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Hole Busters Vol. 8

Hole Busters Vol. 8
Hot House
  • Ass Play
  • Dildo
  • Masturbation
  • Rimming
  • Underwear
80 min

Christian Owen

    all models over 18    
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Chris Daniels

J.D. Phoenix

Tony Hunter

Bobby Hart
Jimmy Durano
Jordano Santoro
JR Bronson
Mitch Vaughn

A young stud like J.D. Phoenix needs an expert hole buster to break him into the world of toys and assplay so we called in Latin top Jordano Santoro to show him the ropes. Jordano buries his tongue deep in JD’s tight hole to get him wet and ready. J.D. loves to get his ass eaten but he needs more so Jordano grabs one of his favorite dildos and works it up the kid’s butt. It’s obvious that J.D. can take more so Jordano upgrades to a longer, fatter latex cock and lets him have it. The intense buttplay makes J.D. pop a boner so Jordano gives him a reach-around until he drains his nuts all over the floor.
17  minutes
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Jimmy Durano knows his way around a hole so when Bobby Hart came to us and said he wanted to get his ass plowed we called Jimmy to work him over. Bobby climbs up a ladder to give Jimmy full access to his young bubble-butt. Jimmy works a dildo deep in Bobby’s hole and power-fucks him while slapping his ass. Getting his prostate plunged makes Bobby’s huge cock hard so he gets on the floor and jacks off while Jimmy fucks him with giant latex balls. Jimmy pulls his thick dick out and jacks along with Bobby until they both blow their loads.
17  minutes
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J.R. Bronson knows that nothing eases the stress of a hard day on the job site like a hot assplay session, especially when your boss is hunky Mitch Vaughn. J.R. convinces Mitch to take a break by showing off his chiseled washboard abs then bends over and puts his big bubble-butt in the air – and it’s on! Mitch grabs a nearby flashlight, dunks it in a bucket of lube and shoves it in and out of J.R.’s ass. J.R. flips over on his back and begs for more so Mitch takes the inflatable and pumps it up inside J.R.’s tight hole until the horny stud can’t take it any more. J.R. blows and he’s ready to get back to work, until next time.
17  minutes
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Tony Hunter lies back on a bench with his huge round ass up on the air ready to get his hole busted. Mitch Vaughn opens his duffle bag of sex toys and grabs a long black dildo and shoves it in the young furry stud’s hole to the base. Hunter gets up on all fours allowing Vaughn to go even deeper inside his ass with a new fake cock much thicker than the one before. The relentless assplay continues until the anal beads come out. Hunter works the giant round rubber balls into his ass while Vaughn pulls on his own huge, rock hard cock and blows his load.
16  minutes
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Muscular giant Angelo towers over Chris Daniels who lies on his back with his furry hole in the air. Using a giant lube-filled syringe, Angelo preps Chris’ hole for a foot-long fake dong. He grabs the butt-toy and shoves it deep in Chris’ ass as far as it can go. The hardcore hole-busting makes Angelo’s thick uncut cock hard. He pulls out his massive meat and jacks off as Chris gets on all fours to receive an inflatable dildo. Angelo strokes with one hand and works Chris’ ass with the blow-up anal probe with the other. Like a true ass-pig, Chris reaches around to inflate the toy while it’s securely planted in his hole. Angelo continues beating off until he shoots a hot load.
13  minutes
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The handball all-stars from the Club Inferno Dungeon show you how real men play with toys. Grab your favorite butt-plug and get off with the Hole Busters!

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