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Raging Stallion
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124 min

Bruno Bond

    all models over 18    
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Alex Marte

Alexander Garrett

James Ryder

Jessy Ares

Jimmy Fanz

Tommy Defendi

Ty Roderick

Through the smoke, a spotlight ricocheting off the walls is all that illuminates Jessy Ares and Alex Marte in the dark club. Massive Alex towers over Jessy, but he`s there to be pulverized. Jessy chews Alex`s lips, offers his hairy body for consumption. Bite those nipples. Lick those pits. When we get to suck that cock, Jessy is primed to assault Alex`s throat. The sweat on their bodies glows as the steam rises with the heat the men generate. A cock ring turns Alex`s balls into a handle that Jesse grips as he bites Alex`s taint and laps at his twitching hole. Alex won`t be satisfied with having his foreskin stretched or his cock sucked: he needs a hard man`s cock driven into him again and again. Their crossfire eruptions brings hard-earned release.
34  minutes
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Tommy Defendi takes possession of James Ryder. Looking deeply into James` eyes, as if casting a spell, he pushes James` jeans down and jams a finger into his ass. James may look like a punk, but his wide hazel eyes hint at innocence. Tommy snarls, kissing him roughly and clasping their cocks into a single massive shaft. Mesmerized, James kneels and sucks. It`s more than enough for one mouth, but with a combination of desire and spit, he succeeds in swallowing it. James squeezes Tommy`s balls while pumping his own big cock. Tommy, then targets James` ass. A cock as fat as Tommy`s seems like it will never fit in James` tight butt. But that doesn`t stop him. He grabs James by the back of the neck and pushes until the walls of James` hole part. James closes his eyes, engulfed by white heat as he is breached by ten thick inches of hard flesh and pounded. James then lies on his back spreading his legs wide. Tommy keeps his hole lubed with spit and his tongue as he sucks James` nice inches of throbbing meat then fucks him some more. When they both climax, it`s like a dam bursting.
38  minutes
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Jimmy Fanz, in a black jock strap, is gyrating against smooth Alexander Garrett as if he were a human stripper pole. Their tongues battle in an aggressive kiss. Alexander is jacking himself with Jimmy`s hand, but the hard, slick feel of it makes Jimmy want it in his mouth. His bottomless throat is equal to the task, but Alexander`s cum-filled nuts get their share of attention too. Jimmy`s tongue flickers and curls. Saliva streams down his chin as Alexander`s pumps his hips. When Jimmy lies on his back and spreads his legs, he exposes a puckered hole hidden in damps swirls of fine hair. He smiles when Alexander`s tongue finds the warm center. Using lots of spit, Alexander begins a frenzy of sucking, spanking, ball squeezing and rimming. The external world is blotted out and the senses get mixed up. Smell and touch take charge. Jimmy`s ass becomes a black hole that Alexander`s rampant erection cannot escape. He fucks Jimmy hard, releasing all his pent up aggressions. Gushing ejaculations are a heartbeat away.
25  minutes
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Ty Roderick`s and Tyler Wolf`s lips meet and we realize theIr physical aggression is sexual. Ty is inked, beefy and a smolderingly feral adversary. Tyler`s jock strap suggests he is in the club ready to get fucked. His sweating buttocks capture the attention of Ty`s hard cock. Tyler`s energy drives the action. He kneels, grabbing a cock in each hand and guiding Roderick`s meat to his mouth while he jacks himself. Ty moans and strips off his clothes. He has tan, meaty haunches a guy could lose his face in ... and that`s exactly what Tyler does. Ty submits his hole to a long, deep and delicious tongue-fuck. Then it`s Tyler who has to hold on tight when Ty nails him from behind for a pile-driving fuck. Tyler dumps his load on his sweaty, muscular chest. Ty blasts his thick load all over Tyler`s face.
27  minutes
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He is a Heretic. He takes what he wants. He thumbs his nose at convention. He gives the finger to anyone who would tell him how to act. There are legions who would put their mouths, cocks, holes and bodies at his service in this steamy sex club. Director Bruno Bond has created a brooding, hedonistic, underworld of rampant carnality whose inhabitants need to satisfy their rut lust. Master cocksman Jessy Ares works bodybuilder Alex Marte like sexual putty. Resistance is futile when the domineering gaze of super-endowed Tommy Defendi bends sweet punk James Ryder to his will. Jimmy Fanz has a tight and furry frame, a hole that needs to be filled and a hungry mouth. Alexander Garrett feeds him cock at both ends. An aggressive meeting of the lips leads to a meeting of the loins as the awesomely buffed Ty Roderick sets the sexual stage for rocking Tyler Wolf`s sexual world. Heretic means never a weak moment and never a soft cock.

Bareback Gay Porn
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