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The Guys Next Door Part Two

The Guys Next Door Part Two
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
120 min



    all models over 18    
© 2011 Christopher Ward Enterprises. All Rights Reserved

Andrew Jakk
Brandon Lewis
Donny Wright
Landon Conrad

Marcus Mojo
Paul Wagner
Rod Daily
Trystan Bull

26  minutes
26  minutes
15  minutes
25  minutes
28  minutes
Falcon Studios presents the most spectacular cast in The Guys Next Door Part Two. This stud-filled collaboration between Falcon Studios and Next Door Studios, is directed by award winners, Chris Ward and Steve Cruz, who keep the focus on the steamy sex. These grade-A+ stars are all staying at a sexy getaway, and you get a front row view of the serious action that takes place there. If these guys lived next door to you, you would want to stay home all day and watch to see what fiery action takes place next. This is the biggest all-megastar cast ever assembled, providing you with hours of pleasure.

Marcus Mojo is having a morning swim and Landon Conrad is sunning himself on the edge of the pool. A suggestive compliment from Marcus to Landon is all it takes to get the two picture-perfect studs going. After some heavy making out, Marcus pulls Landon`s stiff rod out of his underwear and begins to give a cocksucking worthy of gold medals. Who wouldn`t want to have this amazing piece of man flesh in his mouth? Landon wants to show off his rimming skills on Marcus`s fine, sweet ass. They`ve traded places and Marcus sits on the edge of the pool giving Landon a perfect view. Between bouts of mad licking and probing with his tongue, Landon takes water in his mouth and spits it on Marcus`s manhole until it is well prepared to take Landon`s perfect cock. Marcus bends over and Landon starts hitting Marcus`s spot right away. Soon, Landon`s pounding away to the enjoyment and pleasure of Marcus, who flips over so we can see his ripped abs while Landon slams away. Marcus jerks a wad of jizz out while Landon`s deep inside him and Landon follows suit shortly after.

Super tanned, Rod Daily knocks on the door of Paul Wagner`s getaway and asks who`s there. When Paul tells him he`s alone and closes the door, Rod gets right down to business. They make out for a spell and then head to Paul`s room. After a bit more sucking face and groping each other, Rod`s shorts come off, and Paul heads downtown for some dick. He`s on his knees showing praise to Rod`s remarkably built body and meaty cock and balls. Paul`s shorts come off too and Rod bends over the sofa to let Paul continue the praise on his smooth, round ass. Paul`s praise continues with the excited tongue probing of Rod`s hole, which is ready for Paul`s wide load. Paul pummels Rod`s hole repeatedly, showing serious topping prowess. The action flips when Paul flips over on his back puts his legs in the air and takes a pounding from Rod. Ramming away as Paul jerks, Rod dares Paul to shoot a huge load, but Paul waits until Rod unleashes a thick load onto his hand. After that, Paul shoots several long streams of cum onto his nicely trimmed hairy chest.

Emerging from the hot tub, Trystan Bull strokes his cock through his undies. Pulling them down, he starts to stroke his fine uncut man meat admiring it -- what`s not to admire. It is one of the hottest pieces on the planet -- long, thick and meaty with a great head covered with the perfect amount of foreskin. He`s not the only one who is admiring it. Marcus Mojo watches from a distance and Trystan notices, smiles at Marcus and starts to show off a little. Now, Marcus knows it`s his chance to get a taste of the hot cock attached to Trystan`s hard body. He swallows it down, working it head to base and coating it with saliva. If sucking cock was a sport, Marcus would hold all the titles. It`s quite possible that he can take a cock in his throat better than any living man, and his prize for this round of cock sucking is major squirts of cum shooting out of Trystan`s cock. Pleased with his performance, Marcus congratulates himself by squeezing out a load as well.

Brandon Lewis and Donny Wright finish a swim, come out of the pool and start to make out. They cooled off in the pool, but they immediately get heated again, rubbing each other`s torsos and stroking dicks through underwear. Pulling down Brandon`s boxer briefs, Donny goes down on Brandon`s stiff, substantial dick. Hungry for the thick meat, Donny eats it up, and Brandon is happy to feed his swim mate. Brandon is famished too, and it`s not long before he`s snacking on Donny`s swollen stick. Big blond Brandon`s mouth isn`t the only thing that`s hungry, his ass is equally in need of filling, so he lays back and let`s Donny deliver his meat round back. With his rock hard cock in his hand, Brandon encourages Donny to really give it to him good. Stroke for stroke, Donny pounds away, causing Brandon`s eyes to roll back in sensual approval. Bending over and showing Donny his hot round ass, Brandon asks for more. Donny fulfills his request until he reaches climax and shoots a pool of cum onto Brandon`s lower back. Brandon follows suit by jerking a load into the swimming pool.

Trystan Bull applies sunscreen and massages into his naked exquisitely defined body. He`s a vision: muscled and handsome with a movie star face, plump lips and a cock worthy of worship. Rubbing himself down with sunscreen gets him excited and leads his hands to his dick, which he strokes to attention. Then he realizes he missed his back side and he applies more, rubbing it into his hard ass cheeks, which moves him to stroke himself some more. Andrew Jakk notices that Trystan is flying solo from the other side of the pool, and he can`t leave him to take care of himself. Andrew wants to help out, so he quickly makes his way over to Trystan and wraps his lips around the Bull`s horn. Andrew blows Trystan`s horn so well that he inspires a symphony of moans. Trystan wants to see how Andrew`s mouth performs on his ass, so he gets on all fours, and Andrew laps away. Trystan groans in approval again, but he really wants to see if Andrew can truly take the Bull by the horn. He bends Andrew over on all fours and inserts his humongous cock into Andrew`s tight butt. Andrew certainly can take it -- every inch. Once Andrew passes the test, Trystan lies on his back and lets Andrew really ride the Bull, reverse cowboy style -- letting you see every bit enter Andrew as Trystan thrusts his hips up into Andrew and Andrew bounces up and down on his cock. Andrew shoots a hot load out while sucking on Trystan`s cock and that sends Trystan over the top as he shoots on Andrew`s face

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