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Home Invasion

Home Invasion
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  • Underwear
  • Voyeurism
137 min

Joe Gage

    all models over 18    
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Braxton Bond

Chad Manning

Enrique Currero

Geoffrey Paine

Jackson Wild

Scott Tanner

Sean Preston

Tommy Ruckus

Tony Buff

Tristan Raine

Ty Roberts

Young, hung and smooth as silk, town whore Jackson Wild is too preoccupied with his hormones to notice his dad is in trouble. When the fair-skinned son reaches the guest house, he hops online and strips for his webcam, squeezing his huge boner into a posing strap to please his online buddy. That’s when hot and hairy Tommy Ruckus—a stubbled blue collar stud in a flannel cutoff and baseball cap—appears at the door, welcoming his tan body inside to get a closer look. ... More
13  minutes
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Home on a furlough from the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, blond seaman Tristan Raine heads up to his room, equally unaware of the danger he’s in. He quickly runs into manly Scott Tanner, who tries to lie his way out of trouble. Equally skeptical and excited, Tristan is slowly seduced by the charismatic schemer. Scott shoves his hand down his own pants and sniffs his fingers before giving Tristan a whiff of his manhood: “I can’t help it…I’m horny.” When Scott unleashes his massive dick through his boxer shorts, Tristan is helpless. ... More
24  minutes
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Officer Enrique Currero arrives at the secluded house above the beach, responding to a silent alarm set off by owner Tyler Saint. “Get rid of him,” warns thug Tony Buff, who has the father bound in the den. “Try this,” says the criminal as he unzips Tyler’s pants and takes out his hostage’s cock. “Remember, I’ll be watching.“ Fearing for his safety, Tyler has to play along—and entices the cop with his huge meat. Knowing his sexually active son is popular with the locals, Tyler distracts the cop further: “He’s got a big dick, doesn’t he? Is it as big as his dad’s?” ... More
29  minutes
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While hungry intruder Chad Manning hunts through the kitchen looking for something to eat, he’s interrupted by a visitor at the door: Braxton Bond, who has arrived early for the orgy planned by Jackson Wild. “You lookin’ for some relief?” asks Chad, who soon works his hand inside Braxton’s pants and takes out the guest’s throbbing cock. The toughie holds on to Braxton’s shaft, then drops to his knees to get a closer look and engulfs the visitor’s meat. Manning’s muscular, hairy body surrounds his beefy boner with its gorgeous upward arch.... More
30  minutes
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Smooth goateed stud Ty Roberts arrives for Jackson Wild’s orgy with bearded hunk Geoffrey Paine. “Show him why we’re here,” says Ty, causing Jackson to drop to his knees and suck Geoffrey’s big meat while Ty strokes his own massive cock. The moaning Jackson proves to be a voracious sucker, enthusiastically deep-throating the excited Geoffrey, planting his lips to the base of the stud’s pole. ... More
41  minutes
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Lock your doors. Close the curtains. Call the police. The sexy strangers are out there, and your ass isn’t safe. Legendary director Joe Gage injects sultry suspense into Home Invasion, a tale of unlawful entry and the ties that bind. A businessman is held captive by three intruders, but the criminals soon get more than they bargained for. Find out who’s the most twisted as 12 studs led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff and Chad Manning lead you through an erotic open house.... More

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