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In The Night

In The Night
Hot House
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
133 min

Ryan Brian

    all models over 18    
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Cade Maddox

Chris White

Des Irez

Evan Knoxx

Grant Ducati

Jackson Bell

Jordan Starr

Luca del Rey

Quin Quire

Trevor Brooks

A late-night dip in his backyard pool has Jordan Starr feeling up on his own cock and pulling down his briefs as Luca del Rey swims over to give the hard hunk a helping hand. Gripping a silicone toy, Luca fully services Jordan before hopping onto a nearby ledge and bending over for Jordan to slide his thong to the side and rim his fur-lined hole. Jordan takes a dip in Luca’s warm waters as he slides his bareback cock into the fit bottom, filling his ass more and more with every inch, and fucks him until all their neighbors can clearly hear Luca’s chorus of deep grunts. Now on his back with Jordan in the water, Luca strokes until he’s covering his body in his own cum with Jordan pulling out to bust on the swimmer’s hairy hole.
27  minutes
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This isn’t the first time that Grant Ducati has walked in on roommate Chris White masturbating in the middle of the night, but this is the first time that he’s greeted his jerking roomie with an open mouth. With Chris still cock-out on their shared couch, Grant goes to swallow down his ginger cock before sitting on Chris’ face. They 69 until Grant leans over in delight with Chris delicately fingering his hairless hole and spanking his round cheeks.The flipfucking roommates take turns barebacking each other with Grant riding Chris and Chris getting on his knees and elbows to bottom for Grant’s stiff twunk cock. Once Chris is on his back, the bearded bro yanks out a thick load with Grant continuing to thrust inside of him until he’s pulling out to unload on his roomie.
27  minutes
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Cruising around with Des Irez in the middle of the night has Evan Knoxx wanting to unload right then and there. Too eager to make it home, the two friends pull into an empty parking lot where Des leans over from the passenger seat to blow the driver’s dick before Evan moves to eat out, finger, and bareback Des’ ass. Neither are afraid of a passerby catching them in the dim lot as Des spreads his legs wide open, and Evan pumps his hard cock into his best friend’s smooth hole until both men are aching to burst. Evan pulls out just in time to rain cum on Des’ lower back moments after the passenger bottom leaves his nut all over the side Evan’s ride.
26  minutes
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Naked and ready to get fucked, Trevor Brooks is standing just feet outside of his workshop as the clock strikes midnight and stranger Quin Quire arrives to be his first load of the evening. Quin immediately kneels down to chow down on Trevor’s exposed muscular ass and suck his dick from the back before unzipping and barebacking Trevor’s smooth hole. Quin lays on the bench where Trevor’s bubble butt swaps back and forth between riding his cock and face. With Trevor on his back, Quin non-stop thrusts his raw meat into the cock-hungry bottom’s ass as both are ready to blow. Hand gripping his cock, Trevor covers himself in cum as Quin pulls out to bust on top of Trev’s wet load.
27  minutes
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When you want to nut in the dead of night and can’t host, everyone – including Cade Maddox and Jackson Bell – knows that the old junkyard is the perfect cruising spot. Surrounded by a fortress of worn tires, Cade yanks Jackson’s thong to the side to better access his hole. He spits into and rims the horny stranger before shoving his oversized cock into his ass while Jackson kneels onto a massive tire. With the moonlight covering his naked skin, Cade slams himself into a grateful Jackson and only pulls out to pump Jackson’s mouth with his massive cock and give him a taste of his own hole. Now on his back and struggling to handle the enormous slab of meat that’s stretching out his ass, Jackson’s cock pours out a massive load with Cade nutting all over the bottom’s exposed taint.
26  minutes
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When the sun goes down, the men of Palm Springs know exactly where to go if they want to play ‘In The Night’. Featuring the directorial debut of Ryan Brian, this new nocturnal feature follows five hookups that take place in the dead of night with men who aren’t afraid to stay up into the early hours of the morning pounding holes and busting nuts all over town. With their neighbors able to peer over and spot their throbbing, moonlit cocks, Luca del Rey and Jordan Starr take to the pool for a late-night bareback dip. Nearby, Grant Ducati is walking in on roommate Chris White masturbating in the middle of their living room. While this isn’t the first time he’s caught him jacking off, this is the first time the unsuspecting twunk has greeted his jerking roomie with an open mouth. Across town, Evan Knoxx is pulling into an empty parking lot to fuck the smooth hole of Des Irez. Trevor Brooks is also enjoying some public play as he waits naked outside of his workshop ready for stranger Quin Quire to pump him full of his first load of the night. The area’s most popular cruising spot is the old junkyard though. Surrounded by a wall of worn tires and rusted auto parts, Cade Maddox moves Jackson Bell’s thong to the side as thrusts his girthy dick in the bottom’s ass. With so many men taking to the shadows to get off, it’s easy to discover what goes hump ‘In The Night’.

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