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Huge #2 – Enhanced

Huge #2 – Enhanced
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
95 min

Matt Sterling

    all models over 18    
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Andy Fuller

Chris Randall

Chuck Powell

Doug Miller

Lee Ryder

Peter Hanson

Steve Sprague

Al Parker
Dick Fisk
Jeff Turk
Mike Stoker

Tom Anza

Who is this young man so often talked about, so often wanted? Who is this Lee Ryder? On the surface, he`s very good looking and hung like a horse. But he`s a rare kind of breed and it`s that something special inside him that`s so very powerful...so irresistible. In his presence, you are aware of nothing except him. You feel the intense sexual energy pour from his mind and body. He`s confident and strong. Somehow you hope that you`re being stalked by this sleek, muscular male animal even though you sense a kind of dangerous excitement in his passion for action. He is without inhibition - he is the conqueror. The excitement building within you turns whatever resistance you might have had into hunger...hunger for Lee and whatever his fantasies and desires might have in store for you. Even Lee`s workout buddies feel the power of his magnetic appeal. The effect on Mike Stoker was particularly heavy. Mike found himself giving Lee the kind of attention he had never given another man. He sensed in Lee a burning sexual desire; a desire which burned hotly not only for him but for many others as well. And yet he knew deep down that he`d eventually surrender - letting his conqueror take his beautiful body and ass to use as he saw fit...a willing participant in the advancing conquest of Lee`s huge meaty cock.
11  minutes
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Blond gymnast Peter Hanson walks out of his country cabin just in time for biker buddy Andy Fuller to arrive...with his good looks, tanned skin, and piercing blue eyes. Before long the men grab each other, their body heat building wiht the closeness of their embrace. Peter drops to his knees and Andy opens his fly...exposing his hard cock. He drives it deep into the begging mouth and choaking throat...feeding Peter`s insatiable cock-hunger. The young athlete feels Andy`s tongue, hot and wet, lapping and biting those smooth firm mounds of assflesh. Andy`s teeth tear wildly at the sweaty jockstrap, soaking it with the spit from his watering mouth. Crazed and hungry for body and ass, he reveals even to himself the fierce intensity of his most hidden and savage male instincts.
16  minutes
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Driving in his pickup truck Steve Sprague has picked up Chris Randall. Steve finds a cool, secluded spot along the road to pull over. It`s just a short hike into the woods and Steve and Chris are so horny that their raging cocks are already dripping. Steve rams his huge wet cock deep down Chris`s throat, thrusting harder and deeper, over and over until it`s dripping. He turns around, using his massive strength to shove Chris` face deep into the crevis of his manly ass - commanding them to tonuge and clean his sweaty asshole. His cock is even bigger now, rock-hard and ready to do some mean fucking. And Chris will know the pain and pleasure and just what it takes to unleash that final built-up load.
15  minutes
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Returning from a workout, eager for a shower, Doug Miller finds roommate Chuck Powell on his bed with his shorts down and hands wrapped around his cock. The air is charged with excitement. Their eyes reflect the hidden desires of each. Their cocks grow biggger and harder - raging hot and horny as Chuck`s tongue licks the sweat off Doug`s bulging muscles. Their mouths fill with one another`s cock and balls, sixty nining their way toward release. Chuck`s hungry mouth and tongue devour Doug`s delicious virgin asshole...tasting its untouched freshness...lubricating it with a steady flow of spit. Chuck forces his finger deep into the hot tight hole, getting it ready for the merciless attack of his big ass-busting cock.
10  minutes
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************ BONUS SCENE *******
11  minutes
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************ BONUS SCENE *******
18  minutes
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************ BONUS SCENE *******
14  minutes
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Big dicks reign supreme in this final reissue of ‘Huge #2’ featuring improved video quality and new bonus scenes. In ‘Power Play’, the incredible, hung Lee Ryder once again demonstrates where the movie gets its title when he drills Mike Stoker poolside with his thick 10 inches of cock. ‘The Biker and the Gymnast’ stars Peter Hanson, a gymnast who greets his longtime fuck-buddy, Andy Fuller, wearing nothing but a jock-strap, a tan and a big grin. Andy tears away at the jock with his teeth and soon has his thick ass-packer doing exactly what it does best! ‘Overload’ shows burly Steve Sprague barreling along the highway in his truck thinking how, when he reaches his destination, he`d like to snatch himself a hot piece of man-ass to fuck raw, and he does, when he finds Chris Randall. After a sweaty workout and run in a local park, muscular athlete Doug Miller returns home to shower and nap. But when he walks into the bedroom he surprises his roommate, darkly handsome, tattooed Chuck Powell who’s jacking off on the bed. NEW BONUS SCENES: Al Parker and Jeff Turk in ‘Rocks and Hard Places’ from ‘Help Wanted’; Dick Fisk and Tom Anza in ‘One-to-One: The Runner’ from ‘Steam Heat’; and, Roger and Peter in ‘Bigger Than Life’ from ‘Double Whammy’

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