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Hot Cops 2

Hot Cops 2
Centaur Films
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Group Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
110 min

Chip Daniels

    all models over 18    
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Brandon Reevet

Dino Phillips

Jeff Austin

Karl Radford

Shawn Justin

York Powers

B.J. Slater
Kyle Brandon
Tanner Reeves

Our story starts with Officer Tanner Reeves answering a 911 call that turns out to be a test of police response time by Reporter Jeffries. Jeffries takes the opportunity to get the hunky Officer Reeves to tell him a story about his police work.

His story, which we see in flashback, involves his buddy, Joe, played by the well-built and handsome Kyle Brandon, responding to a complaint about a man exposing himself from his apartment window. Once there, Joe encounters Shawn Justin wearing only towel. Shawn grabs the officer’s beautiful ass and quickly drops his towel demanding Joe service his 9” dick. Joe shows he knows what he’s doing as he is quickly able to swallow it all the way. Shawn then orders Joe out of his uniform and the two proceed to suck each other. In no time, Shawn begins to work on Joe’s ass, first with fingers, then rimming. Soon Shawn has Joe’s ass spread wide for his hot man meat as he repeatedly punch fucks him. While sucking on Joe’s dick and fingering his ass, Joe cums on Shawn’s chest, followed by Shawn shooting his hot load on top of Joe’s.

34  minutes
This story telling has gotten Officer Reeves and Reporter Jeffries so hot that Jeffries is soon chowing down on Reeves 9” dick. They progress to sucking each other followed by Reeves fucking Jeffries. But turnabout is fair play and Jeffries doesn’t hesitate to shove his dick into Reeves hot ass until both have shot their loads.
18  minutes
Looking for more stories, Reporter Jeffries visits Officer Able, played by the humongous 11” hung B.J. Slater, in the precinct locker room. The irascible Jeffries presses Able for stories and soon hears about hot action in the police garage, which we see in flashback. There, the muscular, six packed, Officer Brandon Reevet is guarding two prisoners, Australian big dicked, uncut, Karl Radford, and the well hung, handsomely built, Dino Phillips.

Officer York Powers arrives to have his police vehicle, and other things, serviced. His idea of service, involves the mouths of both prisoners on his 10” fuck stick and the same for Officer Reevet. What begins as an order soon progresses to consensual sex as the four are sucking each other followed by Powers fucking Radford, while Reevet sucks Phillips. The four-way looks like it might end as they all cum, but it’s actually just getting started. Pressing a gurney into service from a nearby police vehicle, Phillips fucks Radford while Powers fucks Reevet. Then Reevet’s chiseled butt is spread wide on the gurney while, “lazy susan” like, the three take repeated turns punch fucking him and then all cum on his chest as he does the same.

30  minutes
Returning to the locker room, Reporter Jeffries is again turned on. He takes no time in getting Able’s humongous 11” dick into his mouth, or at least as much of it as he can take. The sucking continues when the handsome, well hung, Officer Rex Baldwin joins in. Both alternate sucking Officer Able. Soon Jeffries is face down 69ing with Baldwin while his delicious butt is ready to take Able’s giant cock. We watch in amazement as all 11” disappear into the small Jeffries tight hole amid his groans in both pain and pleasure. Baldwin then trades places with Jeffries and takes Able’s 11” dick while eating Jeffries ass. Then Jeffries wants more of Able’s big dick, which he takes while cumming. Able soon withdraws and drops his load along with Jeffries’, quickly followed by Baldwin’s hot cum.
28  minutes
This time, reporter Jeff Austin interviews officers Slater, Powers, Baldwin and Brandon about some of their men-on-men experiences while a member of the force. And those stories will amaze you as we learn that within the ranks of these men in blue lies the hidden passions of flesh lust! And while conducting the interviews, reporter Austin receives the blunt end of more than one of these officers "pistols." Proving that police brutality was never like this.

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