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Going Rogue: The Tony Buff Collector`s Ed. V 1

Going Rogue: The Tony Buff Collector`s Ed. V 1
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bondage
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
  • Watersports
156 min

Paul Wilde

    all models over 18    
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Alex Baresi
Darius Falke
Derek da Silva
François Sagat

JR Matthews
Tober Brandt
Tony Buff
Vinnie D`Angelo

When he checks into the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge, JR Matthews is met with a surprise: naked attendant Tony Buff, eager to be of service at the front desk of the “clothing optional” facility. The nervous customer needs some convincing to stay, but Buff pushes just the right buttons. While roaming the woods he stumbles across Buff, who begins to tempt Matthews with some sultry dirty talk, encouraging him to play with himself. After the two piss, Matthews bends over for a slurpy ass munching that warms up his hole for Buff’s huge rod. After getting dicked from behind, Matthews sits down on Buff; the bottom’s dick stays rock hard as he bounces, with Buff rubbing his body from behind. Buff then gets Matthews on his back, spitting down on his own dick before diving inside again. Matthews finally shoots on his chest—and Buff uses the cum as lube to stroke out his own big load.
37  minutes
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Ranger Tony is finishing up his shift when he meets up with François and Darius for an intense finale in the back of his old pickup truck. Darius quickly falls to his knees to worship the two perfect, rock-hard specimens of cock François and Tony are waving before him. François and Darius jump onto the cab of the truck, leaving Tony on the ground to work their asses over with his tongue, fingers and mouth. François assumes the position by spreading his legs and is the first to submit to Tony’s intense fuck. After he’s been pounded to submission, Francois and Darius swap positions, and it’s Darius’s turn to submit to Tony’s skillful ass fucking while François, crouching over his head, covers the two in a torrent of his steamy hot piss. Soon Darius and François are both lying on their back on the edge of the open cab of the truck, legs in the air, as Tony bounces back and forth fucking and pissing all over the two of them. Tony fucks two strong loads out of his two bottoms and then shoots one himself before they collapse on each other, spent and satisfied.
35  minutes
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In his explosive debut, TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff and Tober Brandt hunt down Derek Da Silva in the wilderness. When they finally get him, they tackle him to the ground, tying his arms behind his back. They viciously throat-fuck their eager servant so hard he gags several times until he finally throws up on Tober’s thick, hard cock. This hardly deters Derek, as he takes a deep breath and goes down for more intense face-fucking. After fucking, pissing and cumming on him, Tony and Tober are just getting starting to have their way with Derek, who’s eager to be used and abused by these rough, tough-talking tops. “You’re in for it now, boy!” Tony warns Derek as he hoists him upside down over a pool of icy water. He’s completely naked and completely bound up with rope with his arms tied behind his back, as he tenuously swings over the pool, Tober and Tony pissing on him and punching him like he’s some sort of human piñata. Despite hard punches to his balls and stomach, Derek’s cock remains rock hard though out the entire scene. With the skill of a true bondage master, Tony lowers Derek head-first into the water! Still suspended and bound, Tony jerks Derek off until he cums, with his juice streaming down his bound body and into his own mouth. Then Tony and Tober shoot (again) all over their willing captive.
45  minutes
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Corrections Officer Vinnie D’Angelo brings inmate Alex Baresi before Officer Tony Buff in the interrogation room. Tony is furious at his informant for not delivering something he’d promised. After stripping Alex down and delivering several hard blows to his stomach, Vinnie pries open Alex’s mouth while Tony mouth-fucks him. After Tony and Vinnie trade blowjobs, they throw Alex across a table; Vinnie stuffs his mouth and Tony dives into his furry, round ass with his probing tongue and fingers. Vinnie gets the honor of opening Alex’s ass up first with his cock; the huge muscled stud delivers several hard blows to Alex’s hungry hole with his hard cock. Tony stands over Alex and feeds Vinnie his cock while Vinnie’s fucking Tony. Tony kicks Vinnie out so he can continue with his interrogation one-on-one; he flips Alex over onto his back and pisses all over him, drenching his hairy, muscular body with a seemingly endless spray. Tony then powerfucks his prisoner, holding Alex by his nips while he pile-drives his ass hard. Vinnie’s been watching and jerking off from behind the one-way mirror in the other room, but he can barely contain himself and manages to sneak back in to join back in on the action. After a deep fucking with plenty of long, hard thrusts, both Tony and Alex spray fat cum loads all over each other. Tony flips Alex over onto all fours and lubes up his ass for some intense assplay that begins with his fingers and then moves to with a fat black dildo that’s about as long as a nightstick but easily twice as thick. After working it in slowly at first, Tony builds up speed with each thrust, slamming the whole damn thing in and out of Alex’s seemingly unstoppable ass. Tony then n throws on a pair of gloves and fists him deep; his hand and then arm disappearing into Alex’s ass almost up to his elbow. All three shoot their loads ... get dressed and then get on with their day.
39  minutes
Content & Stars...
Superstar Tony Buff is one of the hottest hung tops ever to grace the screen! His handsome face, masculine body and big cock make him one of the most requested TitanMen superstars of all times! Now for the first time ever his very best performances are gathered together in a limited edition movie. Going Rogue features five scenes of the best man-on-man sex and hours of ass-pounding action starring TitanMen exclusives Francois Sagat, Darius Falke, JR Matthews, Tober Brandt, Will Parker, Alex Baressi and more!

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