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Hole Busters Vol. 5

Hole Busters Vol. 5
Hot House
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Bondage
  • Dildo
  • Smoking
  • Solo
87 min

Christian Owen

    all models over 18    
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Edin Sol
Randall O`Reilly
Spencer Reed
Tate Ryder

Trenton Ducati
Tristan Phoenix
Troy Daniels

Edin Sol finds himself alone in the weight room so he pulls out his toys to give his hole a workout. With the help of some lube he shoves a giant fake cock in and out of his ass. He goes deeper with each thrust until he takes the massive dildo to the base. Now that his hole is stretched Edin can really fuck the toy. He adheres it to the bench and rides it hard. The young stud pulls out a glass butt plug and shoves it up his ass too, coating it with his own ass juice. Horned up and out of control, Edin licks the glass orb and fucks himself, alternating between the two ass toys.
18  minutes
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Randall O’Reilly told us he wanted his hole busted by a muscleman so we called in Spencer Reed. Spencer dives right in to Randall’s fresh young hole, loosening him up with his meaty fingers. Next Spencer chooses a medium size dildo and works it in and out of the young stud’s ass. He teases Randall with a game; he wants to see how many balls Randall can take up his ass at once. As soon as he gets two balls up there, Spencer shoves the dildo in Randall’s hole too. The DP continues until Randall begs him to stop but Spencer shows him no mercy. He grabs the inflatable and pushes Randall to new limits. The kid proves to be such a little pig Spencer grabs a marker and writes it on Randall’s ass for all the world to see.
18  minutes
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Spencer Reed decides he’s in the mood to fuck around with a submissive bottom so he calls Troy Daniels. Troy comes in to find Spencer finishing a cigarette which he snuffs out on Troy’s boot. Spencer orders Troy on all fours and begins playing with his ass. After filling his hole with a turkey baster full of lube, Spencer grabs a huge dildo and shoves it up Troy’s ass. Ramming the young stud’s hole makes Spencer’s cock hard so he pulls it out and shoves it up Troy’s ass. Determined to push Troy’s hole busting limits, Spencer grabs a huge fake cock and slams it all the way up inside Troy’s butthole. The twisted hunk decides he likes the looks of the huge toy up Troy’s ass so he grabs the red duct tape and uses it to restrain Troy to the chair with the dildo stuck in his ass. In one final act of dominance, Spencer towers over the helpless Troy and jacks a load of hot cum all over him.
17  minutes
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Puppy Tate Ryder shows up with a dog tail buttplug and a bucket full of toys ready to play with his sexy master Trenton Ducati. Trenton smacks the puppy’s ass and selects a massive dildo which he shoves in and out of Tate’s giant bubble-butt. Tate’s yelps turn to grunts and groans as he swallows the toy to the base. Trenton replaces the toy with a thicker, longer weapon which he grinds into Tate’s ass. The constant hole-busting makes Tate’s cock stand up hard, demanding his master’s attention. Trenton sucks Tate’s long cock then pulls out his own thick monster and jacks off all over Tate’s abs. Tate tugs a load out of his own long dick and eats it like a good dog!
19  minutes
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Trenton Ducati finds Tristan Phoenix fucking himself with a dildo. Trenton takes over and shoves the fake cock in and out of Tristan’s hole. Despite Tristan’s moans Trenton knows the young stud can take more. He grabs another dildo and shoves them both in Tristan’s deep hole. The intense double penetration makes Tristan’s cock hard and he begs for more. Trenton forces the twin dildos deeper into Tristan’s ass stretching his hole to the max. Trenton continues to punish Tristan’s quivering butthole then finishes him off by inserting a fat butt-plug to tide him over until their next session.
15  minutes
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The handball all-stars from the Club Inferno Dungeon show you how real men play with toys. Grab your favorite butt-plug and get off with the Hole Busters!

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