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Handful of Faith

Handful of Faith
Club Inferno
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136 min

Tom Moore

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Adrian Hart

Dale Savage

Drew Sebastian

Sherman Maus

Wrex Wylde

Devin Franco

Devin Franco and Sherman Maus waste on time in finding the spirit and playing with their erections! The two begin making out in the church pew and rubbing each other’s cocks before Sherman quickly gets Devin out of his pants and drops to his knees to worship Devin`s cock! It doesn`t take long for Sherman to turn Devin around, eat his ass and bend him over and shove his throbbing cock up Devin`s ass! Sherman gives Devin a hard fuck and then slowly begins shoving his hand up Devin`s ass with his cock still in him! Once Devin`s hole is nice and open, he sits on Sherman`s hand while Sherman sucks his cock! The two really go at it, Sherman punching Devin`s hole with his fist until Devin`s shoots a hot load all over his stomach!
27  minutes
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Devin Franco and Sherman Maus begin making out, but it isn`t too long before Devin is choking on Sherman`s cock. Devin shows off his deep throating skills working Sherman`s shaft and then bends him over to get a taste of Sherman`s ass. After Devin gets his fill of Sherman`s sweet ass Devin stands up and shoves his cock deep into Sherman`s hungry hole and gives him one hell of a pounding! Sherman can`t wait for Devin`s hand and moans to Jesus for Devin to give his sloppy hole more! Devin begins to punch Sherman`s hole one hand at a time and then spills Sherman around to show off Sherman`s hot cock while bouncing up and down on Devin`s hand. Devin puts Sherman on his back, legs to the air and punches Sherman`s hole until Sherman can`t take it anymore and goes into complete ecstasy and cums a huge load.
20  minutes
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Adrian Hart leads Sherman Maus and Wrex Wylde in group prayer before leading them into sucking his big cock! Wrex is the first to drop to his knees, not to repent, but to please! Wrex begins working on Sherman`s cock as Sherman and Adrian make-out, but, as the sucking and kisses intensifies, Sherman takes control of Wrex`s ass bending him over the church pew and plowing his ass while Wrex deep throats Adrian`s giant cock! Sherman takes the lead and pounds Wrex`s hole and opens him up for Adrian`s fist! As Adrian begins fisting Wrex, his hole begins to open up more and more eventually having Adrian fucking him hard with both hands inside Wrex`s hungry hole. Adrian and Sherman then take turns punching Wrex`s hole as Wrex is propped up on the church pew with his rosebud in full bloom. As Adrian and Sherman both slide their fists into Wrex producing an intense orgasm and mega-load!
29  minutes
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Wrex Wylde, Adrian Hart and Sherman Maus begin with a three way kiss, but that doesn`t last long! The men quickly line up in a fist fucking frenzy with Wrex fisting Sherman and Sherman fisting Adrian! As the passion of the fisting intensifies, Sherman lays on his back on the church pew as Wrex beings opening his hole with his fist and Adrian sits on Sherman’s hand. Wrex has both Adrian and Sherman bend over the pew and begins relentlessly punching and gaping the two guys holes before throwing both guys on their backs and fisting them simultaneously until they both cum!
24  minutes
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Drew Sebastian seeks forgiveness, and Dale Savage allows him to confess all his sins and desires. Dale drops to his knees, sucking Drew`s giant cock and eating his firm hairy man ass! Having Drew`s asshole wet and hungry, Dale slides his cock inside him while Drew is bent over the church pew and singing his praises. Ass wide open, Drew welcomes Dale’s big church praying hands up his asshole. Drew then uses the church pew to balance his ass on Dale`s arm as he bounces his hole up and down on Dale`s fist before laying back and getting punched to completion.
24  minutes
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It`s Dale Savage, the religious leader of ‘Handful of Faith’ that allows Drew Sebastian to take a plunge into his holy hole. Drew immediately bends Father Savage over the pew and begins warming his hole up before going wrist-deep in his ass! As Dale`s ass revels in the fisting, he stands on the pew and shows how much more he can take! Drew is really getting off and getting Father Savage off, so he has the Father lay down on the pew as he fists Dale`s hole and finishes him off, divinely inspiring a cum shower!
13  minutes
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Every Sunday, the religious pigs of `Handful of Faith` church come together to get on their knees, practice prayer and stuff gaping holes. From the twisted mind of fetish director Tom Moore, comes the kinkiest, most get-on-your-knees-and-pray fuck-fest starring six religious fist hunks worshiping the fist gods. In the first scene, Devin Franco and Sherman Maus waste no time in finding the spirit and Devin`s g-spot as Sherman fists Devin`s hole to completion. Devin then returns the favor double fisting Sherman`s hole and making him cum huge. After leading a prayer group at ‘Handful of Faith’, Adrian Hart then leads Sherman Maus and Wrex Wylde into a steamy three way with Wrex Wylde`s hole being worshiped and used for all its glory. With church still in service, Wrex bends both Adrian and Sherman over the pew and punches both men’s holes in the name of God, having both men cum while Wrex`s fists are inside both of them, at the same time; praise be! Drew Sebastian seeks confession and Dale Savage listens as Drew confesses all his sins and desires. What does he desire? Married men and being penetrated! Finally, it`s Father Dale Savage`s turn to have his hole wrecked by devout parishioner Drew Sebastian. As Drew begins to confess his sins and desires, it`s clear that he was seeking Father Savage out for a divine purpose. When you’re ready to get more religious, you can count on the men of ‘Handful of Faith’ church guiding you on your fisting journey!

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