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International Monster Cocks

International Monster Cocks
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70 min

Jack Jones

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Bjorn Svensson
Christo Banderas
Geoffrey Paine
Joseph Araya
Logan Rogue

Michael Steel
Timmy Treasure
Tony Axel
Tony Gear

The day is getting late, but Jack just can’t resist exploring 800 bar once more, and lucky for us he did as the cute young man that was sucking cock in the darkroom comes back out to a nearly empty bar. The only guy around is another young guy, Timmy. He walks over and sits next to him on the black sofa and dark haired slim Timmy starts the ball rolling and after some hand exploring and kissing, he is presented with another very nice size cock to suck on. He gets face fucked for a bit but then Joseph decides to return the favour and pulls Timmy to the other side of the room. He goes down on his knees and works Timmy’s cock to full attention. Joseph then turns Timmy against the wall and start working on his ass; he licks it and sucks it until it’s wet and ready to take him inside. He first takes him from the back, standing against the wall and then he turns him on his back over the table and fucks him until he is ready to shoot a nice load on Timmy’s face and mouth. Timmy likes the taste of cum and returns the favour by unloading his own balls directly on Joseph’s tongue. Joseph stands up, Timmy licks his own cum from Joseph’s mouth and they walk away.
17  minutes
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Blond tattooed hunk Logan is back at Jack’s for more, and interrupts him hard at work with our hung stud Bjorn relaxing butt naked on the pure white sofa. Dinner is postponed as Logan decides to eat in and chow down on Bjorn’s impressive dick, now world famous! Bjorn also takes a nice time enjoying Logan’s own ever growing dick, it’s a clash of the hung Swedes in this scene, and who will submit to the other and get fucked? Bjorn is soon told to bend over and expose his cute butt, letting Logan enjoy eating him out nice and deep as he likes to do. Once bent over and with a hot wet hole, it’s only right to replace a tongue with a cock ad Logan gets to be the top fucker first! The pleasure on Bjorn’s face is clear as is the great penetration we’re given, Jack’s certainly not shy about getting in the midst of it all!
20  minutes
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Jack’s found his favourite haunt of Berlin, Tom’s bar is definitely where all the sleazy sex goes on and he loves it! Still hanging about the joint as Robert walks in, orders a drink and sits down at the end of the bar. He sees Thomas in the corner inviting him over by grabbing his crotch. Robert gets up and joins him. Within seconds he’s bent over sucking on his dick. Thomas fucks his face in full view of Tony, who just got back from the back room. Tony starts wanking and when Thomas moves behind Robert to take his ass Tony watches them fuck before he joins them and fills Robert’s mouth. The two spit-roast him and then exchange places. Tony fucks him until Robert shoots his load and when he leaves he sucks Thomas’s dick until he shoots a load in his mouth. Tony leaves him and goes in search of more sex.
16  minutes
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As soon as Jack arrives into Paris, he’s surrounded by the fittest fuckers imaginable. Taken to his friend Tony’s place, this lean, muscled and very handsome young man tells us he’s already got two men on their way over to fuck him! Jack can’t believe his luck as Tony sits their talking dirty with him, in some skimpy shorts, showing off his perfectly toned body, smooth chest and gorgeous face, describing how much he loves getting fucked! With a knock at the door there’s one guy arriving, bearded, tall and hunky Geoffrey Paine. The tattooed mountain of a man sees no reason to hold up proceedings and takes his trade to the bedroom, inviting Jack to film everything in awesome close-ups – the camera being there just turns them on even more! Tony’s ass is very much centre of attention as Geoff eats it deep, pushing his hairy face into the handsome and very horny French fucker, both dicks solid as rocks and Geoff over-eager to pound his weapon into Tony, who wouldn’t be?! From the best vantage, we look down Geoff’s beefy abs and pecs to his huge dick sliding deep into Tony, thrusting mercilessly and owning that smooth bubble butt completely; pinning Tony to the bed as he takes full control! Pulling out mid-thrust, we all know Geoff is about to shoot his load, and he absolutely covers Tony with spunk, with Tony adding even more of his own to the mix, his heaving cum covered body looking fucking amazing.
16  minutes
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It’s a big wide world out there, just like the dicks bouncing from the international men of the world! Take a well-endowed indulgence from the saunas of Madrid to the sleazy clubs of Berlin whilst stopping off and getting hot in Stockholm, all whilst bracing yourself for some of the biggest dicks on the continent! Enjoy threesome action and voyeuristic fun with the uninhibited men from across Europe who love waving their giant slabs of meat around – and who would blame them?! With your passport in one hand and a giant cock in the other, there’s no better time to pack your suitcase and cum abroad!

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