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Hole Busters Vol. 7

Hole Busters Vol. 7
Hot House
  • Ass Play
  • Cum-eating
  • Dildo
  • Rimming
  • Sling
  • Smoking
  • Underwear
81 min

Christian Owen

    all models over 18    
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Alessio Romero
Blue Bailey
Derek Parker
Jackson Lawless

Jed Athens
Jimmy Durano
Jordano Santoro
Levi Madison

Blue Bailey needs his hole busted and he’s not waiting for anyone else to do it. He kicks back and shoves a big dildo up his ass without realizing that Derek Parker is watching him. The tattooed stud steps up and takes over, working the fat toy deep inside Blue’s butt hole. Blue takes it like a champ then rolls over on his back to open wide for the inflatable dildo. Derek pumps the ass toy to maximum capacity and punishes Blue’s hole. Blue’s moans drive Derek wild; he pull out his rock hard cock and jacks a load all over Blue’s boots – then licks it up!
15  minutes
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Jimmy Durano has Jordano Santoro right where he wants him: bound to a bench with tape over his mouth. Santoro struggles as Durano taunts him with a huge dildo but they both know it’s going in Santoro’s ass. Durano coats the giant latex cock with lube and works it into his fuck-buddy’s hole. Durano grinds the toy around, massaging Santoro’s guts then orders him to flip over so he can see the pig-bottom’s huge bubble-butt. He takes the anal beads and works them one at a time inside Santoro’s ass until all five balls disappear. Durano walks out, leaving Santoro with his ass packed full of the giant latex toy.
17  minutes
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Alessio Romero, the ultimate tattooed, hairy, top-man, finds Levi Madison hanging in a sling. Alessio explores Levi’s puckered hole with his fingers and tongue to gauge what size dildo the young stud can handle. He chooses a long thick fake cock and begins his anal probe. The incessant assplay drives Levi wild until he begs for more. Alessio decides to put Levi to the test by grabbing the inflatable and shoving it up his ass. A few squeezes and the toy fills Levi’s hole making his cock rock hard. Levi pulls out his massive meat and offers it up to Alessio’s hot mouth. Alessio swallows the kid’s huge dick while he works his hole with the dildo. Unable to control himself, Levi jacks a thick load of goo out of his monster-cock.
16  minutes
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Horse-hung power-top Jimmy Durano finds Jed Athens standing prone over the St. Andrews cross. He pulls out his thick cock and strokes for a while, watching the young stud beg to have his ass played with. Jimmy grabs a bucket of lube and pries open Jed’s hole with his meaty fingers then shoves a huge latex dildo up his ass. He works the kid’s hole until Jimmy decides it’s time to upgrade. He takes the fattest black fake cock he can find and punishes Jed’s hole like a fiend. Jed bends over and takes it like a man!
17  minutes
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Experienced pig-bottom Jackson Lawless needs a real pro when it’s time to get his hole plowed. That’s why we called in Alessio Romero, the tattooed, masculine top who knows how to satisfy a hungry butthole. Jackson kicks back in a sling, giving Alessio an all-access pass to his ass. Alessio takes his time selecting the right toy; a hefty foot-long fake cock guaranteed to get Jackson ready for a hardcore anal assault. Once Jackson’s properly stretched out, Alessio grabs a mammoth butt plug with a chain on the end. He mercilessly shoves the giant weapon in and out of Jackson’s ass. Alessio’s expert assplay makes Jackson’s cock rock hard. He pulls out his dick and jacks off while Alessio probes his hole.
16  minutes
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The handball all-stars from the Club Inferno Dungeon show you how real men play with toys. Grab your favorite butt-plug and get off with the Hole Busters!

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