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High Gear

High Gear
Fetish Force
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Blindfold
  • Dildo
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Penis Pumps
  • Rimming
  • Sling
94 min

Jasun Mark

    all models over 18    
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Alpha Wolfe

Devin Franco

Drew Valentino

Luca del Rey

Tryp Bates

Drew Valentino is deep inside a private warehouse as he buries his nose in the furry pits of leather daddy Tryp Bates. With both men sporting head-to toe Fort Troff fetish gear, they exchange blowjobs before Drew props up his hairy hole for muscle fucker Tryp to rim. Then, Tryp’s hard hog gets the pleasure of being serviced by the Banshee Pump 2.0 and wrapped in a cock ring as Drew prepares to stretch out his ass. His legs in a Porta Plow sling, Tryp’s thick thighs stay spread and his cock stays stiff as a brick while Drew thrusts his big dick in and out of his hole. Soon, the bareback pounding from Drew has Tryp creaming himself before Drew breeds Tryp’s insides and pulls out to watch the nut fall from his hair-covered slit.
30  minutes
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Tryp Bates is already stripped naked and tied down to Fort Troff’s Elite Bondage Bench in the middle of an abandoned warehouse when Drew Valentino’s raging erection enters his mouth. With Tryp’s hairy hole out in the open and ready to fuck, Drew moves to the other side of the bench to begin working his Missile Thruster into the muscle daddy’s ass. Drew, wearing only a harness that exposes his thick chest hair, then rams his big dick into the bound bottom’s backside with Tryp groaning at every one of his bareback thrusts. The hot top delivers a non-stop dick-down until he’s unable to hold his jizz in any longer and is pulling out to cover Tryp’s worn hole in his sopping wet seed.
20  minutes
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This warehouse has hosted countless anonymous hookups and tonight is no different with Devin Franco finding himself being serviced at both ends by strangers Luca del Rey and Alpha Wolfe. Sitting on a rim chair, Devin gets his hole attended to by Luca as Alpha fills his mouth with his hard cock before the horny duo breaks out Fort Troff’s Diamond X3 fuck machine to blast Devin’s ass. The hole-stretching toy pulverizes Devin’s ass non-stop as both Luca and Alpha manhandle Devin’s body and play with his big dick. Next, Devin is spit roasted as his backside is filled with an oversized Ass Grommet Pipe until each of the strangers’ bareback cocks are ready to breed Devin and leave his insides coated in cum.
25  minutes
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Fuck-ready strangers Luca del Rey and Alpha Wolfe are deep in an abandoned warehouse as they watch a blindfolded and ball-gagged Devin Franco hang in a Diamond X6 Pro Sling while getting drilled by a Diamond X3 fuck machine from Fort Troff. With Devin’s dick hard as a rock and fully exposed, Luca can’t help but go in for a taste before both he and Alpha decide to take Devin’s raw hole for a test drive. Next, Luca is throwing on his Blind Skullfuck Hood and taking a turn in the sling. Devin quickly begins filling Luca’s ass with his thick bareback cock and causing the versatile bottom to grip onto the sling as Devin relentlessly pounds him out. A few more hardcore thrusts from the big-dick fucker has Devin breeding Luca’s insides and pulling out to watch a streaming river of nut escape from his used up hole.
19  minutes
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There’s only one place to go if you’re looking for a crew of cock-hungry strangers and the latest kink products from Fort Troff to drain your balls, stretch your hole and shift things into HIGH GEAR. Deep in a local abandoned warehouse, director Jasun Mark is breaking out a collection of fuck machines, slings and hardcore gear for five of Fetish Force’s hottest fuckers. First in the spotlight is a harness clad Drew Valentino. With his hard meat poking out of his jockstrap, Drew lets leather daddy Tryp Bates go down on his big dick before taking a Banshee Pump 2.0 to Tryp’s cock and breeding his ass. When Tryp is hungry for more though, he gets tied to Fort Troff’s Elite Bondage Bench to be pounded by both Drew Valentino’s bareback dick and a girthy Missile Thruster. Next, Devin Franco is taking a seat on a rim chair to be serviced at both ends by Luca del Rey and Alpha Wolfe. When he’s ready for more, the duo takes a Diamond X3 fuck machine to the versatile bottom’s stretched slit and lets the toy do its damage on Devin Franco’s hole. Luca del Rey then brings the warehouse hookup to a creamy climax as he slips on a hood and slides into a Diamond X4 Pro Sling to get bred by some throbbing stranger cock.

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