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Kristen Bjorn
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Chainfucking
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
139 min

Tom Bradford

    all models over 18    
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Attila Rajnay

David Bathory

Fabrice Felder

Igor Viard

Jeremy Sheldon

Pavel Nemec

Roberto Giorgio

Tamas Eszterhazy

Zoltan Erdey

Daniel Kilmer
Gabor Bacso
Ivan Gregorovich
Peter Tomanek
Rob Parker
Steve Toth

The first sex scene is set in a warehouse that is headquarters for the undercover cops. At first, the weary agents (Igor Gregorovich and Tamas Esterhazy, both well-toned brunets) are not eager to take the assignment, but after the top cop (blond Peter Tomanek, a longtime veteran from the first wave of porn to come out of Eastern Europe) suggests a little R&R, and his assistant (the enticing Jeremy Shelton) urges them on, all dive into one of the hottest scenes Bradford has ever devised. Pulsating with a passion and sexual aggressiveness, each of the four somehow manages to keep his mouth, hands, cock and asshole busy at all times. Everyone`s airborne, uncut cock and unshaved asshole is orally serviced at one time or another by everyone else, and the anal action, a cyclone of different positions, rhythms and noisy groans, finds Tomanek and Shelton carrying the lion`s share of topman duties and Esterhazy readily bottoming for the three others. Tomanek and Shelton bring each other off by hand, and the other two take care of themselves.
18  minutes
As the two agents infiltrate the work force at the hangar, elsewhere, a group of bad guy computer whizzes (blond Ron Parker, tattooed Daniel Kilmer and tall brunet newcomer Pavel Nemec) struggle to break the security coding of the latest disc. Like the cops, they are also weary and overworked, and like the cops, they decide to take an R&R break. As an overhead fan casts rippling shadows over their rippling muscles, the super-macho trio hurtles into a hurricane of sex, the eye of which is the ever-dependable Kilmer, who drives the scene with his uninhibited sucking and ass-eating. The anal action begins with a train fuck (Nemec into Kilmer into Parker) and spins through any number of inventive positions in which Kilmer reveals his usual unbridled versatility, Parker proves to be an intense power bottom, and Nemec instantly establishes his credentials as a topnotch top-man. All remain hard throughout, and each whips off a stormy money shot.
18  minutes
Meanwhile, anundercover Esterhazy is invited to join the mechanics after work at a local boxing gym. There he asks a few discreet questions, learns that Viard is the only one allowed in the cockpit of incoming planes and soon realizes that two of the other workers (tall, lanky Felice Felder and an astonishingly adept newcomer, Gabor Bacso) are coming onto him. Soon the gloves are off, and they are kissing, caressing and groping right there in the ring. The long-tradey Felder has, in recent films, developed quite a gift for mansex, and Esterhazy delivers another torrid bottom-man turn. But it is Bacso who steals focus, first as one of the few Eastern European deep-throatists and then as a totally versatile analist. The relentlessly arousing action is filled with kissing, rimming, ingeniously choreographed fucking and messy money shots.
21  minutes
When the cops learn that Viard has a thing for well-built bodybuilders, they send in another "mechanic trainee" (the well-pumped Roberto Giorgio), and indeed Viard is turned on, inviting him to dinner the night of his first day on the job. This does not set well with Viard`s former lover (Attila Rajnay, a veritable mountain of muscles), who later attempts to rekindle their romance. They start to go at it in a corner of the gym and are soon joined by another muscleman (floppy-haired brunet Pavel Nemec) for another sweat-soaked three-way. Viard is an insatiable sex dog, passionately kissing, skillfully sucking and ravenously rimming both the others, who reciprocate in kind. Big, butch Rajnay turns out to be mostly a big, butch bottom; Viard repeatedly demonstrates his passive-aggressive skills; and Nemec fucks them both in myriad configurations. The money shots are awesome too, especially Rajnay`s five-spurter.
24  minutes
The computer guys eventually break the code, and Kilmer delivers the disc to their airport connection, a supervisor (salt-and-pepper-haired Zoltan Erdey) who will pass it on to Viard. But industrial espionage, no matter how urgent, can wait for a bit of a celebration that also includes Erdey`s assistant (skinhead Steve Toth). All three are superb kissers, rimmers and head-givers (Erdey and Toth also being deep-throating rarities), but the largest part of the scene is devoted to fucking on a large wooden crate. There Kilmer and Toth takes turns fucking each other, and Erdey fucks them both. Their pop shot puddles are notable too.
28  minutes
The final scene is between Igor and Roberto. They have just finished the dinner Igor has prepared and have now retired to the bedroom for dessert. Roberto is the best known of all the performers and for a very good reason: he is built, he is gorgeous, he is versatile. Its a romantic scene. Igor has prepared it well with candelabra strategically placed. They are interrupted only by a phone callwhich Roberto overhearstelling Igor the next drop will occur in the hangar tomorrow at two. Naked on the bed, they make love. Not only does Roberto fuck Igor, but Igor also fucks Roberto. As it watched them I realized that one can have threesomes, foursomes, even orgies; but the hottest sex occurs with just two guys. Two guys who are hot and into one another. Igor and Roberto are. We were made to anticipate this scene and it does not disappoint.
30  minutes
This latest tour-de-force from Hungary`s Tom Bradford is a knock-out! Based on industrial espionage, see what measures the secret police in Eastern Europe will use to get their men! With a cast of 15 of the hottest men in Hungary, six sizzling sex scenes, and a two hour running time, HANGAR will have you coming back again and again!

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