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Hung Throat Fuckers

Hung Throat Fuckers
Hard Brit Lads
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88 min

Simon Booth

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Daniel Johnson

Lucas Knowles

Matt Brooks

Sam Bishop

Jake D
Jason O`Connor
Jay Dawson

Pulling out their hard cocks, both these young lads are hung and rock solid! Horny bottom boy Sam Bishop drops to his knees in front of the throbbing dick of Jason O`Connor`s 8.5" and pushes himself to his limit and beyond as he takes all of it down his throat, stretching himself and goes right to the balls, pulling back with streams of spit covering Jason`s now twitching and ready for action dick. Doing this over and over until Jason wants to play with Sam`s ass, and Sam wants his own butt to be stretched as wide as his throat. After a lot of hot anal pounding, Jason is ready to pull out and spray his load all over Sam`s face, who takes great pleasure in the soothing warmth of cum coating his sore throat, licking Jason`s softening cock clean.
25  minutes
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Intense scene, as aggressive top Lucas Knowles pushes willing power bottom Jake D to his limits: punishing deep-throat, face-fucking and throat fucking, ass eating, then rough fucking, pulling his cock all the way out & thrusting back in again very hard. Not for the faint-hearted!
21  minutes
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Devouring huge dicks is a favourite pastime for these horny young fuckers, and Daniel`s thick juicy one will rank highly with the cock hungry Jay! Gobbling down on the shaft, stretching his throat as the aggressive top pushes ever deeper, the air gets desperate and Jay pulls back just in time, gulping down deep breaths as he goes light headed from the throat fucking he`s being subjected to! This is only the beginning though, as it`s his ass up next on the menu, and the power fucker Dan isn`t going to let him off that easy!
23  minutes
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Horny top Matt Brooks can`t wait to get inside the tasty ass of Sam Bishop. The interview to camera is the perfect tease to get us and them raring to go and start stripping off those sports vests and shorts. Making out as they do, we get glimpses of their muscular young bodies and a nice covering of chest hair from Sam. The pierced nipples get special attention, as does the growing bulge from Matt, Sam knows what he wants and is really looking forward to getting it! Turning on his power top partner by strecthing his throat and taking all of that delicious dick inside him mouth, Sam has one huge talent as making dicks disappear inside him, and it`s a pleasure to watch!
19  minutes
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There’s nothing quite like the taste of a thick, pulsating dick in your gob, and when the sheer thickness of the slab on meat being fucked into your throat is enough to make your eyes water, you know you’re on to a winner! These super hung young men have found the perfect cock suckers who think they can take it all into their hungry mouths, past their juicy red lips and down into their throats, but can they? You’ll have to watch to find out! It’s the perfect test for how much they want that girthy, weighty dick inside them, starting with the tight throats and easing them into it up their stretchable buttholes, and boy do they need to stretch wide for them!!

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