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Hot Hands

Hot Hands
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90 min

Tom Moore

    all models over 18    
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Brian Bonds

Cazden Hunter

Ethan Sinns

Jim Fit

Sherman Maus

Every patron at this spa knows that certain areas of the sauna are specifically reserved for horned-up men looking to break a sweat, suck each other off, and fist some blazing hot hole. Today, Cazden Hunter and Jim Fit are taking over the sweaty space to suck off Sherman Maus and open his plump ass with their bare hands. The stretched stranger soon returns the favor as he buries his wrists inside both Cazden and Jim while eating up the fresh loads gushing out of their big dicks.
23  minutes
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This sauna is reaching record temperatures as horny strangers Jim Fit and Cazden Hunter team up to spit-roast Sherman Maus with their big dicks and lubed hands. Once Sherman is on his back, the kinky duo turns their complete focus to Sherman’s hole by shoving two hands inside of his gaping ass at once. As he squats down on both men’s wrists, Sherman’s fat hog hangs down until it’s bursting cum and releasing his latest load.
19  minutes
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Gym bro Brian Bonds can’t help but notice the throbbing hard-on taking expanding in Ethan Sinns’ shorts as he enters the sauna. Brian, looking to break a serious sweat, takes a mouthful of the stranger’s big dick before dropping to all-fours and letting Ethan wreck his hairy hole with his curious tongue, bareback cock, and ambitious fists. With no one else in the sauna, Ethan rotates between fisting and fucking Brian until he’s able to suck the load straight out of Brian’s meat.
27  minutes
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Having turned this spa’s sauna into his own fisting haven, Brian Bonds is eager to service the hungry hole of Ethan Sinns. The heat skyrockets in the room as Brian’s lubed hands slide right into the stranger’s hole and goes as deep as Ethan’s wrecked insides will allow. As Brian continues fisting Ethan across the wooden bench, the stretched bottom jerks off his throbbing big dick and unloads a creamy wad of jizz for Brian to eat up.
20  minutes
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The heat is rising, the holes are gaping, and these men just can’t keep their ‘Hot Hands’ to themselves! In this sauna, absolutely anything goes as award-winning fetish director Tom Moore and five sweltering studs break all the rules to deliver all the scorching public fisting action you’ve ever wanted. During his first-ever visit, Sherman Maus meets two men, Cazden Hunter and Jim Fit, who are eager to suck off his big dick and stretch out his ass with their bare hands. With no one else entering the sauna, the room gets even hotter as Sherman returns the favor by simultaneously fisting both and licking up their fresh loads. Brian Bonds and Ethan Sinns are the next horny strangers to take over the space, with Brain swallowing down Ethan’s oversized meat and Ethan fist fucking Brian’s hairy hole. Ethan, wanting to get wrecked himself, then finishes up his sizzling spa visit by anally swallowing Brian’s lubed hand and busting some nut all over his own abs.

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