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Gonzo 1

Gonzo 1
William Higgins
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123 min
Czech Rep.

William Higgins

    all models over 18    
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Boris Mateo

Ivan Bartok

Jirka Gregor

Lukas Pika

Milan Vokoun

Pavel Matous

Radim Vokoun

Robert Novy

As young soldier Robert Novy is packing his kit bag along comes uniformed Jirka Gregor ‘armed’ with a video camera. As Robert shows Jirka the contents of his kit bag – a black dildo and condoms are found. As Jirka records the whole thing on camera he instructs Robert to undress. The soldiers suck each other’s cocks and Jirka ‘loosens’ Robert’s tight hole slightly with the dildo before fucking him in a variety of positions. Much of the material is that shot by Jirka Gregor himself.
26  minutes
Boris is outside ‘armed’ with his microphone and video camera looking for a new victim or playmate - depending on your point of view! He meets and persuades blonde Pavel Matous to come to his studio for some fun. After they suck each other, Boris works Pavel’s hole with his finger first and then with a black butt plug. Boris’s juicy cock is soon sliding deep in and out of the apparently willing Pavel. As Boris fucks him harder and harder, Pavel is soon imploring Boris to slow down or stop! Pavel eventually cums while he is being fucked by Boris. Pavel himself takes the camera to capture Boris’s cum shot all over his stomach.
30  minutes
Boris is out on the prowl again looking for his next playmate – armed with his video camera as usual. He soon spots handsome Lukas Pika standing by the famous Charles Bridge in Prague. Boris soon gets him back in the studio for a little innocent fun! Lukas’s mouth is soon giving Boris’s fat cock a good work out but fairly quickly Boris has Lukas’s hole in his sights. It’s soon Lukas’s arse-hole that is getting the good work out – not that Lukas is complaining! Lukas comes first over himself while Boris records it on video and then Lukas takes his turn to hold the camera while Boris shoots his load over Lukas.
20  minutes
Here we have hunky Ivan Bartok in the Studio already, being shot on video camera by the ever horny Boris. Ivan is soon out of his clothes posing for Boris and the precum just starts oozing out of Ivan as Boris manhandles Ivan’s swollen cock. Boris restricts himself this time to just sucking on Ivan’s cock and even this is enough to bring Ivan to boiling point as he shoots his load over his stomach. Boris seems to be pleased with the out-cum too!
23  minutes
Three frustrated cameramen from the studio are out on the prowl for fresh models to video when just as they are about to give up for the day – sex mad brothers Milan and Radim Vokoun walk into the square. They don’t take much persuading to accompany our 3 photographers back to the studio. The brothers’ cocks are rock hard already as their clothes come off and they suck each other. The photographers are soon in on the action as Lukas sucks Milan and Boris sucks Radim – very quickly though Lukas is fucking Milan while Boris is fucking Radim. This pairing is maintained through a number of positions until both the brothers and the photographers cum. Milan cums while Lukas is still fucking him!
24  minutes
In these 'Gonzo' sessions, our cameraman is having sex with the model and with his unique perspective - you can't get much closer to a model than being deep inside him after all - you really get to see their faces and reactions to what is going on. It's almost like holding the camera yourself sometimes!

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