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Fetish Force
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87 min

Devin Franco, Jasun Mark

    all models over 18    
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Alpha Wolfe
Devin Franco
Grant Ducati
Jim Fit
Lucas Leon

College boy Jim Fit never thought that calling a random number on a bathroom wall would lead to him getting scooped up, thrown in the back of Alpha Wolfe’s van, and chained up in a grimy basement. A verbal Alpha slaps around Jim’s hard cock before threatening to expose him to his innocent mother and making the muscle bottom sniff his hairy pits. The shady dom continues to humiliate Jim by smacking his dick with a riding crop and stroking him off while refusing to let him cum. Still wrapped in chains, Alpha’s victim begs for his balls to finally release as the bearded master fills Jim’s mouth up with his cock and grunts that no one is allowed to nut until he has.
21  minutes
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Taped up, naked, and at the mercy of Alpha Wolfe, college jock Jim Fit bends over as his new master rubs him down and commands him to beg for the gift of his dick. A mysterious figure watches from the deep corners of the room as Alpha slaps Jim with a riding crop and begins barebacking his athletic ass. The ruthless master pounds Jim nonstop and only pauses to pull out and admire what he’s done to the bottom’s stretched and wrecked asshole. With the shadowed man now beginning to touch himself, Alpha throws Jim’s legs in the air, commands the young man to finally cum, and even shoots out his own load that spills across Jim’s muscular torso.
20  minutes
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Bound tightly in shrink wrap and feet away from a chained-up Lucas Leon, Grant Ducati is ready to surrender to every command that Devin Franco dishes out. Starting out, the trashy dom takes a riding crop to Grant and Lucas’ chests until both have bright red, raw pecs. Devin turns his attention to the pair’s asses as he bends them over and teases their cheeks with some toys and his tongue. After begging for Devin’s cock to enter them, Devin finally gives his pigs what they want as he slides in his thick dick to bareback both their holes. The two subs are then given a taste of their insides as they team up to deepthroat their master’s dick before a grunting Devin finishes inside of Lucas’ open mouth.
27  minutes
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Grant Ducati willingly complies with whatever master Devin Franco commands and that includes wearing a dildo mask to face fuck the gaping mouth of fellow sub Lucas Leon. The bearded boy gags and gulps down the dildo as it’s thrust into his mouth and until his master is completely satisfied. Lucas soon finds his body tied down by shrink wrap as his open face hole takes Devin’s dick and his ass is invaded by human dildo Grant. The two tops swap places and with Lucas still wrapped up and unable to move, turn the sub into their own personal cum rag by erupting all over his helpless body. Only then does Devin set the hairy fucker free and allow him to drain his own aching balls.
19  minutes
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There’s one specific van you should always be on the lookout for and if you see it on the ‘Highway’, just know that there’s some naked college jock in there, and you can never be sure what’s happening to him. From directors Devin Franco and Jasun Mark, this thriller follows two mysterious masters that are on the hunt for submissive bottoms willing to bend to their every whim. After calling a number on a bathroom wall, a clueless Jim Fit finds himself chained up in a dark basement being toyed with by bearded dom Alpha Wolfe. The master refuses to let him cum and proceeds to get off at how his big dick gradually wrecks the student’s once-pristine asshole. Completely bound in yards of restricting shrink wrap, Grant Ducati and a tied-up Lucas Leon are eagerly submitting to every twisted act dom Devin Franco puts them through. The grateful pigs give into Devin Franco and his thick dick as he barebacks both of their submissive holes. Now wearing a mask with a dildo attached to it, Grant Ducati is forced to fuck the gaping mouth and stretched hole of Lucas Leon as the master watches on and helps him fill the sub. So, if you see this demented van pull up next to you on the ‘Highway’, just know it’s just on a one-way ticket for some college studs to encounter some twisted fetish fantasies.

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