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Hung And Horny Southern Boys

Hung And Horny Southern Boys
Southern Strokes
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84 min



    all models over 18    
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Trevor Laster

Austin Perry
Carson Carver
David Hardy

Joey Vox
Josh Long
Logan Taylor
Milo Austin
Xavier Daniels

Models cum and go and then resurface again when you least expect it. This is exactly what happened with Austin and Carson. Both guys had been off working hard and playing hard and out of nowhere they hit me up to see if they could pay a visit to the Ranch. It had been months since Carson gave us a visit and I must say that the time was well spent. Carson put on about 15 pounds of pure muscle and he was looking hawt. Austin Perry had spent the past few months working up North and he showed up looking as fine as ever. The last time these two met at the Ranch, they had started a scene together outside on the truck. In their defense, it was the tail end of a long weekend of sex and both boys were pretty much fucked out. I think both of them were jacked when they finally got the opportunity to finish what started months earlier. Carson`s virgin cherry hole was busted at the Ranch and along with it I think Carson found his G-spot. Carson couldn`t wait to get Austin`s cock inside him and Austin could wait to fuck that tight hole of his. Carson got on all fours and spread open his cheeks so that Austin could pound him with his wrapped cock. Then Carson climbed on top and rode Austin as Carson milked out a stream of wet man juice before Austin followed suit and did the same.
14  minutes
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This whole pairing started about a week ago when Cash sent me a text and told me that he really need to get fuck so I told him to head up to the Ranch and I would hook him up. My next call was to Genesis, I really wanted to see his big cock go deep on Cash`s sweet little hole. I got a text from Genesis on his drive up with a picture of his hardon in his jeans. He was horny and totally turned and anxious to get his dick in Cash`s ass. There wasn`t a hole lot of talking before the action started; I could tell that they were ready to go at it. The boys traded sloppy blow job until until Cash was dripping with precum and his hole was ready to feel Genesis` manhood. Cash crawled up on all fours so that Genesis could make a meal out of that tight hole. Then Genesis climbed up on the bed with him and slowly stuck his thick cock into Cash`s juicy ass. Cash stroked his hard as Genesis went to town on his open hole. Cash was ready to totally submit to Genesis so he let go and let Genesis take control. Genesis starting pounding away, first on all fours, and then he made cash ride it and then he pried up Cash`s legs and gave it to him balls deep. All this fucking made the boys hungry so Genesis unloaded a creamy snack into Cash`s mouth and then went in for a taste himself.
18  minutes
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For all of those voyeurs out their, sit back and enjoy 28 minutes of unedited sex with Joey Vox, Xavier Daniel, Damien Slater and Josh Long. The boys were all visiting the Ranch one weekend and I was presented this tape at breakfast the next morning. There are some many hight lights here especially since the boys start out naked in the shower with a little circle jerk action.
15  minutes
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With some encouragement from the ring leader, the boys jump in bed together so that Xavier can suck his first cock. Damien needed to shoot his load and the best way to make that happen is with a hard cock in his ass. So Damien`s legs go in the air as Jost fucks him while Joey and Xavier swap blow jobs and 69. But wait, the fun had just begun. Damien wanted more so he climbed on top of Josh and then Xavier snuck up from behind with his rock hard cock and they double penetrated Damien. Damien then mounted Xavier and rode him until he shot his load all over Xavier`s ripped chest and abs.
14  minutes
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Battle of the straight boys fucking is what I think we need to call this one. Both Logan and Austin are no strangers to fucking around for the cameras but although both of these Southern Studs are straight and love to fuck, they both have made a name for themselves by taking big cocks in their holes. When it came down to it, there really was no question that Logan was going to have to bottom. While Austin is loved by all his fans, Logan`s ass is becoming legendary in the adult film business. Austin finally got to dish the shit out instead of sitting back and having to be someone`s bitch. The guys took off their clothes and Austin laid back on the bed so that Logan could worship his baller body. Logan started kissing Austin`s neck and then worked his way down to his cock. Logan worked on Austin`s tool until it was hard, slimy and ready to take Logan`s hole. Logan took it doggie before Austin thru him on his back and gave Logan and good old fashion missionary drilling until Austin exploded all over Logan`s hairy hole. Logan finished himself off spraying his cum all over his sweaty body.
9  minutes
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Milo is one of those bottom boys that appreciates a nice big cock and he knows how to take care of his men. I knew that he was going to be pleasantly surprised when I paired him up with Trevor and man was I right. I looked over at Milo sitting on the bed next to Trevor as we were setting up and he was licking his lips wanting to get into Trevor pants. Trevor broke the suspense when he pulled out his rock hard dick which just about caused Milo to faint. Milo worshiped Trevor`s perfect cut cock as he fingered his own hole getting it ready for a pounding. Trevor kicked back and enjoyed the attention from the cock hungry Milo. Milo was ready for Trevor to enter him. Milo climbed up on top and rode Trevor like a stallion slapping his ass as he bucked with every thrust. Trevor buried his cock in Milo`s smooth hole as Milo begged for more until Trevor pulled out and hosed down Milo`s naked body.
14  minutes
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It’s been said they grow ‘em big, deep in the south. And if the hung young men featured in “Hung and Horny Southern Boys” are an indication, we’ve no doubt the adage is true! Don’t believe us? Check out Logan Taylor, Austin Perry, Milo Austin, Trevor Laster, Carson Carver, Cash, and Genesis. These horny fuckers aren’t just hung. They’re horny college frat boys from the American South, doing what they do best. Fucking. We’ve even included a special fourgy that’ll get you ready for some good, old-fashioned clean fun. These tattooed, beefy studs are sure to leave you drooling, wet, and hankerin’ for more Southern meat!

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