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Hunter Hunted

Hunter Hunted
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Armpits
  • Ass Play
  • Chainfucking
  • Dildo
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Underwear
140 min

J.D. Slater

    all models over 18    
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Bruce Macney
Erik Hunter
Josh West
Matthew Ford
Peter Axel

Piero Sias
Tober Brandt
Trey Casteel
Trojan Rock

Erik Hunter and Piero Sias are sex-starved muscle gods carved out of marble and they are on the hunt for each other’s cocks and asses. Piero is eager to suck on Erik’s willing, throbbing dog-bone. Worshipping each other’s nipples, cocks, asses... it’s all good! Erik begins eating Piero`s perfect, hairy ass, but this is just a prelude to the inevitable fuck-fest to come. Erik dives dick-first into Piero’s perfect, muscled globes like he’s digging for treasure. After some hardcore ass-pounding Erik is the first to shoot his well-deserved load. Piero soon follows with his own hot stream as Erik massages him from the inside.
22  minutes
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Trey Casteel and Peter Axel know how men play: rough and nasty. Spit, punches, slaps, and brutal fucking are how these big men work it. They even work in a fat dildo for good measure! Trey and Peter are perfect matches for each other; both huge mounds of solid muscle who want nothing more than to rip into one another. Working each other over, they are not afraid of the pain or the pleasure each one delivers. They get lost in plenty of mutual rimming and Trey takes a brutal fuck from Peter.
37  minutes
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In the beginning of the next scene, Josh West is licking the head of his own impossibly large cock. It’s amazing to see such a big, brutal muscle god bent into this impossible position, but Josh knows what he likes. Matthew Ford joins the scene and wants Josh’s mouth for himself. Don’t miss Matthew’s ass tattoo: USDA Prime. That is what he is, a giant piece of man-meat. After swapping spit, cocks, and ass-licks, Trey Casteel joins the two burly daddies. Trey goes to town immediately on Josh’s ass. These men are pigs! Oink, oink! Matthew starts to work on Trey’s ass, getting it ready for Josh’s huge cock. The two daddies take control of their bottom boy Trey and he takes every inch, wanting more and more. After several positions, including a three-way train, these men work themselves up to their white-hot climaxes.
24  minutes
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Tired of watching all the sweaty, muscle-bound action, Tober Brandt wants to join in. Trey Casteel and newcomer Bruce Macney are happy to oblige Slater’s latest star. These men are pure sex and they only have one thing on their mind: Hard fucking! These bulls take turns on each other like there is no tomorrow, getting what they need before they switch who’s on top and who’s on bottom. Tober rides Bruce, Trey takes it from behind, Bruce shoves his dick down Tober’s throat before being joined by Trey, Tober lies down and Trey mounts him like a horse; it goes on and on! Grunts and groans are the only noises these piggies make before their loads are blown.
29  minutes
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Who said muscle daddies don’t like to get fucked? Erik Hunter, Trojan Rock and Xerxes were made to fuck! Each one is what daddies strive to be: pure muscle, fur, and testosterone. Xerxes’s ass seems to be made out of granite, it is so perfect. Trojan and Erik each take turns on Xerxes’s flawless hole, showing him what a real man is supposed to do. These men flip and fuck in positions that nobody dreamed big men could get into. Even a giant like Trojan Rock bends over and takes it like a man from both ends! After making sure all are satisfied they shoot like nobody’s business. They end their hunt and show their passionate sides with a finishing kiss.
28  minutes
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J.D. Slater brings us another scalding hot tale of men and the men who love them. Tober Brandt is on the hunt and the rest of Slater’s incredible horny men are the hunted. They are hot, hairy muscle daddies who can satisfy any animal hunger. Lights, shadows, fur, jockstraps, angles, and incredible sets make up J.D.’s testosterone-fueled Hunter Hunted.

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