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Honey, I`ll Be Working Late Tonight...

Honey, I`ll Be Working Late Tonight...
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92 min



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Brock Landon

Casey Williams

David Chase

Kirk Cummings

Mitch Vaughn

Parker Perry

Preston Steel

Spencer Williams

Christopher Cody
Chuck Rogers

Married man Spencer Williams lays down for a nap and is caught off guard by a sex dream... with a man! Christopher Cody sucks off the muscular bottom before Spencer returns the favor. And even though he might be married in his waking life, in his dreams, Spencer can take a dick with the best of them! Christopher fucks Spencer until they both blow their loads.
11  minutes
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Mitch Vaughn and Brock Landon tell their wives they`re playing golf, but it`s just a cover up for their affair; naturally, a little rain isn`t going to affect their "game!" These two muscular studs suck each other`s cocks before beefy Brock gets on his back and throws his legs up in the air. Mitch eases his hard dick into his buddy`s ass, fucking him missionary before they switch it up to other positions. When Mitch is ready to blow, Brock gets down on his knees, taking Mitch`s hot load of cum all over his broad chest.
19  minutes
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While watching porn together, David Chase brags about taking it up the ass from his wife and her strap-on, which prompts Parker Perry to throw down the challenge: can he handle the real thing? David`s not about to be called out and he does his best to swallow every inch of Parker`s fat uncut cock. He might not be able to fit it all down his throat, but after Parker eats his ass, he`s ready to take it all up his hole! Parker is determined to show David that a strap-on just doesn`t compare to the real thing, and the way he has that big stud howling, there`s no way David would deny it. Their jockstraps are soaked in sweat by the time both men shoot their loads and eat their cum!
18  minutes
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Horny guy Casey Williams has been thinking about men a lot recently, and he`s worried about his wife finding out. Thankfully he has the religious guidance - and eager fuckhole - of Kirk Cummings! It`s a hardcore session of cock sucking and ass slamming as Casey satisfies his secret desires and explodes his straight hunk load all over Kirk`s ass! I`m not gonna tell you what Kirk does with his cum shot, but religious viewers might want to look away!
25  minutes
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Chuck Rogers is an interesting hunk, the married straight dude likes to fuck guys... Preston Steel is a little confused by this to begin with, but the horny dude doesn`t really care what guys call themselves as long as he gets to taste their cock and fuck them in the ass! Another straight man is soon riding his boner and delivering a messy load!
19  minutes
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Married men have needs, and when the wife just isn`t delivering the goods a horny dude has to look elsewhere to satisfy his carnal desires. Strangely, the desires these married men have involve a whole lot of hard and thick cock, hot and tight man hole and juicy warm cum! Whether they`re straight guys watching porn and leading into an awesome fuck, or two guys sneaking about on the down-low having a same-sex affair, these five scenes are all about the hardcore action married men enjoy with their good buddies when the wives aren`t looking. Fantasies come to life for these boned-up dudes as they engage in some of the most delicious man-on-man action you will ever see in a movie, with each scene leaving them - and you - drained of a hot load. You`ll be left wondering how many of your married buddies are craving cock right now!

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