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Hard as Wood

Hard as Wood
Raging Stallion
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151 min

Chris Ward, Michael Brandon

    all models over 18    
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Chuck DiRocco

Colin West

Francois Sagat

Joey Russo

Michael Brandon

Mike Power

Nick Piston

Rafael Alencar

Sean Harris

After cruising each other in the field, Michael Brandon leads François Sagat down into the forest to a dried up river bed--a private and relaxing place that is perfect for one of those Monster Bang plow-fuckings that always make the record books! The two men strip and start with one of the best blowjob scenes of all time. Massive loads of hot, white cum fire from both cocks, but each man wants more and François immediately bends over and takes Michael`s throbbing cock to the hilt! Two fantastic fuck positions later and orgasmic screams can be heard throughout the woods! As a side note, the guys in this Monster Bang Feature were so loud that neighbors for miles around called the property to see if everything was ok! We let them know that we were not killing anyone, just fucking them into oblivion!
33  minutes
Content & Stars...
Mike tells of two punks who live on a farm--both guys are covered in tats and really should be fucking in an urban back alley. But they are Redneck to the core so you can only find them out under the Sierra sky. Once the scene begins we see a familiar face--its Raging Stallion Regular Nick Piston, that streetwise punk who knows how to take a cock up his ass like a man. His partner is Chuck DiRocco. Chuck is a macho man--a major piece of tattooed man-meat with a cock the size of a bloated cucumber. The oral sex is fantastic, with both guys taking load after load down their throats! And they will need all that protein to get thru the hours of fucking ahead of them!
34  minutes
Content & Stars...
Sean gets a blowjob that showcases his magnificent torso, his smile telling us all that Englishmen give great head! But Mike wants more, so he turns his Marlboro Man around and eats his ass, diving in to warm up his catch for a nice afternoon fuck. Mike throws Sean in the wheel barrel and delivers a pounding that reverberates thru the trees. Then, for another fucking position, they jump on a tractor and fuck and fuck and fuck until daylight begins to fade...Cumshots at Sundown could be the name of this excellent scene...
21  minutes
Content & Stars...
Rafael Alencar was working on a ranch in Brazil one day, chopping wood with wonderfully-tattooed Colin West (a frequent Playgirl model). Rafael, as most of you know, is one of the hottest fuckers on earth (we thank Studio 2000 for loaning us their top star for this important shoot). Rafael and Colin are both sex pigs, and they decide to take the afternoon off for something better than stacking logs... blowjob starts the scene--but not your normal, everyday blowjob. You see, Rafael has a Monster Bang-sized cock--and it is so thick that few men on earth can fully take it (on either end!!!). But Colin likes to have goals, and he rises to the occasion, taking Rafael`s massive dick for all he is worth. Suddenly Rafael blows his load in his own leather work glove, and slaps Colin hard across the face! You have to see it to believe it. This scene may very well end up in nomination for best sex scene of 2005.
25  minutes
Content & Stars...
François Sagat, is Raging Stallion`s new superstud exclusive. François is about as hot as it gets--a 24 year old with a perfect (and we mean PERFECT!!!) body that should really be in fashion modeling. He has striking features, a bubble butt beyond belief, a beautiful cock, and the torso of a Roman God. He is the box cover model, so each of you should check him out!
9  minutes
Content & Stars...
Finally we get to see the two campfire buddies blow their loads, and you think the movie is over. But when Joey Russo appears out of the darkness, you know that the best is yet to come! Joey, one of California`s most voracious sex pigs, chows down on both cocks before him, taking each dick all the way down his greedy gullet. If you have seen Michael Brandon`s cock, you know that this means Joey has very real talent! Fucking in a variety of positions in front of the campfire, Joey can`t get enough as he bounces back and forth between his two tops. The verbal abuse is great and Joey squeals like a pig on a spit! The fucking here is dramatic and we all feel that this is the best performance of Joey Russo`s career.
29  minutes
Content & Stars...
2007 GAYVN WINNER - Performer of the Year - François Sagat

Winner of 2007 Gold VOD Award

Sex in the great outdoors! Sun, fresh air, trees, and humpy country men with bulging jeans and muscular chests...this is what the good life is made of. Country life is hard work, but sweat and strain build perfect bodies. And who could be better than a bunch of corn-fed American studs who aim to deliver every possible sexual pleasure?

Guys, this is an movie of Titantic proportions--a huge effort from Raging Stallion Studios and possibly the best outdoor all-male erotic movie of the past five years. Hard as Wood will be an instant classic and it once again demonstrates that Raging Stallion Studios is America`s top producer of gay erotica! This really is a huge movie--with more huge cocks and deeper, desperate holes than you can possibly imagine. Even we porno pros have to admit this movie is over-the-top and delivers some of the best fucking available anywhere, any time, any place. And most of the scenes feature multiple cum shots!

That’s right! These guys blow load after load, draining each other`s heavy sperm tanks of every last drop of precious fluid. For all fans of Michael Brandon, this film is an absolute must own--it is the highpoint of his amazing career and will go down in the record books as the finest Raging Stallion movie of 2005. We filmed Hard as Wood on our 55-acre ranch in northern California, a scene of fantastic beauty. Cum enjoy our back-woods sex romp and blow a load with us!


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