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Humping Iron

Humping Iron
Raging Stallion
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152 min

Michael Brandon

    all models over 18    
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Alex Corsi
Arpad Miklos
Collin O`Neal
Dirk Jager
Dominic Pacifico

Francois Sagat
Jherrad Lopez
Michael Vincenzo
Nick Marino
Trey Casteel

It starts with RSS exclusives MICHAEL VINCENZO and new discovery coverman DIRK JAGER pumping up while they check each other out. Both men are cut and ripped beyond belief and it takes little time for them to drop the weights and pick up each other. VINCENZO’s hands glide down JAGER`s perfect 8 pack (yeah that`s right, I said 8 pack) till he hits the mushroom head on DIRK’s dick and he immediately gobbles it down like a power bar. It takes no time and even less convincing for MICHAEL to decide he needs DIRK’s dick up his ass. He sits right down on it and goes nuts riding JAGER like a well-worn saddle. DIRK flips him on to his back and keeps plowing him with long slow strokes just so VINCENZO can appreciate every inch breaching his beautiful bottom. They soon shift into high gear and by the time they both cum you know they have done their cardio for the day.
24  minutes
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Next up it’s mega-hunk ARPAD MIKLOS teamed with RSS discovery ALEX CORSI. These two men were made for each other. Built like brick shit houses and hung like horses, both men sport perfect fur patterns head to toe and their obvious attraction to one another can be detected by the blind. They warm up by swapping juicy blowjobs, then ARPAD takes over the top position to pummel CORSI`s magnificent, hungry, furry fuck hole. The passion flows like sweat in a steam room between these two hirsute horndogs as they show us how the big boys do it. And what an impressive demonstration it is! By the time they hit their cumshots, you will be as worn out as they are. But we bet you go back for seconds…
31  minutes
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Scene 3 finds the weight room full with FRANCOIS SAGAT, ALEX CORSI, MICHAEL VINCENZO, JHERRAD LOPEZ, and our narrator for the scene, DOMINIC PACIFICO, who is fantasizing over the room full of muscle in which he finds himself. We’ve all had this moment in the gym when we wonder >what it would be like if everyone just whipped it out and turned us into their cum rag. DOMINIC doesn`t have to wonder too long before exactly that happens! When it does, he is ready for them and happy to be the target they aim for with their money shots. This is the circle jerk for the ages with some of the most stunning men on the planet. You will find yourself mesmerized by this group of muscle heads and envy the lucky Mr. PACIFICO.
25  minutes
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The action continues with international superstar & recent RSS signed exclusive, COLLIN O`NEAL warming up as horny newcomer JHERRAD LOPEZ watches anxiously. It doesn`t take long for the bold LOPEZ to make his move on the Muscle Daddy. COLLIN wastes neither time nor his workout by nailing the young pup’s ass while making the best use of a treadmill we have ever seen. The two men fuel each other’s carnal needs as they move from one piece of equipment to the other, huffing and puffing like studs with something to prove. You can almost smell the testosterone as they work each other up to orgasm. They will need more than a shower to wash away the memory of this erotic adventure.
27  minutes
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Scene 5 opens on the spectacular pairing of TREY CASTEEL and NICK MARINO doing sets on the squat machine (like either one of them could have a more perfect ass). From the get-go you can tell they are hot for each other and they quickly move on to other exercises for the buttocks. MARINO is the first one to put out, seductively slapping his hole as a signal to the receptive CASTEEL. TREY takes his cue and rams his pud up the young Italian’s ravenous crack. Not to be outdone, TREY sits on NICK’s massive man meat, showing both his skill and stamina for flip-flop fuckfests. This scene should be the dictionary`s definition of versatile as both men take as good as they give.
23  minutes
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It is now time for the grand finale, the coup de grace, the icing on the cake…and for this, MICHAEL BRANDON has saved one last vision of heat and perfection for you, his adoring fans. RSS discovery FRANCOIS SAGAT and RSS Exclusive COLLIN O’NEAL provide the energy, intensity and raw animal lust needed to bring this collection of cock masters to a close in a scene that will forever be a benchmark in both men`s careers. They consume each other with a fiery desire that will threaten to melt your video screen and your mind. By the time they shoot you will be as dizzy and spent as they are.
22  minutes
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Six scenes!! Nearly 2 1/2 hours of ass pounding action by 10 superstars is what we have in store for you, making this truly the Monster of all MONSTERBANGS. This is what MONSTER BANG is all about and what BRANDON is best at delivering: an instant classic for every collection. Get it today and enjoy it forever!

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