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Brock Landon

Cameron Kincade

Conner Bradley

Mitch Vaughn

Robbie Anthony

Ryker Madison

Shay Michaels

Timo Garrett

Aaron Stang
Jordan Thomas

Gorgeous teacher Cameron Kincade gets a very tempting offer from his student Conner Bradley - one that he can`t refuse! In case you didn`t get it the first time, Conner will do ANYTHING for an A grade, anything at all... really, anything! I guess he makes it obvious enough, because his hunky tutor is soon gobbling on the twinks big dick and taking it up his ass too!
20  minutes
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If my teachers had been as hot and hunky as Brock Landon I would have gladly given up my ass to get the grades I needed! Robbie Anthony knows how to change that unreasonable F into something more suitable, and it means sucking on Brock hard muscle cock and getting his own dick licked before he lets the hunk fuck him in the butt! That deserves an A+ in my opinion!
14  minutes
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When sexy twink Timo offers the hairy and hunky daddy Shay his bulging cock in his tight jock the dude cannot resist it! Hard and leaking, both get plenty of meat in their mouths in a shared suck off, but Timo wants that dick in his ass and the muscled man can`t refuse the feel of that tight chute massaging his manhood! It`s a horny and rampant fuck, with plenty of hot cum at the end!
24  minutes
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Handsome muscle hunk Mitch is the one responsible for holding students in detention, but with unruly Aaron the only boy there and the twinks hunger for cock, things get a little out of control! The hunk can`t refuse the boys advances, and gets some sucking, and the boys massive cock in his mouth too. But that`s nothing compared to the fucking Mitch gives him, or the massive cum shower he gives the boy!
15  minutes
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Just like so many other young boys, Ryker is always getting hard in school and thinking about sharing his cock and ass with the other cute boys. He`s playing with his cock in Study Hall as he thinks about getting fucked by tall twink Jordan, and we share in his fantasy as he gets a load fucked out of him and takes a hot facial from the boy!
22  minutes
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Teacher cock and student ass is the name of the game in HomeWERK! Cameron can`t resist the kinky offer Conner makes him; his cock in return for a good grade. The stud agrees, sucking the boy and riding his hard inches too! Robbie is much the same when it comes to wielding power with a horny teacher, trading his twink ass for something better than an F from muscled Brock. Shay is just as weak when confronted by a horny twink, and Timo knows how to get that cock in his hole and a cum load over him! Mitch hates watching over detention, but he might change his mind thanks to Aaron! The boy seduces him to get that dick, and the dudes load, it`s a plentiful one! Boned-up boy Ryker prefers to fantasize about guys like Jordan, and we get to participate as he strokes off thinking about it!

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