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Hard Brit Lads Vol 4 DILFs

Hard Brit Lads Vol 4 DILFs
Hard Brit Lads
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66 min

Simon Booth

    all models over 18    
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Craig Daniel

Hans Berlin

Sergi Rodriguez

Yohann Banks

Sam Porter

Northern skin head muscle man Sam Porter chills on the sofa with director Simon Booth giving a quick interview, his gruff accented voice already turning on the viewers, taking in his muscled inked physique and big hairy legs, tanned from beneath the sports vest and nylon shorts. Soon standing up and rubbing his growing bulge for us, showing off his hairy pits and nips as he looks directly into the camera and out to us. Peeling off the sports kit, the hunky man has a nice hairy chest and stomach, and when he whips out his giant dick, things just reach a whole new level of horniness! When he lays back on the sofa, his thick shaft directly in the view of the camera taking up the whole screen, he works his shaft hard so he builds up a hot sweat and his balls bounce, ready to unload a thick stream of spunk over the older man’s gym fit body.
13  minutes
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Standing proud in his sports vest and shorts, Hans Berlin is already feeling frisky as the camera closes in on his lightly hairy body, showing off his big chest with some tufts of blond hair, peeling off his clothes for us to enjoy! Working on his juicy looking dick, the pre-cum oozes out of this beefy guy and he loves it! Resting back on the couch and enjoying the feeling of pulling on his own dick, Hans looks directly down the camera to us, knowing how much we must be enjoying this show too. He`s not wrong!
13  minutes
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Muscle daddy Yohann Banks has one sexy Eastern accent and watching him relax on the sofa talking about how he wants to get even bigger, work on his arms and pecs is heaven already and he hasn`t even taken his sports kit off yet! Interview over and standing in front of us as he peels the nylon off his huge frame, the hairy chested hunk with a shaved head sensually rubs his bulging body, rubbing in oil to shine up those muscles even more, not forgetting his hairy legs too! Lubing up his rock hard dick as well, Yohann has the whole package and his body tensing as his climaxes is pure porn gold.
12  minutes
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Great things come in small packages, and with the short but damn sweet Sergi Rodriguez this couldn`t be truer. The muscled Latino, tattooed, hairy chested and beefy as hell is one horny man to sit back and enjoy. Watch him strip off his sports vest and shorts and play with his delicious looking dick, all whilst looking down the camera directly at you, almost as if he can see you jacking off along with him! His bulging muscles rippling as he nears himself to a hot sweaty and creamy climax!
15  minutes
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Top fucker Craig gives us a hot teasing interview relaxing on the sofa with director Simon Booth, showing off his hairy legs and arms in his sports vest and shorts. his hot English accent and penchant for playing rugby is a perfect intro to the tall hairy man who sports an amazingly huge dick from his toned slim frame! Pulling it out from his shorts and stripping butt naked for us, we are soon obsessing over his massive meat which he`s already told us he likes to pump into hot eager bottoms! Relaxing back on the sofa, the hairy stud plays softly with his stiff dick, rolling his foreskin back and forth over himself, smooth balls making way for the naturally hairy crotch and legs is a sight to get everyone twitching in their pants, and the load he unleashes is something else entirely!
13  minutes
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Seeing hot older men in sports kit out around town or at the local gym or sports ground is a sure way to get your dick twitching, and the guys at Hard Brit Lads know exactly how this feels. Bringing 5 of the hottest DILFs together for a solo jerkoff fest in their fourth volume. Featuring Northern skin head daddy Sam Porter and tall dark and hung Craig Daniel among others, these daddies stand over you as they strip their kit off, oil up their muscled hairy bodies and whip out their juicy dicks for our pure pleasure. They move to the sofa and their hips start bucking as they near their climax, giving us creamy load after creamy load to enjoy.

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