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Hole Busters Vol. 9

Hole Busters Vol. 9
Hot House
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  • Rimming
67 min

Christian Owen

    all models over 18    
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Christian Andrade

Randall O`Reilly

Brandon Jones
Jeremy Stevens

Jimmy Durano
Landon Conrad
Trenton Ducati

Boyhous opens his cavernous hole to Christian Andrade who pummels him with some of the biggest weapons from the Hole Busters` arsenal. Christian shoves all four giant rubber anal beads in the greedy pig-bottoms` hole and twists them around, massaging Boyhous` prostate from the inside out. Next he grabs the huge bullet-shaped dildo and rams it in and out of Boyhous` ass until the entire toy disappears inside.
12  minutes
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Trenton Ducati`s hungry hole just can`t wait for Angelo to get out of the shower. He takes a thick dildo and works it into his ass and bounces up and down on it until Angelo comes out and catches him in the act. Angelo smacks Trenton`s ass and pushes him back on the bed to take over. He pumps his fuck-buddy`s bubble-butt with the huge toy until he notices Trenton`s cock growing in his jock. Both muscular studs strip naked and Angelo returns to busting Trenton`s hole, but this time he sucks his thick curved cock at the same time. Trenton blows first then Angelo stands up and shoots his load all over Trenton`s washboard abs.
15  minutes
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Randall O`Reilly knows if you want something done right you`ve got to do it yourself. He lies down on his back and works his fingers into his ass to stretch it out so he can bust his own hole with a thick buttplug. He`s so engrossed in fucking himself that he doesn`t even notice Christian Andrade lurking outside holding a huge black dildo. As soon as Christian walks in Randall offers him his big round bubble-butt and begs him to take over. The tattooed top-stud plows forward until Randall asks for something bigger. Christian complies by slamming a huge monster-size butt toy deep in Randall`s greedy hole!
13  minutes
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Jimmy Durano`s raging hardon wakes him from a nap to find Jeremy Stevens lying next to him wearing only a jockstrap. Jimmy strokes his hard cock then goes over to explore Jeremy`s hole. His probing tongue wakes Jeremy who gets on all fours so Jimmy can fuck him with some of his favorite butt-toys. Jimmy shoves a black dildo in Jeremy`s ass, orders him to push it out, then sticks it back in again. This warmup continues until Jimmy grabs an enormous fake cock with a handle and shoves it deep inside Jeremy`s hungry hole. He pummels the muscular bottom-boy while they both jack off until the cum. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
13  minutes
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Furry muscle-hunk Landon Conrad pulls out his toolbox full of toys to bust Brandon Jones` hole. Brandon lies on his back with his ass in Landon`s face and begs to be plowed by the first dildo, a foot-long whopper with a handle. Landon fucks him hard then orders him on his knees for more hole-busting action. Landon selects a thicker heavier fake cock to stretch his young buddy`s hole wide open and prepares him for the giant inflatable. All the ass play makes both studs hard so they pull out their dicks and jack off while Landon power-fucks Brandon`s tight hole. Brandon yanks a load out of his own cock followed by Landon who stands up and shoots all over Brandon`s washboard abs.
14  minutes
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Watch these muscled studs take dildos of ever increasing sizes in their hungry holes! You won`t believe how much these pigs can take as their asses stretch to new limits!

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