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Heat Wave 2

Heat Wave 2
Lucas Entertainment
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156 min

Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam

    all models over 18    
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Adam Killian
Bo Dean
Cavin Knight
Christopher Daniels
Cliff Jensen

J.R. Matthews
Jessie Colter
John Magnum
Rafael Alencar
Troy Daniels

The summer is sizzling as a heat wave rolls in: to find relief, Rafael Alencar and his buddy Jessie Colter go kayaking on the waters of Fire Island. When they see a secluded patch of shoreline and brush, they land their boats - their cocks already hard and bulging out of their Speedos. They waste no time: the pair begins to kiss and play with each other`s nipples, eventually feeling their way into their swimsuits. Jessie, ever the hungry bottom, kneels in the shallow water of the shore and begins sucking on Rafael`s throbbing, uncut boner. His dark meat slides down Jessie`s throat, who grab holds of his top`s balls. ... More
41  minutes
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It doesn`t take long for muscle-hunk Adam Killian and blond sex-pot Chris Daniels` boat ride to heat up. While still on the dock, the two embrace for some hot kissing and groping. Adam breaks away to board the boat, Chris unties from the dock, and they`re off. While on the open water, they slide out of their shorts, revealing their tight blue Speedos, and Chris starts work on Adam`s thick meat with his hungry lips. Adam holds Chris` head as it bobs up and down; he`s more than comfortable lounging on the deck. It`s soon Chris` turn, who peels off his Speedo, letting his big dick flop out so Adam can eat it up. They lick and lather each other`s cocks before Chris sit on Adam`s face, who happily eats out his hole; Chris` face scrunches up in ecstasy (and some fingers even slip in his ass, too). When the fucking begins, Adam pushes Chris against the boat`s deck, hoists his legs up in the area, and repeatedly fucks him deep and without mercy. Chris flips around in various positions - sitting on Adam`s lap, bending him over the bow - letting him plow the blond stud hard until he bursts with cum.
28  minutes
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Horny buds Bo Dean and John Magnum peel of their t-shirts and shorts and lounge on a patch of lawn in Manhattan to air out from the pounding heat. Bo has slicked-back hair and the look of a lean, muscled biker, whereas John has an innocent face and a sexy, furry body. After they catch some rays, they head back to John`s apartment where he shows Bo a good time: he pulls off his clothes and sucks his cock deep and hard. Bo rolls his head around and closes his eyes, loving every last slurp. John has a firm grip on Bo`s piece of meat as he licks and sucks. Returning the favor, Bo leans John along an armchair and starts slurping on his prick. When John finally offers up his ass, Bo greedily slips on a condom, bends the bottom over, and rides him like a motorcycle. John closes his eyes and takes each pound as Bo fucks him with fury. They both bust their loads all over John`s fuzzy stomach.
27  minutes
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Strutting around a luxurious deck, gorgeous Cavin Knight and hunky J.R. Matthews can`t help but show off their stuff. But they`re both truly displaying for each other, and it doesn`t take long for them to have their paws all over each other, touching each other`s sculpted torsos and smacking lips - there is plenty of tongue-kissing - that Cavin can barely even stay in his Speedo. J.R. leans Cavin against a deck chair and starts blowing him, lapping up his cock; Cavin can`t help but throw his head back and eat up every last second. But Cavin is as much a giver as J.R., and he returns the favor by falling to his knees and servicing J.R.`s shaft with his wet lips. When J.R. thinks Cavin is ready, he bends him right over and digs his tongue into his ass, giving it a full bath before he slips into his sculpted cheeks and starts fucking him. Cavin opens wide for J.R. as be pounds him near the open water. With hot aggression, Cavin sits on J.R.`s lap and rides him, J.R. holding on to his hips. Quickly after, J.R. flips onto his back on the dock and Cavin fucks his partner deep until he blows his load in Cavin`s open mouth.
25  minutes
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After spending the day at the beach sunning themselves and horsing around, buddies Cliff Jensen and Troy Daniels get hot for each other as the high afternoon approaches. They start kissing passionately on the beach, and eventually move back to a private home where Troy works on Cliff`s gorgeous, lean body with his tongue and lips; he licks his nipples, chest, and armpits. The boys hop in the pool, Cliff leans back against the deck, and his stiff erection stands tall for Troy to suck and swallow. With Cliff`s hands behind his head, Troy goes to town and gets Cliff hard and stiff with his excited mouth. The two reverse roles and Troy sits on the edge of the pool, presenting his uncut cock to Cliff, who spits on and sucks it while floating in the pool. But they both hop out of the water when Cliff is ready to fuck. Troy gets on all fours like a dog and Cliff starts fucking him with vigor. His tight torso clenches, revealing his sexy six pack, as his cock drills in and out of Troy. Cliff reaches his climax with Troy opened up wide, coming in the bottom`s hungry mouth.
35  minutes
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Get ready for the second cumming of summer with the ten sun-drenched tanned men of Heat Wave 2. Ripped-bodied Adam Killian fucks blond hunk Chris Daniels at sea; sweaty and muscled Bo Dean hammers John Magnum’s eager ass; Rafael Alencar slams Jessie Colter on the beach; Cavin Knight and J.R. Matthews have an intense waterfront flip-fuck; and power-top Cliff Jensen poolside plows Troy Daniels’ hungry hole. The weather isn’t the only thing heating up and these men are forecasting loads of cum.

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