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Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke
Hot House
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  • Rimming
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77 min



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Johnny Ryder

Angel Rock
Brandon Jones
Connor Kline
Jimmy Durano

Landon Conrad
Marcus Ruhl
Trenton Ducati

Landon Conrad escapes the 100 degree heat by taking a dive in the resort pool but when he pulls himself out of the refreshing water next to Jimmy Durano things really heat up. The muscular hunks kiss while Landon massages the bulge growing in Jimmy`s swimsuit. As soon as Jimmy pulls out his thick uncut Latin cock Landon greedily takes it in his mouth and swallows it to the base. Landon`s expert tongue and hot mouth nearly drive Jimmy to the brink but he pushes the hungry cocksucker off his dick and goes down on Landon instead. Jimmy bobs up and down on Landon`s huge meat until he`s ready to fuck. He lies on his back with his rock-hard cock standing up in the air; an invitation Landon finds impossible to refuse. He sits down on Jimmy`s rigid tool and rides him hard then gets on all fours so Jimmy can plow him even deeper. Jimmy pummels Landon`s big round ass then pulls out and shoots all over the hunk`s back. Landon rolls over and jacks a load out of his own dick and blows.
16  minutes
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Johnny Ryder spends the afternoon doing his two favorite things: swimming and fucking his boyfriend Brandon Jones. The muscular hunk jumps out of the pool and goes to his room where he finds Brandon asleep and naked on the bed. Johnny wakes him by massaging Brandon`s big bubble-butt and sucking on his fat uncut cock. Now wide awake, Brandon pushes Johnny onto his back so he can feast on Ryder`s big dick. The juicy blow job drives Johnny to the edge but he`s not ready to blow yet; he needs to get his fuck on. He throws Brandon on all fours and eats his ass then stands up and shoves his hard cock deep into his lover`s hungry hole. Johnny fucks a load out of Brandon then drains his nuts all over Brandon`s washboard abs.
23  minutes
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Isn`t a swim supposed to cool you down? Don`t tell Connor Kline and Trenton Ducati. When these two muscular hung studs dive into the pool things really get hot. Connor pulls himself up out of the water so Trenton can have full access to his huge round ass. Trenton probes and licks Connor`s golden globes then turns him around and sucks the hell out of his huge cock. The expert head brings Connor to a boiling point; he needs to get some of Trenton`s fat dick in his mouth. The young stud goes down on Trenton and swallows his cock. Connor loves sucking Trenton`s dick but he really wants it up his ass. He pushes Trenton back and hops on the hunk`s rock-hard monster for a wild ride. He bounces up and down on Trenton`s dick until his tight hole draws a thick load out of Trenton. Like any good fuck-buddy Trenton gets down between Connor`s legs to suck a creamy stream of cum out of his cock in return.
20  minutes
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Love is in the air when Angel Rock coaxes his hunky boyfriend Marcus Ruhl to join him in the shower. The two chiseled hunks make out under the running water which makes their huge cocks hard. After a playful sword fight they jump out of the shower so Marcus can go down on Angel`s thick uncut cock. Marcus means business; he sucks Angel`s cock from the tip to the balls like a true deep-throat expert. Angel nearly blows his Latin load but instead jumps up and sucks Marcus` big one. Marcus loves the head but it`s not long before he tells Angel he wants him to fuck him. Angel`s always ready to please his man so he shoves his giant whopper deep in Marcus` bubble-butt. They fuck on the tub and on the floor until they both get off and head back to the shower.
19  minutes
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The Palm Springs temperatures soar as The Men of Hot House descend on a gay resort for a weekend of intense suck and fuck action in Heatstroke. Featuring an all-star cast of beefy hung muscle hunks, Heatstroke will have your temperature rising as you stroke along with Landon Conrad, Jimmy Durano, Trenton Ducati, Angel Rock, Connor Kline, Marcus Ruhl, Johnny Ryder and Brandon Jones. Featuring stunning swimsuits from Spain`s ultra-hot ES Collection, these sweaty muscle gods will leave you hot and bothered to brave the effects of Heatstroke.

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