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Grease Guns

Grease Guns
Studio 2000
  • Anal Sex
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
94 min

John Travis

    all models over 18    
© 1994 Studio 2000. All Rights Reserved

Aiden Shaw
Chip Daniels
Cody Foster
Daryl Brock
Dave Logan

Donnie Russo
Kurt Wolffe
Marco Rossi
Sean Davis

Aiden Shaw, Daryl Brock and Sean Davis are the kind of men who are in demand. They`re self-confident with take-charge attitudes and a follow-through that never disappoints. And each has equipment plus. We`re talking big. These guys` GREASE GUNS are whoppers--slick and shiny with slimy lubrication proudly thrusting out from hot and hairy groins; steal-hard pistons searching for a dry hole to juice up. These are men from the Empire where the sun never sets who are expert at working where the sun never shines.
19  minutes
Content & Stars...
It`s early morning at the Palmer Repair Shop. Head mechanic Aiden Shaw arrives with the idea of working on his own car. He discovers that the newly hired Donny Russo is already there with his own car on the lift. Donny offers to help Aiden with his car, if Aiden will help him finish the work on Donny`s car. It seems like a good idea until the two men come into body contact. Car needs are forgotten as body needs take over and a searing search for sexual fulfillment ensues. Big, hard, leaking sex tools battle for attention as these two studs struggle to drive the juices out of each other.
21  minutes
Content & Stars...
A little later shop manager, Cody Foster, arrives followed shortly thereafter by the remainder of the staff. Assignments are made and everyone goes to work. That afternoon, Sean Davis delivers a car back to customer, Dave Logan. Sean finds Dave in his bathroom enjoying his Jacuzzi/bathtub. It doesn`t take more than a moment for Sean to realize that the customer needs service far more than the car did. And that`s what Mr. Logan gets. Service. With a smile. A grin. A leer. And a big whooper. When Dave sees Sean`s big lubricator, there`s a shutter of excitement that`s followed by a leer of lust and the determination to leave no stone undrained. These two really have at it and ifs all that the camera can do to keep up. Dave and Sean know what sex is all about and each gives his best to carry them to the highest high possible. The results are awesome.
16  minutes
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Evening finds Daryl "Dick of Death" Brock stranded out in the country with Kurt Wolffe and Kurt`s malfunctioning truck. The truck may not be working but Daryl is and when Kurt complains that he is missing all the fun in town, Daryl proceeds to show him a view of country pleasures that will undoubtedly cover pages and pages of Kurt`s diary. Daryl`s dick is a sex lover`s dream. Thick, long and everhard, it seems to grow harder and bigger when it finds a hole to plow and plunder. Kurt`s first feeling may be a little moment of pain but that doesn`t compare with the many minutes of pleasure these two share.
14  minutes
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Still later that evening, Cody meets with Marco Rossi, the shop`s owner. Marco has been thinking of closing the shop but a little friendly persuasion from Cody convinces Marco that clean living with an uptown wife really can`t compare with getting down and dirty with a man who knows how to give as he takes. ... More
24  minutes
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Need your chassis overhauled? Have we got the guys for you!! Need a tune-up? Pistons recalibrated? Pipes blown out? System rewired? Fuel pump unblocked? Battery recharged? Oil changed? A really good fuck? Our guys have the equipment and know-how to do it all-and do it expertly. They`re waiting down at the Palmer Repair Shop. GREASE GUNS auto/body specialists have just what you`re looking for.

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