty cakes and rimming his hole before sliding in his uncut rod to bareback the muscle hunk’s perfect ass. After pounding out Palmieri all over the dining room, Ink’s hot cock goes from Palmieri’s ass to his mouth and delivers a creamy load directly onto the beefcake’s tongue.
28  minutes
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Gustavo Cruz and Angelo Pedro are sitting down with NakedSword to talk about everything from the life of a gay man in Portugal to what sex work is like in the area. Following the pre-fuck chat, Angelo grabs Gustavo by the balls and swallows down his big dick before spreading his thick thighs to be barebacked. Only breaking to 69 and suck each other off, the two continue fucking hard across the room until Angelo is lying on the couch with his thighs spread while Gustavo is nutting on his chest hair.
29  minutes
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It’s Jamal Costa’s first time in Portugal, but before he goes out to see the sights, he’s making sure to meet up with Lobo Carreira for a bareback flipfuck. With his hairy muscles and perfect ass on full display, Lobo sucks off his new buddy before taking a seat on Jamal’s big dick and going for a raw ride. Jamal, wanting to get fucked hard himself, reciprocates by blowing Lobo’s curved cock and spreading his muscular thighs for the hunk to pound out his hole.
30  minutes
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Once Rafael Ferreira and Javi Gray have finished their pre-fuck interview with NakedSword, the duo moves to the couch where Rafael sucks off Javi’s big dick and Javi gets a taste of Rafael’s bubble butt. Then, with Rafael’s girthy uncut cock hanging between his legs, the ripped Lisbon local takes a bareback ride on Javi before showing the camera how versatile he really is by fucking Javi’s hot hole. The flip-fuck rages on until Javi is on his back, stroking himself off, and waiting to be covered in cum.
29  minutes
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Prepare for takeoff! During the next stop on NakedSword Originals’ international adventure around the world, the acclaimed studio and award-winning filmmaker Marc MacNamara are setting their sights on Lisbon for ‘Global Entry: Portugal’. Packed with exclusive interviews that reveal everything there is to know about the men, sex work, and gay life in Portugal, this latest journey in NakedSword’s ‘Global Entry’ series features a stacked cast of standout studs with a connection to Portugal along with other fan-favorite international gay porn stars. Ripped hunks Lobo Carreira and Rafael Ferreira are the first to film with NakedSword as they swallow down each other’s big dicks and flip-fuck each other’s hot holes. Next, Italian muscle stud Alex Palmieri lands in Lisbon to get his muscular cakes pounded out by tattooed top Alex Ink while local hunks Gustavo Cruz and Angelo Pedro spend the afternoon sucking cock, eating ass, and fucking bareback. Jamal Costa, on his firstever trip to Portugal, wants to see everything in the area, but first, he’s making sure to meet up with Lobo Carreira for a versatile dick-down that ends with his beard being smothered in cum. Last to film their interviews with NakedSword, Rafael Ferreira and Javi Gray wrap things up by drilling each other’s holes until Rafael is pulling out to unload his girthy uncut cock.

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