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Club Inferno
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91 min

Christian Owen

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Mike Tanner

Alessio Romero
Brian Davilla
Christian Mitchell
Derek Parker
Josh West
Preston Johnson

Preston Johnson reports for his followup exam to find Dr. Brian Davilla has taken over his case. Dr. Davilla assures patient Johnson that he’s been brought up to date on his Holistic history and that he’s fully prepared to continue treatment. He orders Johnson to strip naked and get on his knees with his huge round ass in the air. He lubes up his blue exam gloves and massages Johnson’s prostate. While Davilla pummels Johnson’s tight hole with a huge dildo Johnson works his foot down the doctor’s scrubs to reveal his raging boner. Davilla jacks off with one hand and shoves his other hand up Johnson’s ass. He fists Johnson’s deep hole until it’s time for his next appointment, leaving Johnson anxious to schedule another visit.
25  minutes
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Word has spread that if you schedule an appointment late in the day with Doctor Alessio Romero you’ll get his “special” holistic treatment. Today’s lucky patient is Mike Tanner, a hot stud with a hungry hole who excels in following the doctor’s orders. As instructed Tanner strips down and “opens wide” to receive a barrage of insane sex toys including a metal ramrod, a thick ribbed butt plug, and a huge dildo the size of a man’s arm. The rugged Dr. Romero strips down to expose his hairy tattooed muscles and strokes his thick cock while he pummels Tanner’s ass. As always Romero ends his session by blowing a huge load of thick white cum.
24  minutes
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How embarrassing! Preston Johnson reports to Doctor Derek Parker with something shoved so far up his ass he can’t get it out. Luckily this happens to be Dr. Parker’s area of expertise – literally. Parker drenches his gloved hands in lube and shoves his fist deep in Johnson’s anal cavity to pull out a huge metal orb that weighs at least 3 lbs. To ensure his patient hasn’t suffered any injuries Dr. Parker continue to examine Johnson’s greedy hole. The doctor strips naked to reveal his tattooed muscular body and raging hardon. He fists Johnson’s furry bubble-butt deep then orders him to get on all fours. Parker pummels Johnson’s big ass with one fist and jacks off with the other until he shoots his load.
21  minutes
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Christian Mitchell demands that Dr. Josh West examine his burning hole immediately. The hunky army man gets on all fours and spreads his ass cheeks for Dr. West who decides to cool down his overheated patient by inserting ice cubes up his ass. A more probing exam reveals that Christian’s problem goes deeper than that. Dr. West shoves his entire fist up his patient’s tight manhole and pummel fucks him hard. All the handball action makes West overheated as well. He pulls out his long thick cock and jacks a load all over the exam room floor.
21  minutes
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Check into the Club Inferno Holistic Medicine Ward where our hands-on therapists specialize in the most intense invasive anal exams in town. The cast of horny practitioners and their sick and twisted patients includes Derek Parker, Alessio Romero, Josh West, Preston Johnson, Mike Tanner, Christian Mitchell, and Brian Davilla. These alternative treatments aren`t covered by insurance but we guarantee they`re just what the doctor ordered: a Holistic approach to your hole!

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