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Hit The Mat

Hit The Mat
Hot House
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113 min

Trenton Ducati

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Alex Mecum

Cazden Hunter

Devin Franco

Jacob Peterson

Kurtis Wolfe

Liam Cyber

Tristan Hunter

Jack Hunter
Paul Canon

Wrestling coach Alex Mecum is showing Jacob Peterson some moves on the mat when things get heated and their primal instincts take over. With each move, their clothes slowly come off as a few members of the wrestling team hide while they watch the action. Jacob can`t wait to get his coach’s thick cock in his mouth and peels off Alex`s shorts to reveal his meaty rod and big low-hanging balls. After getting his coach rock-hard, Jacob bends over to let Alex eat his tight, pink hole. Alex penetrates Jacob’s ass with his tongue before he mounts up and humps the tightest member of his team. Alex`s throbbing raw pole drills Jacob`s ass in and out as both studs moan with each thrust from the coach. After showing Jacob a few more moves, Alex finally pins Jacob’s shoulders to the mat and pounds his hole until the young stud blasts his load all over his hairy body. When Alex sees his favorite wrestler unload his sack, Alex blows a load all over Jacob and then shoves his meat back in Jacob’s ass. Jacob doesn`t want to miss a drop of Alex and goes ass to mouth to lick his coaches throbbing dick clean.
20  minutes
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After a long hard day of working out in the hot sun, Kurtis Wolfe sits back to let his wrestling buddies, Cazden Hunter and Liam Cyber, worship his cock. The two hunks take turns on Kurtis’ thick dick, choking it down to the balls until he`s nice and hard. Kurtis wants a taste of Cazden`s succulent ass and gets behind the stud to eat him out as Liam fucks Cazden`s face. Cazden loves all the cock he’s receiving and turns around to get a mouthful of Kurtis’ pole. As he`s sucking down Kurtis` cock, Liam steps in and slides his big monster cock deep inside to fill Cazden`s ass. Liam pounds his ass hard until Kurtis wants a turn to feel Cazden from the inside. Kurtis slips his dick into the panting stud and gives it his all until Cazden switches it up and sits on Kurtis` big raw cock. He rides it balls deep as he goes ass to mouth on Liam`s pulsing dick. The guys mix up the fun taking turns plugging each of Cazden`s holes until they`re ready to blow. Liam nuts and stands over Cazden`s face as he jacks his pole and fills his mouth with cum. As Kurtis watches Liam blow his load, he pulls out and fills Cazden`s ass with his own thick load. Kurtis is still hungry for more and leans down to let Cazden squirt in his mouth to finish off the fun.
25  minutes
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Jack Hunter and Paul Canon hit the wrestling mat with more than a friendly match in mind. They start it all off with a kiss before the wrestling begins and their chiseled torsos grinding against each other makes them pop bulging boners in their singlets. When Paul sees the bulge that Jack`s got going on, he reaches in and pulls out his growing dick. Paul sucks it hard as he rubs his own cock through his uniform. Paul wants his cock tasted too and tells Jack to get down and suck it. Jack does as he`s told and gets Paul’s meat in his mouth with his tight ass in the air. Paul can`t stop staring at Jack`s amazing ass and makes his move by sticking his finger inside. Once Paul feels Jack from the inside, he`s ready to go and slowly slides his swollen cock into the hunky stud. Jack takes it like a champ while Paul shows no signs of letting up from his relentless pounding. Halfway through the fucking, Paul tells Jack to get on his back and hops on Jack`s big pole to feel Jack inside his hole. He rides it up and down before he declares that he`s ready to cum. Paul lies back and Jack pierces his ass one last time until he drains his balls all over Paul`s sore asshole. Jack shoves his dripping dick back inside Paul and hits just the right spot to make Paul jizz all over his own ripped body.
26  minutes
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Tristan Hunter changes out of his singlet after wrestling practice and hits the bathroom. He runs into coach Alex Mecum at the urinal who tells him he`s going to need to work harder to make the cut. Tristan says that he`ll do anything it takes to make the team as he drops to his knees to take Alex’s thick shaft down his throat. With Tristan`s lips wrapped around his cock, Alex bends over to cop a feel of Tristan`s big dick. Alex likes what he sees and bends the stud over to eat his ass. Tristan loves Alex`s tongue planted up his ass and soon he`s begging for Alex`s massive cock to stretch him out even more. Alex really wants to let Tristan on the team, so he slides his pole into Tristan`s eager hole. He plows away as his dangling balls slap back and forth on Tristan`s ass. Alex gets deeper in the hopeful athlete when he splays the young wrestler out on the bathroom floor next to the urinals to plug his ass even harder. With Tristan`s legs in the air, Alex pulls out and shoots a massive creamy load all over Tristan`s worked out body and big balls. Alex shoves his jizz-covered cock back inside Tristan and pumps away until Tristan gets his turn and cums hard. When it`s all over, Alex pulls out and slips his dick into Tristan`s mouth for him to lick clean.
17  minutes
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Devin Franco is changing in the locker room when Kurtis Wolfe walks in and demands that he and Devin have a `special` kind of workout to help team morale. Kurtis offers up his ripe, hairy pit and Devin gets to work cleaning off the sweat with his tongue. This makes Kurtis hard as a rock in his tight singlet and he pulls out his cock for Devin to suck. “Get it nice and wet,” Kurtis says as Devin gets on his knees to gag on the big veiny cock. Before Kurtis goes any further, he wants a taste of what`s dangling between Devin`s legs and gets down to suck the stud`s hard cock and get a taste of his ass. Kurtis has a feast as he opens Devin`s welcoming hole to get him ready for his big hairy cock. Kurtis can sense that Devin is ready to be penetrated and stands up to slide his raw cock deep inside his ass. He pounds the lucky stud long and hard until he commands him to sit on his fat cock. Devin climbs on top and rides the throbbing rod up and down until Kurtis decides to fuck Devin on his back. Devin lies back and begs for Kurtis to go faster and harder into his hungry hole. Kurtis does exactly that and fucks the cum out of Devin`s thick cock. Kurtis doesn`t stop the relentless pounding and keeps going until he`s ready to blow. He pulls out of Devin`s used up hole and slathers it with jizz before he shoves it back inside to fuck his load into his teammate`s ass
25  minutes
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It`s time to `Hit The Mat` with nine hung and hunky wrestling studs directed by porn superstar, Trenton Ducati. When competition and testosterone collide in a contact sport, anything can happen, and these horny athletes will do everything it takes to get what they want, both on and off the mat. Coach Alex Mecum shows Jacob Peterson more than a few wrestling moves when he pins his favorite wrestler to the mat and penetrates his perfect ass with his big raw cock. After a heavy pounding, both studs blow their loads and Jacob goes ass to mouth to lick Alex`s cock clean. After a long day of working out in the hot sun, Kurtis Wolfe and Liam Cyber take turns fucking Cazden Hunter with their thick cocks. Cazden finally gets what he wants when he has his mouth and ass filled with warm jizz. Jack Hunter and Paul Canon have more than wrestling in mind when they `Hit the Mat`. As the match progress, their singlet’s stretch to accommodate their rapidly growing bulges and soon the hunks are flip-fucking on the mat. Neither stud lets up until Paul`s ass is filled with Jack’s load. Tristan Hunter runs into coach Alex Mecum at the urinals and coach mentions that Tristan might not make the cut. To make the team, Tristan ups his game to secure his spot on the team. Kurtis Wolfe finds Devin Franco changing in the locker room and suggests they have a `special` workout to help build team morale. After going down on Kurtis` big hairy dick, Devin puts his ass in the air. Kurtis shoves his cock inside and doesn`t stop pounding until he fucks the cum out of Devin’s cock and fills his ass with cream. Join these horny wrestlers as they ‘Hit The Mat’ to fuck and suck their way to a spot on the team

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