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Heavy Load

Heavy Load
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
91 min

Paul Wilde

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Dirk Caber

Hans Berlin

Mack Manus

After a safety inspection, Dirk Caber isn’t ready to leave Felix Barca: “There’s one more thing I’d like to inspect,” says the stud, moving in for a kiss. Their hands roam, the bulges in their jeans touching as they kiss. Dirk licks Felix’s pit, arm and chest, soon burying his face in his bud’s groin—licking his shaft before it pops out. Dirk slurps on the uncut beauty, teasing the foreskin and taking it deep, his beard rubbing Felix’s shaft after he sucks on his balls. Dirk reaches up to grip Felix’s chest—then rubs his beard and head on Felix’s cock before taking it deep. They kiss as their big boners grind against each other in hot swordplay—Felix’s rod poking Dirk’s sac. Dirk feasts on his hole, then fucks Felix from behind. The bottom smiles as he gets rammed, his ass rippling. Felix sits down on the top, his own big boner bobbing as he goes down. On his back, the bottom gets stroked and fucked by Dirk at the same time, their sweaty bods soon covered in cum.
35  minutes
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As they finish up work at a sex club, Mack Manus and Hans Berlin are aroused by their surroundings. Mack rubs his boot on Hans’ groin, taking out his own cock. Hans smiles up at him before deep throating the thick meat—his own dick throbbing below. Mack cups his sac and feeds it to Hans, then sucks him back—gripping Hans’ balls as he worships the big uncut rod. Mack licks his fingers to tease Hans’ ass as he sucks him. Mack gasps for air, Hans rubbing his boot on Mack’s cock—who grinds on it in a hot shot. Hans whips his dick on the sucker’s chest, Mack spitting on it before feasting on Hans’ hole. Hans gets plowed from behind, arching his back as his smooth muscles flex beautifully—his rock-hard cock bouncing with every deep thrust. Hans grips onto chains for support—which he also does as he sits down on the top and rides him balls deep, his boner continuing to bob. Hans gets on his back for more, the two soon squirting.
31  minutes
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After finishing work on a condo, blue collar buds Jesse Jackman and Jay Bentley need a release—the two kiss, their scruffy chins scraping against each other. Jesse drops to his knees, working on the bulge in Jay’s briefs. The big cock pops out and into Jesse’s welcoming mouth. He teases the underside with his tongue, looking up at Jay. Jesse gulps and gags, a hot low shot looking up at Jay’s toned jock bod. Jay then works the bulge in Jesse’s jeans, sucking him to the pubes. Jay grips the side of Jesse’s muscular leg, Jesse putting his hand on top of the sucker’s in a romantic shot. Jesse guides the sucker’s head down with his hand, his sac hair tickling Jay’s chin. On his back, Jay gets a kiss before Jesse slides inside, the bottom’s tight abs clenching in a memorable aerial shot. Jay then sits on the top, his smooth ass grinding down as Jesse’s legs shake. The bottom grabs Jesse’s monster pecs as he bounces (“Ride it!” moans the top) before they release, Jay’s pec twitching as he squirts his load on the top’s hairy salt-and-pepper chest.
24  minutes
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It’s been building up, weighing you down after a long, hard day on the job. It’s itching for a release. You can’t ignore it. Get some relief from your Heavy Load as TitanMen exclusives Jay Bentley and Jesse Jackman help lift your libido.

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