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Raging Stallion
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158 min

Chris Ward

    all models over 18    
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Brett Matthews
Dean Monroe
Dirk Jager
Fred Faurtin
Jake Deckard
Ken Mack

Luc Bonay
Manuel Torres
Matt Cole
Matthieu Paris
Tamas Esterhazy

In a black room with bare industrial furnishings, RSS Man of the Year and GayVN Performer of the Year nominee Jake Deckard lays flat on his back as exclusive Tamas Eszterhazy crawls up his body to meet his lips. Beginning with a kiss, this scenes moves quickly from sweet to passionate as these two manly specimens explore each other’s rougher side. Jake allows Tamas to worship him, tug with his teeth on his nipples, and slowly work his way down past his jeans to Jake`s boots. The intensity builds slowly while Jake shoves his boot against Tamas`s leather-bound cock and balls. Tamas enjoys this demonstration of aggression but is eager to fill his mouth with cock. ... More
28  minutes
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RSS exclusive Dirk Jager stands in front of a wall of mirrors and admires his own hard physique. Dressed in only a black jock, bulging with his long, uncut cock, Dirk is easily turned on looking at himself. With his muscles popping Dirk releases his dick from its cloth cage and beats it, quite literally. Dirk spits to wet his dick, rubbing his foreskin up and around his swollen dick head. He beats his cock both with his hands and against the furniture. This segment allows us a long slow view of this amazing man stroking his dick for his own pleasure. Squatting on his knees with the mirror to his back, we get to see both sides of this muscleman while he brings himself to climax.
8  minutes
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For scene three, GayVN Performer of the Year Nominee Dean Monroe starts out on his knees in front of Ken Mack, practically begging for a fat dick to suck. Ken is happy to oblige and offers his erection up for service. Dean shows off his talent as a cocksucker, working the head and the long shaft with his lips. His eyes light up as he watches Ken enjoy his efforts. Of course, Dean wants his dick sucked too and Ken is a willing participant. Ken has amazing green eyes--they light up as he deep throats Dean’s rod. Ken feasts on Dean’s dick, giving special attention to Dean`s expansive foreskin. But dick sucking only leads to fucking. With Dean on his back and his hole open wide, Ken splits his butt with his cock. ... More
30  minutes
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GayVN Performer of the Year Nominee Jake Deckard has his lips around a fat cigar while Exclusive Star Matthieu Paris eats his pits. These two men easily fill the huge empty space with their sexual energy. Matthieu moves quickly from Jake`s pits to worshiping his dick. Matthieu is an expert cocksucker and an eager one. He spits and gags and licks it right up, swallowing Jake`s hard-on over and over. Jake feeds it to him, ramming it down his throat between puffs of smoke and spitting. With Jake`s dick well serviced, it’s time to fill his ass. Jake bends over and takes Matthieu’s huge erection. Jake spreads his hairy ass, giving it up for Matthieu to use as he wishes. ... More
40  minutes
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Dirk returns in scene 7, this time with muscle stud Luc Bonay. Dirk starts everything off aggressively, shoving and punching Luc in the chest. Quickly, Dirk forces Luc into his armpit with a headlock-type move and then pushes him to his knees. Luc works Dirk`s big dick in and out of his mouth with pleasure, Dirk`s meat pounding against the back of Luc`s throat. With Luc working his dick, Dirk bends over and begins to play with Luc`s ass, getting it ready for a hot fuck. Dirk spreads Luc`s hole with his finger, spits into it from above, and slaps it over and over. With Luc face down, Dirk enters from behind, pushing his big cock deep into Luc`s butt. Dirk fucks fast and hard, giving Luc what he wants and taking what he can get. Dirk`s firm pecs tighten as he punch-fucks Luc`s hole with his cock. When it’s time to cum, Dirk lays Luc out across the bench and shoves his dick down his throat one more time. The smell and taste of Dirk`s dick drives Luc over the edge and he explodes. Dirk is soon to follow, covering Luc`s face with cum. ... More
21  minutes
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In a harsh red light, Manuel Torres stands waiting for the attention he deserves, his dick already hard in his pants. Manuel whips out his big brown dick and invites Brett Mathews with a nod to give him some head. Manuel`s huge hard-on is the perfect afternoon snack for Brett, who sucks feverishly. Next Manuel bends Brett over and eats his pink asshole, shoving his tongue in and out. Then he shoves his face as far into Brett’s ass as he can go, eating him voraciously. Manuel`s tongue is replaced with his cock and these two men fuck away. Brett has a sweet white ass that loves dick. Manuel pounds away, shoving his long cock in and out. Soon Brett wants to take more control and lays Manuel out so he can ride every inch of his fat cock. ... More
31  minutes
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Men do nasty things by nature. They can`t help it. And we can`t help but watch. Their dicks grow erect and their asses beg for attention. They can`t help it. They watch each other for give-away signs...for that expected hint of invitation...they wait for it because they want it. They can`t help it. It is INSTINCT.

Raging Stallion`s head honcho Chris Ward prides himself on making hot gay porn and this follow-up to Manifesto offers up some of the best yet. Starring five (yes, five) GAYVN Porn Star of the Year Nominees, Instinct returns to the dark sets and perfectly lit bodies of its award-winning predecessor. Focusing every second of film on sex without any pretense is the essence of this beautiful work. Once again, Raging Stallion rises to the occasion and brings you the best fucking the best. Chris Ward is arguably one of the nation`s top directors, and this stunning movie shows us why!


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