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Head Hunters Two

Head Hunters Two
Hot House
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81 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Blu Kennedy

CJ Madison

Derrek Diamond

Ross Hurston

Trevor Knight

Andrew Justice
Paul Wagner
Vince Ferelli

Loyal employees Trevor Knight and Blu Kennedy are staying after-hours to go over some monthly reports. Knowing that the other Head Hunters are gone home they decide to stay even later to really get down to business. Knight opens his business slacks and pulls out his 10+ inch cock for Kennedy to suck. Kennedy slips out of his trousers, freeing his swinging meat and big round ass. After a fierce rim job, Knight plows his co-worker`s tight pink hole. Kennedy blows first then nurses a giant load out of Knight!
20  minutes
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Project Manager Ross Hurston tells Derrek Diamond that he`s been worried about meeting their deadline on the current job. When Diamond tells him he`s completed the job and everything is okay Hurston rewards him by unzipping and whipping out his fat cock. Diamond gets to work on the helmet-head, giving his boss an intense blow job. Hurston strips his young employee and sucks his cock before flipping him over to eat his ass. Once Diamond`s hole is lubed and ready, Hurston really shows him who`s boss, fucking him long and deep on the conference table.
19  minutes
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Admin Assistant C.J. Madison mistakenly thinks his boss Paul Wagner has left for lunch so he goes online for his afternoon porn fix. When Mr. Wagner comes out of his office he finds C.J. stroking his huge cock and he`s pissed! Rather than write him up, Wagner decides to get down on his knees and suck Madison`s cock. Wagner pulls out his own cock and stands up so Madison can suck him off. Next the ass-hungry Madison flips his boss over and eats his hole, getting it lose and wet for his huge cock. Madison towers over Wagner as he shoves his huge tool in his ass. Madison drills Wagner long and hard until they both blow their loads all over the desk!
20  minutes
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Andrew Justice shows up for an appointment at Head Hunters, Inc. only to learn that everyone is out of the office for an all day conference. Well, everyone except for receptionist Vince Ferelli. When Justice explains that his train doesn`t leave for a couple of hours Ferelli has a great idea how to kill some time. He starts by opening Justice`s dress slacks, pulling out his huge cock and sucking it. After fucking his face Justice turns his attention to Ferelli`s muscular ass. He gives him a wet rim job then bends him over the desk and power-fucks his hole! From there Justice throws Ferelli on the floor to service him before rolling him over onto his shoulders to fuck him deep. Both businessmen pound their huge cocks until they blow thick white loads.
22  minutes
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Whether you`re looking for work or have a position that needs filling come to Head Hunters. This team of hot young executive recruiters can`t wait to get out of their suits and ties and get to work. Going to the office has never been as much fun as in Head Hunters Two!

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